8 best beaches in Zanzibar (including hotels) | Travel fairer (2023)

Discover the best beaches of Zanzibar with spectacular sunsets, palm-fringed beaches, turquoise waters and colorful coral reefs

Whether you're travelingTanzaniato Zanzibar to rest after safari and relaxbeach vacationor romanticHoneymoon to East AfricaThe main attraction of this African paradise island are the beaches.

But with so many white sand beaches to choose from, how do you pick the best beach for that kind of beach?Holidays in ZanzibarYou want?

Here you will find our comprehensive guide and map of the best beaches in Zanzibar - for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and staying in a beautiful seaside resort.

8 best beaches in Zanzibar (including hotels) | Travel fairer (1)

1. Bweju beach, relaxation and reef safari8 best beaches in Zanzibar (including hotels) | Travel fairer (2)

Bwejuu is one of the top onesbeaches in Zanzibar.

This white sand beach on the island's south-east coast, lined with palm trees, is just an hour and a half's drive awayStone city.

It is one of the quietest parts of Zanzibar and a popular choice for those seeking total relaxation, tranquility and privacy.

There are many activities and excursions available in the area, including a mangrove forest trip and dhow cruise, a visit to the local village of Bwejuu, a reef safari, snorkeling and diving, a visit to Stone Town or a day trip to Jozani Forest, home to the red Colobus monkey .

The best beach resorts around Bwejuu Beach

  • Baraza Resort and Spa is a family resort with spectacular views of the Indian Ocean.
  • Breezes Beach Club and Dive Center is a quiet, peaceful resort especially suitable for families and couples.
  • The Palms is one of the most exclusive private resorts on the island, perfect for honeymooners in Zanzibar or couples seeking privacy.
  • Each villa has a private plunge pool and deck with stunning views of the Indian Ocean. He was named one ofThe most romantic all-inclusive resorts in the world according to Travel + Leisure.

All three of the aforementioned beach resorts make up "The Zanzibar Collection", a portfolio of privately owned luxury hotels and resorts inspired by the magic of this exotic beach destination.

2. Michamvi Beach, a secluded coral lagoon

8 best beaches in Zanzibar (including hotels) | Travel fairer (3)

Michamvi is a peninsula on the central east coast of the island.

Although there are two major beach towns in the area, Michamvi feels secluded and there are stretches of empty beaches to explore.

The peninsula consists of two parts, Michamvi-Pingwe and Michamvi-Kae.

On the eastern side is Michamvi-Pingwe with its bustling coral lagoon and beautiful palm-fringed beaches in a series of picturesque coves between towering coral cliffs.

On the west side is Michamvi-Kae, which looks west towards Chwaka Bay.

Where to stay near michamvi beach

  • Kichanga Lodge is a private resort set in a tropical garden on a hillside. The resort has a swimming pool overlooking the beach and the beach itself has a traditional weathered dhow that serves as a bar.
  • Konokono Beach Resort is a peaceful paradise of privacy and romance, surrounded by nature. It is a favorite position of couples and people on datesHoneymoon in Zanzibar.
  • Z Hotel is an elegant boutique hotel that exudes elegance. This beach resort is also famous for its food and drink, including Asian fusion tapas, shared platters and a creative cocktail menu.

3. Nungwi Beach, a lively night owl beach

8 best beaches in Zanzibar (including hotels) | Travel fairer (4)

Nungwi Beach on the northwest coast is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Zanzibar and has recently been recognized asTop 25 beaches in the world from TripAdvisor's Choice Awards 2018.

Nungwi is definitely one of the most lively areas on the island, with numerous beach resorts, hotels, restaurants and bars offering a variety of nightly entertainment.

However, this beach is not just for party people. The Nungwi coast has fantastic coral reefs that are perfect for diving and snorkeling. You may be lucky enough to see dolphins, green sea turtles and, at certain times of the year, whale sharks.

The west-facing Nungwi Beach is famous for some of the most beautiful sunsets in Zanzibar, and a sunset cruise on a traditional dhow boat is a must.

The best places to stay in the Nungwi Beach area

  • Hotel RIU Palace Zanzibaris a sophisticated beachfront spa about three kilometers from Nungwi Beach, offering a tranquil and private atmosphere away from the bustling beach. All rooms and suites have a private terrace and beautiful views of the lush gardens and the Indian Ocean.

4. Kendwa beach, sunsets and swimming

8 best beaches in Zanzibar (including hotels) | Travel fairer (5)

Known as the "little sister" of Nungwi Beach, Kendwa Beach is much quieter than its northern sibling.

This is one of the few beaches in Zanzibar where the tides don't really change meaning the clear water is perfect for swimming, snorkeling and snorkeling.

Colorful starfish call this beach home and can be found just offshore (however, be careful not to catch or disturb these creatures in their natural habitat).

Kendwa beach sunsets are legendary, so pick your spot on the beach as the sun goes down. Once the beach drops below the horizon, it comes alive in a new way, offering nightlife and relaxing beach parties.


