19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (2023)

Zanzibar is a beautiful island in Tanzania, known for its pristine beaches. Its popularity is growing rapidly as Zanzibar is recognized as the best holiday destination in Africa.

There is plenty of culture and adventure all over the island. Relaxing on the beach is one of the most popular activities you can do here, so it's important to choose the best!

Take advantage of the majestic backdrop of the Indian Ocean and let your worries melt away. Then prepare your passport. 19 beaches of Zanzibar are waiting for you.

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What you need to know before you go! (Tide changes)

Zanzibar is surrounded by the clear waters of the Indian Ocean. It is relatively warm and ideal for swimming. The waves are usually small, perfect for ocean cruising.

It is important to check the tide level before heading to the beach. At the northern end of Zanzibar, the tide changes are less than in the south. This means that the beaches in this area are better. There is little water on the beaches of Zanzibar when the tide is out. Instead, there is more sand.

Going out to the ocean at high tide means more water, waves and swimming opportunities. You can usetide forecastto check the timing of these tide changes.

19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (1)

1) Pork threads

The most famous beach on Zanzibar Island is Nungwi Beach. This seaside resort is located in the north-western tip and is recommended for exploring Zanzibar's nightlife. The city is full of bars, restaurants and attractions.

Taste the local cuisine at the roundabout, on the asphalt road that turns into a small town. Here, locals serve food and chat with guests about their culture and food. Nungwi is great for all ages, but attracts a group of younger travelers.

What to do near Nungwi Beach?

Deep sea fishing in this area is strongly recommended. Join us on the roadZanzibar-ster. Fishing boat charter for half a day with a guide. They will take you all over the island to the best fishing spots. These beautiful beaches in the north are known as the best beaches to avoid low tide.

Where to stay near Nungwi Beach

Stay very popularSandies Baobab-threadin Nungwi. The property has swimming pools and a spa. A relaxing place to enjoy after a day exploring the city.

19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (2)

2) Bweju-strand

In the southeastern tip of Zanzibar is Bwejuu Beach, which is twelve miles long. Bwejuu is a seaweed fishing village where you can see fishermen returning from trips on wooden dhow boats. When they return, the women and children help shovel the seaweed away. A cultural experience to watch while relaxing on the beach.

What to do near Bwejuu Beach?

You can swim here at high tide as there are good swimming conditions. Swimming is not allowed at low tide, but you can admire the colorful coral reefs. This activity is called "going on a reef safari" while walking along the coast.

Where to stay near Bwejuu Beach

Breathe in the salty sea airEvergreen bungalows. A small and quiet family run hotel by the beach. You can choose to stay in a private bungalow or in a room on the property.

19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (3)

3) Nici Michamvi

Michamvi Beach is a beach located on a peninsula bounded by both the Indian Ocean and Chwaka Bay. It is a small fishing village of Michamvi, located in the south-east of Zanzibar, known for its remoteness. A unique and peaceful place where guests can relax.

What to do near Michamvi beach?

be massaged! Relax on one of the best beaches in Zanzibar with a top-notch massageMyriam Pingwe massage.

Where to stay near michamvi beach

Spend the night inIsaraya luxury waterfront villas. This gem is located over the water on the pier at Konokono Beach Resort. This resort is all inclusive and provides a personal butler. Each villa has its own secluded deck, sun deck and infinity pool. A private option for all luxury travelers.

19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (4)

4) Go to Band

Calling all sunset seekers! Kendwa Beach, far north of the island, is known for its beautiful sunsets. Leisure is the number one hobby in this field. Relax in a beach hammock while breathing in the sea breeze.

What can you do near Kendwa beach?

Head to the beach bar and watch the colors of the sky spill over the Indian Ocean. Try local cocktails such as Konyagi, a gin specially made in Tanzania. Then, enjoy live African and reggae music. Depending on the dayKendwa Rocks Beach Resortit has fire pits on the beach where you can relax. A unique experience that can only be experienced on the beaches of Zanzibar.

Where Can I Stay near Kendwa Beach?

Kendwa Rocks Beach Resortis a highly rated accommodation option. This beautiful resort offers great dining and entertainment options. Their Full Moon Party events have been held since 1996. A monthly event featuring fire-eaters, acrobats and dance music. A unique opportunity.

19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (5)

5) Kizimkazi thread

Kizimkazi Beach is a charming fishing village located on the south coast of Zanzibar. It used to be a walled city, but today it has become an important tourist area. As a result, dolphins are regularly seen in the waters of Kizimkazi Beach.

What to do near Kizimkazi Beach?

