Amsterdam's Best Weed: A Coffeeshop and Cannabis Guide [2022] (2023)

Choosing the best weed strain in Amsterdam can be a tricky ordeal, especially for a newcomer to the Netherlands or to the Amsterdam cafe scene.

Walking into a Dutch cafe can be surprising. Well lit, wide range of varieties, professional staff - just walked into a cannabis supermarket?

And with so many coffee shops, what should you consider when visiting one?

We've cycled to some great cafes to bring you the best marijuana strains available in Amsterdam in 2022.

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Remember that like any substance, marijuana must be consumed responsibly and carefully. Be mature, consume in moderation and have a good trip! 🍀

What weed should I order at a coffee shop in Amsterdam?

There is a lot to consider when choosing your ideal weed in Amsterdam. Do you want an uplifting high that lends itself to some outdoor activities, or something chill that's good for watching some TV shows?

The state of mind you are in is also important. Depending on what you're smoking, you can either amplify that vibe or go in a completely different direction.

Here are our top picks we found on our "journey." 😉

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Coffeeshop Boerjongens: weed for a trip through the clouds

Amsterdam's Best Weed: A Coffeeshop and Cannabis Guide [2022] (1)

Our first stop is the Amsterdam Sloterdijk, home to the great Boerejongens coffeeshop.

There, you can findrocket grass.It is a cross between Skywalker Saga and Grapefruit Superstar.

This weed will give you a relaxing high that is perfect for a night in while doing something relaxing like drawing or watching a movie.

It's 60% indica and 40% sativa, so you'll be flying high through space to the sound of some lo-fi beats in the background.

Amsterdam's Best Weed: A Coffeeshop and Cannabis Guide [2022] (2)

This variety has a delicious flavor that combines a sweet and sour grapefruit flavor with some earthy Kush-like undertones, making it the ideal combination of light and heavy. Take to the skies with the scent, but remember to come back down after a while.

The location is luxurious and the staff are knowledgeable and quick to help (as well as being smartly dressed). There are four Boerejongens coffee shops in Amsterdam, so take your pick!

☘️ Type:rocket
💨 Art of the Highlands:
📍 Where to buy:
Cafetería Boerejongens Sloterdijk, Humberweg 2, 1043 AC Amsterdam

Get a clear high at Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Amsterdam's Best Weed: A Coffeeshop and Cannabis Guide [2022] (3)

The next stop on our trip is Coffeeshop Amsterdam, a cool coffee shop not far from Amsterdam Central Station.

The strain of choice is here.Super Silver Nebulathis is one of the most famous strains out there: it's a mix of Northern Lights and Skunk #5.

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This great strain will give you a clear head high so you can enjoy more activity without the confusion of other strains. It is 80% sativa and 20% indica.

Amsterdam's Best Weed: A Coffeeshop and Cannabis Guide [2022] (4)

Super Silver Haze has a fruity taste with notes of citrus and an overall sour, spicy and herbal taste, perfect for a rainy afternoon.

If you decide to smoke it at Coffeeshop Amsterdam, you can enjoy a relaxed place to hang out and smoke, have refreshing drinks, chat with the great guys behind the counter, and just enjoy the overall vibe.

Here, just around the corner, at Singel 8, you'll also find their best cigar lounge: Coffeeshop Amsterdam Café, where you canSmoke cannabis and have a good cocktail, beer or coffee!

☘️ Type:Super Silver Nebula
💨 Art of the Highlands:
not gloomy cheer up
📍 Where to buy:
Coffeeshop Amsterdam, Haarlemmerstraat 44, 1013 ES Amsterdam.

Tweede Kamer's Coffeeshop's high potency weed for a high potency high

Amsterdam's Best Weed: A Coffeeshop and Cannabis Guide [2022] (5)

The next pit stop on our journey is at Tweede Kamer. No, we are not referring to the House of Representatives inHague, but the only coffee shop in Amsterdam.

This time, the chosen strain is C5 Pioneer. This potent sativa, whose name suggests some kind of high-end electrical device, is sure to get you high.

Comprised of 65% sativa and 35% indica, this is certainly a hazy strain to consider.

C5 Pioneer has a smooth sweet and sour flavor and will give you a powerful cerebral high that will stimulate your creative spirit. Consume in moderation as it is one of the most potent strains out there.

☘️ Type:pioneer C5
💨 Art of the Highlands:
Strong creative head held high
📍 Where to buy:
House of Representatives, Heisteeg 6, 1012 WC Amsterdam

Fruity herb from The Corner cafe in Amsterdam

Amsterdam's Best Weed: A Coffeeshop and Cannabis Guide [2022] (6)

At a classic corner diner we get delicious Watermelon Zkittlez.

