2023 shower installation costs | Walk-in shower replacement cost (2023)

2023 shower installation costs | Walk-in shower replacement cost (1)

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Cost of installing the shower

Installation costs for new showersUS$ 2.000 bis US$ 9.000, depending on size, type and materials. Cost of replacing the shower1.000 US-Dollar bis 8.000 US-Dollarfor a ready-made shower. Installation costs for walk-in showers3.500 US-Dollar bis 15.000 US-Dollar. The average cost of installing shower plumbing isUS$ 850 bis US$ 1.200.

2023 shower installation costs | Walk-in shower replacement cost (2)
Cost of installing the shower
type of showerAverage installation costs
go to the shower3.500 – 15.000 US-Dollar
prefab shower stall$ 1.000 - $ 8.000
Bathtub/shower combination$ 1.400 - $ 4.000
Add a shower to a washroomUS$ 1.100 – US$ 11.500
Conversion from bathtub to shower$ 2.000 - $ 12.000
shower insert$ 1.000 - $ 2.600

Average cost of a new shower

The table below shows the average cost of installing a shower.

2023 shower installation costs | Walk-in shower replacement cost (3)
New shower costs
national average cost5.400 $
Minimal cost450 $
maximum Cost20.000 $
average rangeUS$ 2.000 bis US$ 9.000

* Cost data is based on 319 project costs reported by HomeGuide members.

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walk in shower costs

A walk in shower costs1.000 US-Dollar bis 8.000 US-Dollarinstalled for a prefabricated tent or3.500 US-Dollar bis 15.000 US-Dollarfor an individually tiled shower. Converting a bathtub into a walk-in shower costs money2.000 US-Dollar bis 12.000 US-Dollar. Walk-in shower prices are based on the size of the shower, the materials, and the plumbing required.

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2023 shower installation costs | Walk-in shower replacement cost (4)
walk in shower costs
parts / servicelabor and material costs
Shower$ 1.000 - $ 8.000
custom shower3.500 – 15.000 US-Dollar
shower door400 US-Dollar – 1.900 US-Dollar
new faucet$ 250 - $ 800
InstallationUS$ 850 – US$ 1.200
2023 shower installation costs | Walk-in shower replacement cost (5)

Cost of installing a pedestal shower with tiles

ÖCost of reusing a showerIt is$7 to $25 per square footor800 US-Dollar bis 3.000 US-Dollaron average. The cost depends on the size of the shower, the type of tile, and the tile layout or design. Ceramic tiles are the most economical and affordable1 bis 8 $ per Quadratfußonly for materials.

Cost of a stone or concrete walk-in shower

Cost of a marble or engineered stone walk-in shower2.000 US-Dollar bis 7.500 US-DollarFurnished. Cultured marble shower panels are made from crushed stone particles mixed in resin to replicate the appearance of marble slabs.

Cost of converting a shower with marble or natural stone tiles11 times 54 $ per square footin total.

2023 shower installation costs | Walk-in shower replacement cost (6)

A concrete shower costs1.200 US-Dollar bis 2.400 US-Dollarfor a 3' x 3' tent. However, concrete is slippery, porous and prone to staining. Corian or solid surface panels are a better option for showers and come in concrete-like styles.

Cost of replacing the shower

Cost of replacing the showerUS$ 2.000 bis US$ 9.000, depending on the size of the shower, materials and required plumbing work. Cost of replacing a shower pad1.000 US-Dollar bis 8.000 US-Dollar, including labor and material costs. Removing an old shower costs70 bis 800 US-Dollar, depending on whether it is tiled or a prefabricated tent.

Cost of replacing the shower
Factoraverage cost
Remove old shower unit70 – 800 US-Dollar
Prepare surface$ 200 - $ 900
tub / shower tray900 US-Dollar – 2.300 US-Dollar
shower door400 US-Dollar – 1.900 US-Dollar
installation workUS$ 350 – US$ 1.000
prefab shower stall400 US-Dollar – 4.100 US-Dollar
tiles materialsUS$ 250 – US$ 1.100

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Cost of replacing the prefabricated shower insert

The average cost of replacing a pre-made shower liner is1.000 US-Dollar bis 8.000 US-Dollarwith installation. A ready-made shower set alone costsUS$ 400 bis US$ 4.100, depending on the material.