Go watch the dolphins! Boat trips are organized dailyDolphin tour in Zanzibar. Thanks to them, you can get to know these fascinating mammals better. Kizimkazi is rated one of the best dolphin swimming spots in the world.

Where Can I Stay near Kizimkazi Beach?

Mom Carrotis a paradise located on the beach in Kizimkazi. Rooms have ocean or garden views. They also offer meals on site.

19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (6)

6) Nici Matemwe

The longest beach in Zanzibar is the beautiful Matemwe Beach. This gem is located in the northeastern part of Unguja Island in Zanzibar. Their village is part of an educational production offering computer programs to residents. You can find out more about this project by talking to the villagers.

Nearby attractions around Matemwe Beach?

Visit the village and talk to the locals! The educational program aims to create employment opportunities for women in Zanzibari. Their goal is to incorporate them into handmade cosmetics and food products. Such as jam, mustard and sweets. Support their cause by buying local produce throughout the village.

Where to stay near Matemwe beach

Kena beach hotelis a family-friendly hotel offering numerous attractions. Check out their dive center or game rooms.

19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (7)

7) Nici Pongwe

If you're looking for calm and serene waters, head to Pongwe Beach. It is located in the southern part of the island. The place is not luxurious, so be aware that most accommodations do not have air conditioning. However, it's great for those looking for a more authentic experience.

What to do near Pongwe Beach?

Spend a day at the beach! Take advantage of the calm waters and relax on the white sandy beaches. There is not much to do in this area, so it is necessary to take advantage of the peaceful atmosphere.

Where to stay near Pongwe Beach

Pongwe-strandhotelit's a great location for a hotel. Located right on the beach overlooking the ocean and swimming pool. A must stay on the beaches of Zanzibar.

19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (8)

8) Paj-thread

Paje Beach is located in the southeast between the villages of Bwejuu and Jambiani. When in Zanzibar, this long stretch of white sand beach is a must see. Paje Beach is famous for its great wind and water attractions.

Attractions near Paje beach?

Go kitesurfing! An activity that is becoming more and more popular in the region. Rent equipment or take classesKite center in Zanzibar.

Where to stay near Paje beach

Relax aboutLuxurious white sand villas and spas in Zanzibar– Relays and locks. An oasis of peace and harmony. A first-class luxury experience!

19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (9)

9) Nici Jambiani

The less touristy part of Zanzibar is Jambiani beach. Located near the village of Jambiana on the south-east coast.

What to do near Jambiani beach

Swim in the cave! Take onehalf day tripand visit Kuza Cave with a local guide. Rumor has it that there is healing water in this sacred cave. Local musicians from Tanzania join the tour and host local jam sessions for you to listen to.

Where to stay near Jambiani beach

Loop Beach Resortit's a fantastic option. A small and cozy resort offering walking and cycling opportunities.

19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (10)

10) Kiwegwa thread

Kiwengwa Beach is located on the northeast coast. It is located between the villages of Pongwe and Pwani Mchangani. This area is called the Little Italy of Zanzibar.

What to do near Kiwengwa Beach?

Enjoy delicious Italian local cuisine.Strandrestaurant Loveoffers freshly caught fish garnished with authentic spices. This is the best beach in Zanzibar for foodies!

Where to stay near Kiwengwa Beach

Kiwegwa-strandresortis located in the village of Kiwengwa. Five-star resort with beachfront rooms and a beautiful pool.

19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (11)

11) Strand Dongwe

This seaside resort is located in the south-east of Zanzibar. It is an excellent base for those wishing to explore the area.

What to do near Dongwe Beach?

There is a short drive from the hotelSurf school aquaholics. The first and only surf school on the island. They cater to all levels of surfing and have fifteen different surfboards to choose from!

Where to stay near Dongwe beach

Het Sands Beach Resort na Zanzibarze. This resort is set in a tropical setting, surrounded by palm trees and green vegetation. Relax on the beach at sunset or dip your toes in the ocean.

19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (12)

12) Pemba-eiland

Pemba Island is called the Green Island because of its green hills. It is located on its own island in Tanzania, northeast of Zanzibar.

What to do on Pemba Island

Go birdwatching! Take oneVogeldagtour on Pemba Islandwith Cisticola Tours. Pemba Island has been designated an Important Bird Area by BirdLife International. It is home to a population of Pemba green pigeons, owls and more.

Where to stay on Pemba Island?

Manta resortis a secluded island hideaway where you can shut out the noise of the outside world.

19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (13)

13) Chumbe-eiland

Chumbe Island is located a few kilometers from the main island of Zanzibar. Popular for its unique coral reefs. It is a private island closed to fishing, boating and diving.