This cross between watermelon and Zkittlez is 70% indica and 30% sativa. Like another indica, she is also best for relaxing indoors.

It tastes very fruity and you will discover all kinds of flavors from berry and citrus to sweet and sour, so get ready for a true spring experience!

Don't overdo it though, you risk getting stuck on the couch. 🤤

☘️ Type:Watermelon Zkittlez
💨 Art of the Highlands:
📍 Where to buy:
The Corner, Spaarndammerdijk 9, 1013 ZM Amsterdam

A body high from Coffeeshop DNA, Amsterdam South

Amsterdam's Best Weed: A Coffeeshop and Cannabis Guide [2022] (7)

On this now magical journey, we have finally reached the south of Amsterdam.

Near the Olympic Stadium you will find Coffeeshop DNA where we buy kosher Tangerine Kush.

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It is quite a new strain of weed, especially the tangerine part, since the Kosher Kush is dated. What we have here is a hybrid, 40% sativa and 60% indica.

Amsterdam's Best Weed: A Coffeeshop and Cannabis Guide [2022] (8)

The beautiful piece of marijuana offers a combination of orange-citrus flavors combined with a wonderful earthy aroma - it smells like summer and blew me away for a beautiful summer night, no sleepiness, no paranoia, just beautiful and relaxed.

Coffeeshop DNA also sells some of thesebest esswaren in amsterdamand has some great ganja paraphernalia, he also bought a small grinder and a pistachio flavored space cake bar for us.

☘️ Type:Kosher Tangerine Kush
💨 Art of the Highlands:
📍 Where to buy:
Coffeeshop ADN, Achillesstraat 104, 1076 RH Amsterdam

Honorable mention to the best cafes and cafeterias in Amsterdam

You can't sum up all the great marijuana strains and coffee shops in one article. However, there are some honorable mentions that you should consider smoking.

The Stallion Cafeteria

The first honorable mention isThe Stallion Cafeteria. Here you will find White Choco weed, a hybrid strain that is a cross between White Russian and Chocolope.

This great strain has a sweet and spicy chocolate flavor and is excellent for relaxation, promotes sleep and increases appetite.

Travelers Cafe

The second honorable mention goes toTravelers Cafe.

The weed chosen here is Purple Glueberry, a strong sativa strain mixed with the famous Purple Haze and Glueberry OG.

This will give you a strong, cloudy head high, so smoke in moderation unless you want to feel overwhelmed.

coffee relaxation

The third honorable mention goes tocoffee relaxation.

Here you have the Sativa White Choco Haze.

Mixed between White Choco and Mexican Haze, the flavor is melon with hints of chocolate, giving you a strong and creative high.

johnny's coffee

The fourth on the list isjohnny's coffee.

Here you will find AK 020, a hybrid strain that is the baby of three different strains: Colombian, Mexican and Afghan marijuana.

Strong as a gun, this weed has an earthy flavor with floral undertones and will provide you with a long lasting relaxing high.

Hay Coffeeshop-Ball

Finally we haveHay Coffeeshop-Ball.

The strain here is the luxuriously named Rollex OG Kush. This is an indica-dominant hybrid created from a cross between White Fire OG and Kuchi.

The flavor is complex, ranging from a skunky pine flavor with cheesy undertones. The effect is an uplifting creative high that borders on psychedelic, so drink responsibly.

Now that you have the weed, what else do you need to know about smoking in the Netherlands?

What is the difference between weed and hashish?

Before we get to the really good stuff, let's clear up some differences when it comes to the magical cannabis plant.

Marijuana and hashish may be different things on paper, but they are similar in that they are both made from cannabis and contain THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis that gets you high. The difference is how they are made and the heights they produce.

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Marijuana and hashish production

For weed, the grower cuts the flower bulbs from the female cannabis plant and leaves them to dry. Once completely dry, the grower removes the seeds or stems from the bulb and voila, you have your very own weed.

The hash is achieved by another process. Once the flower bulbs have dried, the shiny crystals in the bulb, commonly called pollen, are removed from the rest of the plant.

The pollen is very strong and high in THC and is then transformed into hashish through various processes (depending on the culture).

The most famous hashish, Moroccan, is made by sifting the pollen from the dried onion through a strainer.

This process is then repeated over and over again with more and more pressure and finer sieves, until the famous block of hashish is finally produced.

The difference between a marijuana high and a hash high

Hashish has a more subtle effect as it contains more CBD, one of the other main components of the cannabis plant along with THC.

While weed will give you more of that classic buzz, hash will give you a milder high and is therefore preferred by people who smoke but also want to engage in some sort of upbeat activity.