8 best beaches in Zanzibar (including hotels) | Travel fairer (6)

5. Kizimkazi-strand, authenticity in dolfijnensafari's

8 best beaches in Zanzibar (including hotels) | Travel fairer (7)

This small fishing village on the south coast of Zanzibar consists of two adjacent settlements: Kizimkazi Dimbani in the north and Kizimkazi Mkunguni in the south.

The coastline here is very different from the classic lagoon with palm trees on the east coast.

Here, a coral cliff raises the water's edge above the ocean, and the beaches are shaped like small coves rather than wide stretches of sand.

As a result, there are fewer accommodation options and the area has a unique and authentic atmosphere.

Kizimkazi village is famous for its dolphin safaris. However, if you do visit Kizimkazi, be aware that you don't want to take the boat tours that offer the opportunity to swim with dolphins.

There are no rules regarding dolphin tourism in Zanzibar, and most tours are organized by boat drivers who have no experience or interest in animal behavior.

Often the boats crowd around chasing the dolphins, and tourists jump into the water to swim without monitoring the behavior of the dolphins.

Instead, contact us to find out how to responsibly swim with dolphins in Zanzibar during your holiday if you feel like it.

The best resorts around Kizimkazi Beach

  • Zanzibar Residenceis a luxury family-friendly hotel located on the southwest coast of Zanzibar, a 20-minute drive from Kizimkazi, set in 32 acres of tropical gardens and surrounded by miles of pristine beach.
  • Unguja lodgeis a small beach house on the southernmost tip of Zanzibar near Kizimkazi Mkunguni. It is a very quiet part of the island with small beaches and lush greenery. The lodge has an excellent relationship with the local people living in Kizimkazi Mkunguni and most of the staff are from the village.

6. Matemwe beach, local culture and diving

8 best beaches in Zanzibar (including hotels) | Travel fairer (8)

Matemwe is a stretch of coast in the north-east of Zanzibar.

The long, idyllic Matemwe Beach (Zanzibar's longest beach) has the finest sand on the island, and among the palm trees at the back of the beach you will find traditional fishing villages, offering a fascinating insight into the local culture. culture.

About two kilometers offshore, just beyond the main reef, is the world-renowned island of Mnemba Atoll; a popular dive site surrounded by pristine and easily accessible coral reefs.

The Matemwe Beach area offers some of the best diving and snorkeling on the island, as well as excellent kitesurfing and sailing opportunities.

Where to stay near Matemwe beach

  • Matemwe Lodge is located on a rocky slope overlooking a shallow lagoon fringed with coral on the tranquil north-east coast of Zanzibar Island. Easy access to Mnemba makes this resort a great option for those looking to dive the atoll.
  • Mnemba Island Lodge is a luxury all-inclusive resort located on a private island just 4.5 km off the north-east coast of Zanzibar, surrounded by vibrant coral reefs. Notable guests of Mnemba Island Lodge include Tom Cruise, Naomi Campbell and Bill Gates.

7. Pongwe Beach, a tropical paradise and calm water for swimming

8 best beaches in Zanzibar (including hotels) | Travel fairer (9)

Pongwe Beach is probably the best swimming beach in Zanzibar.

The quiet arc of Pongwe beach is dotted with palm trees and surrounded by dense vegetation; this is as close to a typical tropical paradise as you can get.

Pongwe Beach is fortunate in that the entire beach is protected by a reef off the coast, making the backwaters calm and safe for anyone to swim in. Staff can also arrange snorkeling and boat trips to the reef.

The best beach resorts near Pongwe

  • Pongwe Beach Hotel is a small and intimate resort located on one of the most beautiful beaches of Zanzibar. The rooms are built in the traditional Zanzibari style with coconut thatched roofs, limestone walls and handmade wooden doors. There is also a beautiful infinity pool that can be used at low tide.

8. Paje beach, kite surfing and diving

8 best beaches in Zanzibar (including hotels) | Travel fairer (10)

Located on the southeast coast, Paje Beach has everything a perfect beach needs: long stretches of white sand, palm trees swaying in the breeze, turquoise water and beautiful sunsets.

Bordered on one side by a small village, Paje is peaceful and quiet, making this beach a great alternative to the busier, more developed beaches of northern Zanzibar.

Paje Beach is famous for water sports, and excellent conditions for kitesurfing attract both amateurs and professional kitesurfers from around the world to this part of the island.

In addition, the clear, warm waters are perfect for snorkeling as the offshore reefs are home to turtles, starfish, trumpets, moray eels and other colorful marine life.

You can also see locals collecting seaweed at Paje Beach at low tide, which is used to make soap through a women's cooperative.

The products are packaged in banana leaves and can be purchased at local stores; buying a few bars is a great way to sustainably support your community, and the soap's natural ingredients are incredibly good for your skin.

You can learn more about itZanzibar's seaweed soap initiative in a recent BBC article.

Once the sun goes down, the beach turns into a lively party spot, but the atmosphere is casual and international.

The best beaches in Zanzibar for the vacation you dream of

Whether you want to explore the island's colorful coral reefs on a scuba diving trip or just lie on the powdery sand with a cocktail in your hand, we hope this map and guide to Zanzibar's best beaches will help you decide which beach is the best. type of vacation you want.

Plan your holiday in Zanzibar


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