  • FiberglassShowers are the cheapest, but the least durable.

  • Acrylicit is more cost-effective, durable and scratch-resistant.

  • composedesolid surfaceShowers are the most durable, but the most expensive.

Cost of replacing the prefabricated shower insert
Material or type of prefabricated tentaverage cost
FiberglassUS$ 400 – US$ 2.000
AcrylicUS$ 550 – US$ 2.000
Composite/solid surface700 US-Dollar – 2.400 US-Dollar
cultured marble1.900 US-Dollar – 3.700 US-Dollar
No barriers / no curves$ 2.000 - $ 4.100

*No installation

2023 shower installation costs | Walk-in shower replacement cost (7)

Cost of replacing the tub/shower combination

Installing a tub/shower combo costs money1.400 US-Dollar bis 4.000 US-Dollar, depending on whether it is a prefabricated bath with a walk-in shower or a separate bath and shower.

2023 shower installation costs | Walk-in shower replacement cost (8)
  • Bath tub replacement cost600 US-Dollar bis 2.500 US-Dollaron average for a basic alcove tub.

  • The cost of installing a bathtub surround is600 US-Dollar bis 3.500 US-Dollar.

  • Abathtub costs2.500 US-Dollar bis 10.000 US-Dollarwith shower combination.

Having at least one bathtub in your home increases resale value.

2023 shower installation costs | Walk-in shower replacement cost (9)

Installing a bathtub liner costs1.700 US-Dollar bis 2.500 US-DollarB. to cover an old or damaged bathtub and to enclose the shower head with an acrylic sheet instead of replacing it.

Cost of adding a shower to a toilet

Add a shower for the price of half a bath1.100 US$ bis 11.500 US$, depending on whether the bathroom has enough space or whether the walls need to be moved. The minimum bathroom size to accommodate three lights is5' x 7'.

2023 shower installation costs | Walk-in shower replacement cost (10)
  • The shower must be at least30 "x 30"to meet minimum code requirements.

    (Video) Bathroom Fitting Cost 2021 - Ultimate Guide to New Bathroom Prices.

  • Confirm that the underbody can withstand a shower. Additional reinforcement may be required.

  • Wall frame cost$3.00 to $4.50 per square footbuilding new walls for a bathroom in a powder room.

  • The cost of removing a wallIt is500 US-Dollar bis 2.000 US-Dollarfor non-encumbrance.

Bath tub to shower stall conversion cost

ABath to shower conversion cost1.000 US-Dollar bis 15.000 US-Dollar, depending on the size, type, material and plumbing of the shower.

  • Replacing a bathtub with a shower costs money1.000 US-Dollar bis 8.000 US-Dollarfor kit and installation.

  • Converting a bathtub to a tiled walk-in shower costs3.500 US-Dollar bis 15.000 US-Dollar.

2023 shower installation costs | Walk-in shower replacement cost (11)

Cost of replacing shower head and faucet

The average cost of replacing a shower and faucet is250 US-Dollar bis 800 US-Dollar, depending on the style, equipment and finish.

  • Standard cost for showers15 US-Dollar bis 80 US-DollarJust to fix.

  • Cost of rain and waterfall showers20 US-Dollar bis 400 US-Dollarfor base models and up2.000 $for high quality models.

Cost of replacing shower head and faucet
shower head typeAverage cost (base)Average cost (high level)
Standard shower/speaker$ 15 - $ 80$ 100 - $ 220
hand shower head$ 15 - $ 160400 – 1.000 US-Dollar
Rain/Waterfall Shower Head$ 20 - $ 400US$ 400 – US$ 2.000
double shower$ 25 - $ 275475 US-Dollar – 1.500 US-Dollar
tile shower head$ 60 - $ 200$ 600 - $ 2.000
Full body shower system130 US-Dollar – 450 US-Dollar$ 1.700 - $ 2.000

full body shower system cost

A full body shower system costsUS$ 130 bis US$ 2.000, depending on the style and equipment. Full-body shower systems are also called shower panels or shower towers and have a flood shower and 2 to 8 adjustable body showers.