An example of such an activity, albeit a bit silly, is cleaning. Marijuana isn't really a club drug, but it's not a great cleansing motivator due to its powerful high.

Hash is the perfect enabler for this, giving you that little push that makes cleaning feel so much fun.

Best Weed in Amsterdam: Indica or Sativa Weed Strains?

The indica/sativa split is probably the most familiar indicator when browsing through the different strains of weed found in Amsterdam's many coffeeshops.

Indicas are widely believed to give you a more relaxing body high that is better suited to indoor activities, relaxing, and watching TV shows. Sativa, on the other hand, gives you an uplifting cerebral high, perfect for creative pursuits or more outdoor activities.

Amsterdam's Best Weed: A Coffeeshop and Cannabis Guide [2022] (9)

Well, that split isn't necessarily true when it comes to effects, and it's more of a general indicator than anything else.

There may be sativas that can get you high in a way that feels like an indica, and vice versa.

Then it is better that you try different varieties and see what works for you and your needs. It is also important to note that there is no such thing as a pure sativa or indica strain.

All of them are a mix and contain a bit of both, with percentages like 60% sativa, 40% indica. Some strains are specific hybrids that balance the percentages.

Grinder and other stoner adventures in Amsterdam

Now that you have the weed, it's obviously better to smoke it. But before you smoke the weed, you have to roll it into a joint, which you may or may not know. But there are a few other things to consider.

First, how are you going to smoke your weed? Want to roll a straight joint with just weed? As a beginner, you should know that smoking a straight joint will make you feel very, very, maybe torturously high.

A better alternative is to mix it with tobacco to avoid getting too high. If you don't want to smoke tobacco, you can use all kinds of herbal blends that are made especially for smoking.

Second, you need a grinder. It is not a necessary tool since you can also use your hands to shred the grass, but it will make your task much easier.

There are two types of grinders that you should be aware of. There's the basic grinder, which (more or less) only has one compartment. Just throw in the weed, grind it really well, and then sprinkle it over your joint.

Alternatively, you can get a more complex grinder that has multiple compartments or levels. On the first level from the top you grind your grass, on the second level you collect it, and on the last level you collect all the pollen. Yes, pollen is all that sweet THC.

Using one of the more complicated grinders for a while will fill the compartment with pollen and all you have to do is put some pollen in your jay to power it up.

How to roll a dutch joint

Now we come to what is arguably the most important aspect of smoking marijuana: actually learning how to smoke. We spend a lot of nights and failed meetings to get it right, but believe me you can do it.

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You need two essential ingredients. The filter tip and the paper itself. In the Netherlands most joint rolling papers are king size, but in other European countries there are Infinity Papers (a long roll of paper that you can stretch to whatever length you want ).

A king size sheet is enough to learn how to roll.

Before you start, make sure the sticky side is facing you because there's nothing worse than rolling a joint and realizing the paper is facing the wrong way.

You also need to make the filter tip, which is pretty easy once you know what you're doing. Mix the tobacco and herb before adding it to the joint, making sure it is evenly distributed.

Etiquette for smoking and marijuana in Amsterdam

Like all great things in life, smoking weed is something best shared with other people. But as in all social activities, there are some rules that you must respect.

There are many different informal rules associated with smoking marijuana. Most of them have to do with how much of the joint a person should smoke and in which direction it is passed.

You may have heard of the "puff puff pass," one of the more well-known rules. Another goes through the left, but that depends a lot on your group of friends, since you are free to choose the rules that best suit your smoking needs.

Whatever rules you choose to streamline your smoking experience, as a good practice, try not to hold a joint in your hand for too long.

We all have that moment where we smoke, get excited about the story we're telling, and then forget to deliver it.

Being that person can be unpleasant, but it's even worse having to wait for someone to remember to pass it on, so try to be considerate and mindful of your smoking friends.

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Help, I'm having a bad trip in Amsterdam!

As with any substance, bad trips can happen. The most important thing is to always remember that you feel this way because you have simply consumed too much weed.

Before even smoking, make sure that you are in a comfortable, familiar and comfortable environment, with trusted people. These two elements are very important when it comes to having a good trip.

If you are new to smoking, you can always contact the people atCoffeeshop-Infozentrum Ámsterdamfirst. They are trained professionals who can help you with your questions.

If you decide to smoke marijuana and you feel very anxious and panicky, try not to fuel that feeling any more.

Ask your friends to comfort you, drink plenty of water, and eat some snacks. The effects should wear off after about two hours, so don't worry that you'll feel this way for long.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that regardless of sativa or indica considerations, weed often amplifies who you already are.

For example, if you are a very social person, smoking marijuana will increase that feeling. If you're naturally anxious and introspective, marijuana can also amplify those feelings in ways that could make you even more anxious.