What to do on Chumbe Island

Visit the Chumbe Reef Reserve and Closed Forest Reserve. The island is called Chumbe Island Coral Park. A non-profit marine research organization.

Where to stay on Chumbe Island

Coral Park on Chumbe Islandit's a one time experience. Stop at this private nature reserve that is home to rare animals.

19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (14)

14) Mafia Island

Mafia Island, not to be confused with the Italian Mafia, is an island south of Zanzibar. This area is protected by the Mafia Island Marine Park. This island is the largest of the small archipelago.

What to do on Mafia Island?

Swim with the whale sharks!Fake Kibluoffers half-day trips where you can swim with whale sharks. And that's when you're safe and relaxed.

Where to stay on Mafia Island?

Lodge on Mafia Islandit's a beautiful resort. The islanders here are friendly. Enjoy chatting with them and trying their local cuisine.

19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (15)

15) Sandy beach

This beach is located on the east coast of Zanzibar. Beautiful but secluded and quiet beach. Spend the day relaxing in the turquoise water.

What is there to do near Pwani Mchangani?

Find a local mosque. There are no popular mosques and their locations are not advertised online. Upon arrival, ask a local resident for the address. They will then lead you to a small prayer hall in a small village.

There are no large mosques in Pwani Mchangani, but locals can help. They can refer you to a prayer center in the village.

Where to stay near Pwani Mchangani?

Neptunus Pwani Beach Resort & Spa. Swim in two freshwater pools while enjoying views of the tropical garden.

19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (16)

16) Smoke band

At the end of the Fumba Peninsula is the village of Fumba. It is located in the southwestern part of the island. This beach is part of the Menai Bay Conservation Area.

What to do near Fumba Beach?

Go on a spice trip! Fumba Beach Lodge offers a guided tourSpice tour. Visit local spice farms that grow a variety of spices including cloves, chili, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper, and vanilla. You can learn how to cook with them and what to combine them with.

Where to stay near Fumba beach

Strandlodge Fumbait is a small and peaceful resort. They have 26 spacious cottages located along the ocean.

19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (17)

17) Bawe-eiland

A small island located ten kilometers from the capital of Zanzibar, Stone Town. In the 18th century, Zanzibar ceded the island to the Eastern Telegraph Company. It served as the operating station for the underwater telegraph cable linking Zanzibar with the Seychelles and Aden.

What to do on Bawe Island

Take the day off and check it outthings to do in Stone Townand visit the mangrove forests of Jozani Chwaka-Bay National Park. It is the only National Park in Zanzibar. Second, visit the Colobus Zanzibar Monkey, an endangered animal found only in Zanzibar.

Where to stay on Bawe Island?

The number of beds on Bawe Island is limited. stay withYour home on a tropical island, a remote cottage with an island feel.

19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (18)

18) Mnemba Island

A luxurious private island off the northeast coast of Unguja is Mnemba Island. Many species live on this island, including sea turtles and humpback whales. However, as the island is privately owned, non-guests are not allowed on it.

What to do on Mnemba Island

You really should try diving! It is the main tourist attraction of the island. You can learn to dive or improve your diving skills.Duikpunt Zanzibarhas the best diving experience on the island.

Where to stay on Mnemba Island?

five-star hotelOriginalis a place worth being. Relax in the infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean. This island getaway is for those who want a more glamorous experience when visiting Zanzibar.

19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (19)

19) I love you Strand

Nakupenda means "I love you" in Swahili, and you'll love this secluded beach. Located about fifteen minutes by boat from Stone Town. Swim in the crystal blue waters or relax on the soft sand.

What to do near Nakupenda Beach?

VisitPrison Island! Also known asmy islandan interesting story began in 1893, when the former British Prime Minister of Zanzibar bought the island and built a prison on it. The funny thing is that it was never used for this purpose. Instead, it served as a quarantine center for people who contracted yellow fever. It is now a historic site that attracts many tourists.

Where to stay near Nakupenda beach

Since Nakupenda Beach is a day trip, you can stay at a beachfront location in Stone Town. One of the most beautiful beaches in Zanzibar.Beach houseit's the perfect place for those who want to explore the island by boat.

19 Breathtaking Zanzibar Beaches You Should Discover (20)

Last thoughts on the beaches of Zanzibar

No wonder so many travelers want to visit the beaches of Zanzibar. The beaches with white sand and turquoise water are just one of the reasons why you should visit them. Getting to know the culture of Zanzibar will make you take home more than just spices. Visit the whole island, learn from the villagers and try some authentic food.

If you have more time in Tanzania, try to extend your trip and start planning your tripsafari budget.

Most importantly: relax!


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