Most shower panels have adjustable water jet patterns. Some models also include a hand shower.

Shower pipe installation price

Installation costs for showersUS$ 850 bis US$ 1.200for roughening the drain and shower pipes for an initial installation.Calculate plumber$45 to $150 per hourfor closing the drain and installing new fittings when replacing an old shower head with a new one.

Some shower installations require a water heater upgrade.Installation costs for new water heaters800 US-Dollar bis 3.500 US-Dollar.

Replacement of the shower valve

Cost of replacing the shower valve225 US-Dollar bis 575 US-Dollar, depending on the type. Shower valves control water pressure and temperature and come in three styles. Shower valve repair or replacement may also require tile or drywall repair depending on accessibility.

  • drywall repair costs$100 to $400 per hole.

  • cost of tile repair$10 to $50 per square foot.

Additional costs for installing a new shower

Additionallycosts for shower conversionThings like a new shower door and glass countertop can also be included in your bathroom remodel.

Additional costs for installing a new shower
ResourceInstalled average cost
shower door400 US-Dollar – 1.900 US-Dollar
shower costs900 US-Dollar – 2.300 US-Dollar
Hot mop shower tray$ 225 - $ 500
Cost of bathtub exhaust250 US-Dollar – 950 US-Dollar
Shower valve225 US-Dollar – 575 US-Dollar
shower bench$ 300 - $ 800
grab handles$ 50 - $ 300
Led Flash125 – 300 US-Dollar
steam bath costs$ 3.000 - $ 10.000
Accessibility for disabled/senior people$ 3.000 - $ 6.000
InstallationUS$ 850 – US$ 1.200

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Labor costs for installing a shower

The cost of labor to install a shower isUS$ 350 bis US$ 1.000, without materials. Installing a new shower may also require renting oneplumbereElectrician near youto ensure work conforms to code.

The labor required to install a box includes:

  • Insert frame and base plate in existing pipelines.

  • Securing mortar and straightening plumbing connections.

  • Sealing of wall panels.

    (Video) Bathroom Upgrade - Bath OUT ✖ Shower IN ✔

Installation of a shower

Cost of replacing the shower tray900 US-Dollar bis 2.300 US-Dollar, depending on whether it is a prefabricated shower tray or a custom stone or tile tray. A shower pan is a solid, waterproof floor that is angled to direct water down the shower drain.

Hot mop shower tray

A hot mop shower costs225 US-Dollar bis 500 US-DollarFurnished. Hot mopping uses layers of asphalt and felt to create a waterproof pan that is less prone to punctures than a vinyl membrane.

shower door installation

Installation costs shower doorUS$ 400 bis US$ 1.100for a frame door600 US-Dollar bis 1.900 US-Dollarfor a frameless glass shower door.

  • Shower doors come in hinged, sliding and folding opening styles.

  • Fixed panes of glass, also known as shower screens, cost money300 US-Dollar bis 1.000 US-DollarFurnished.

Disabled showers for seniors

Installation costs of a handicapped accessible showerUS$ 3.000 bis US$ 6.000to meet ADA requirements. Handicap shower cubicles have a step-free entry with a shower floor that is flush with the bathroom floor. Barrier-free showers also cater for wheelchair users.

Other options to improve accessibility:

  • Installing a grab bar costs$50 to $300 per bar, including staff.

  • Wall mounted folding shower bench cost100 US-Dollar bis 500 US-Dollar.

  • Convert a bathtub into a shower2.000 US-Dollar bis 12.000 US-Dollar, depending on whether it is a prefab tent or a tiled walk-in shower.

Price for installing a shower bench

The installation of a custom built-in shower bench costs300 bis 800 US-Dollar, depending on size and material. Wall mounted folding shower bench cost100 US-Dollar bis 500 US-Dollaron average. A shower bench improves accessibility for those with limited mobility and provides a footrest for shaving legs.