Before you continue smoking, consider how weed makes you feel.

Where to learn more about weed in Amsterdam

If you want more information about marijuana in general you can go to the pageCoffeeshop Info Center and CBD shopin Amsterdam and they will tell you everything you need to know about smoking in general, its effects, the state of the law and much more!

You may have come to the end of this article feeling like you want to get high but you don't want to smoke. If so, take a lookOur grocery guide, Find out abouttruffle, or find outeverything you need to know about CBD oil.

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Have you smoked any of the strains on the list? What do you think is the best weed in Amsterdam? Tell us in the comments!

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in June 2020 and has been fully updated in January 2022 for your reading pleasure.
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What is the most popular weed in Amsterdam? ›

The strain of choice here is Super Silver Haze which is one of the most well-known strains out there — it's a mix between Northern Lights and Skunk #5. This great strain will give you a clear head high, so you can enjoy more activities without the haziness of other strains. It's 80% sativa and 20% indica.

Which is the best weed shop in Amsterdam? ›

1 | Coffeeshop Grey Area

It's named Grey Area because the Dutch law on using weed isn't exactly clear-cut. It also turns out that this is one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam because Grey Area is frequented visited by famous people. Snoop Dogg, Kelis, Cypress Hill, Woody Harrelson and many others have been here.

Can tourists still go to coffee shops Amsterdam 2022? ›

Tourists will be barred from entering cannabis coffee shops in Amsterdam under legislation passed by the city council. Many 'cannabis tourists,' who are frequently seen in Amsterdam, may be disappointed to learn that these shops will no longer be able to serve non-residents in the near future.

Can tourists smoke in coffee shops in Amsterdam? ›

You are allowed to smoke weed in a coffee shop, but tobacco is forbidden because of the Dutch smoking ban. The city of Amsterdam has a policy to maintain a small-scale coffeeshop sector.

Should you tip in Amsterdam? ›

'. This one is pretty simple to answer – the Dutch do not have a tipping culture as strongly-ingrained as much of the English-speaking world. In a bar, restaurant, or private boat tour in Amsterdam, provided the service was good, a tip of around 10% is appreciated but not automatically expected.

What is the best country to smoke weed? ›

Best Weed-Friendly Countries for Travel in 2022
  • 1 Argentina: where Medical Marijuana is free. ...
  • 2 Chile: the highest per-capita use of cannabis in Latin America. ...
  • 3 Colombia: softies on the green stuff. ...
  • 4 Uruguay: the first country to legalize medical and recreational cannabis nationwide.

Who has the best weed brand? ›

Top 14 Cannabis Brands in the USA in 2023
  • Trulieve.
  • Curaleaf.
  • gLeaf (Green Leaf)
  • Surterra Wellness.
  • Cookies Brand.
  • Cresco Labs.
  • Foria.
Jan 2, 2023

Does a US citizen need a visa to enter Amsterdam? ›

The Netherlands is a party to the Schengen Agreement. This means that U.S. citizens may enter the Netherlands for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa. Your passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the period of stay.

Are Amsterdam coffee shops cash only? ›

Actually some coffee shops in Amsterdam do accept credit cards, such as Green House Pijp. Others typically accept debit cards with a pin#, and all accept cash.

Are Amsterdam coffee shops strict on ID? ›

Amsterdam coffeeshop rules

You must be 18 or older (21 years old in some establishments) and always have your passport or ID with you. You are allowed to come twice a day maximum to the same coffee shop. You can buy maximum 5 grams per day. Alcohol and cigarettes are forbidden.

What kind of weed do they have in Amsterdam? ›

If you just want to feel that relaxing effect you can go for Indica types. However, most cannabis strains in coffeeshops in Amsterdam consist of a cross between Indica and Sativa.

What is the best weed in Netherlands? ›

The basic rule when looking for strong weed is to follow your nose and try it out!
  • The strongest weed version commonly available in Amsterdam is the Amnesia Haze. ...
  • Coming in at the second place is the Liberty Haze. ...
  • The hybrid Critical Kush comes in third on this list.

What are weed bars called in Amsterdam? ›

'Coffeeshops': Amsterdam's Hazy, Dazy Cafés. Dutch coffeeshops — where customers gather to buy and smoke marijuana — offer visitors a unique way to go local. In the Netherlands, "coffeeshops," like this mellow one in Amsterdam, sell far more joints than cappuccinos.

What weed is legal in Amsterdam? ›

Weed in the Netherlands is only decriminalised.

Essentially, you're able to walk into a coffeeshop, purchase less than five grams of weed, and smoke it as long as you're not being a pain in butt. It's neither legal nor illegal: it's a smokey grey area.


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