Adding or replacing a bathroom fan

ÖCost of installing a new bathroom fanIt is250 US-Dollar bis 950 US-Dollarand requires ventilation, sewerage, and electrical wiring. Replacing a bathtub fan costs150 US-Dollar bis 550 US-Dollar. A bathroom exhaust fan exhausts moisture outside to reduce humidity, remove odors, and prevent mold and mildew.

Frequently asked questions about installing the shower

What is the cheapest way to install a shower?

The cheapest way to install a shower is to use a prefabricated fiberglass shower enclosure with a built in shower head. Cost of Inexpensive Fiberglass Shower Enclosure Kits400 US-Dollar bis 700 US-Dollar. Using a shower curtain instead of a glass door also saves money.

What are the standard sizes of walk in showers?

Standard sizes of walk-in showers are:

  • 34" x 34"or36" x 36"for small showers

  • 48" x 36"or48" x 48"for medium-sized showers

  • 60" x 36"or more for large showers

  • 60" x 30"or60" x 32"when replacing a standard alcove bath with a shower

A walk-in shower should be at least30 "x 30"to meet minimum code requirements.

The ADA and the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) recommend at least36" x 36"for better accessibility and comfort.

What is a walk in shower?

A walk-in shower is a freestanding shower without a bath. Some walk-in showers are surrounded by a partial or fixed glass shower screen and do not require a door or curtain. Walk-in showers can be built to any shape and typically have a low threshold or entryway with no curves.

Is installing a shower or bath more expensive?

Installing a bathtub is cheaper than installing a shower. Bathtub installation costs800 US-Dollar bis 4.600 US-Dollar, while the installation of the shower costsUS$ 2.000 bis US$ 9.000.

How much does it cost to install a shower tray?

Installation costs of a shower tray1.000 US-Dollar bis 2.600 US-Dollarfor a basic acrylic coating or4.000 US-Dollar bis 7.000 US-Dollardown to a custom liner with built-in soap dishes, shampoo racks and grab bars. A shower liner is a solid, vacuum-formed piece that conforms precisely to the contours of your existing shower.

Will Medicare help pay for a walk-in shower?

MedicareI do not gopay for a walk in shower. Medicare doesn't cover showers because they're not considered "durable medical devices" since anyone in the household can use them. Medicare Advantage plans can reimburse some of the cost if prescribed by a doctor, but coverage varies.

Other financial support options for seniors:

Can I install a shower myself?

Installing a new shower is a complex project that requires plumbing experience and special tools. Replacing an existing showerhead with a prefab shower stall can be manageable as a DIY project, but a new shower installation requires a professional.

Incorrect installation of the shower head may cause water leakage and damage.

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Hiring a shower installer

Before hiring oneShower installer near you, remember:

  • Get 3-5 estimates to compare.

  • Look for licensed contractors with experience installing showerheads.

  • Ask for references and ask for a portfolio of their past work.

  • Look for their reviews on HomeGuide and Google.

  • For tiled showers, look for licensed onesCTEF-certified tilers (CTI)the members areNational association of tilers.

  • Select companies that are insured, liable and have been in business for more than five years.

  • Avoid picking the lowest bid as quality may suffer.

  • Receive a detailed estimate, contract and written guarantee before you start work.

  • Never pay in full before the project begins. Follow a salary plan instead of completed work.

Questions that need to be asked

  • What type of shower do you recommend for my bathroom and why?

  • How long have you been in business?

  • How many showers have you installed?

  • Can you provide references and a portfolio of your work?

  • Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

  • What measures do you take to make the shower waterproof?

  • Does the estimate include the shower, fixtures, doors and all other materials needed?

  • Does the estimate include a demo, removal of the old tub or shower, and debris removal?

  • What additional costs should I expect?

  • What licenses do I need and do you get them?

  • How long does the installation take?

  • How many people will work on the project?

  • How long can I use the shower after installation?

Is the warranty included and if so what does it cover?


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