Fallout New Vegas: Top 10 Missions, Ranking (2023)

Fallout New Vegasis one of the most beloved RPGs of all time for many reasons. From the more classic Fallout setting, to the character building that allows for so much more roleplay and immersion, to the frantic but still fun combat, and the interesting writing style and characters from around the world make it all worthwhile.

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No RPG is complete without missions of all kinds. These are those little bite-sized pieces you'll never forget. And with a world as diverse as Fallout New Vegas, it's no surprise that it features some of the most memorable missions and stories not just in Fallout history, but in gaming history. Here are some of the best it has to offer.

10 A shootout in a ghost town

Fallout New Vegas: Top 10 Missions, Ranking (1)

Starting quests in RPGs doesn't always have the best reputation, often being slow, full of tutorials, and generally "waiting for the real game to start", but New Vegas turns that upside down with Ghost Town Gunfight. This quest has a simple premise: you woke up in a small town and before you set off, you noticed that a gang was about to attack it, and you have to pick a side and fight.

The appeal of Ghost Town Gunfight is that each element of setup serves as a tutorial on a new aspect of gameplay (tutorials are only optional!) and allows the player to see the strengths of their build right now. Another thing it introduces perfectly is the level of choice in New Vegas, as not only do you have a lot of choices to prepare for, but you can also choose to betray the city and start a reign of terror whatever you like.

9 Arizona Killer

Fallout New Vegas: Top 10 Missions, Ranking (2)

One of the reasons Fallout New Vegas is still so loved is the amount of freedom it gives players in their quests. Even if there isn't much choice in the results, players can find unique ways to solve problems, and Arizona Killer is a great example of this. Part of the Legion quest sequence, Arizona Killer gives you a simple goal: kill the president of NCR.

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The fun of the quest lies in the many ways to accomplish this simple goal. The task has many different options, from more basic combat to more available solutions, such as planting a C4 in a soldier's helmet, smashing a flying bird against a dam, or firing an anti-aircraft gun at them. If you want a taste of Hitman in the Fallout Universe, Arizona Killer is a great job.

8 Ring-a-Ding-Ding

Fallout New Vegas: Top 10 Missions, Ranking (3)

New Vegas' main quest in the first half of the game is a frantic chase through Nevada in search of one of the game's most hated characters: Benny, the man you shot. And when you finally get to New Vegas, it's time to decide how it ends.

Ring-a-Ding-Ding serves as excellent gameplay because it's not a win-win as the game tries to convince you; you need brains to get Benny. If you try to go the direct route, Benny will likely ambush you and run away. But clever players can take full revenge by using Benny's flaws against him or his poor selection of companions to get close enough to deliver justice. Whether the mission ends in crowning revenge or a terrible mistake, Ring-a-Ding-Ding is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

7 Come fly with me

Fallout New Vegas: Top 10 Missions, Ranking (4)

Some quests that don't offer much in terms of gameplay can easily make up for it in terms of story and spectacle, such as one of the game's most memorable quests, Come Fly With Me. At the beginning of the game, you'll be pushed towards REPCONN and see an interesting sight, a cult of spirits trying to take rockets into space for a ritual.

While the mission itself is mostly about removing night chins and wild ghosts in the basement, it's the little details that make this mission so memorable. From the weird conversation with "Great Beyond" to the only man convinced he's a ghoul (and could sabotage the mission if he finds out), or the prize of a goofy-looking spacesuit, it's a good laugh to remember.

6 Old school moron

Fallout New Vegas: Top 10 Missions, Ranking (5)

One of the smaller things that makes New Vegas so special is how much there is to miss. It's impossible to see everything the first time, especially when it comes to companion quests like Raul. As one of the more difficult companions to find, Raul is not as popular as Boone or Rex.

Raul has one of the most interesting backstories of all the companions as we see him struggle to settle down or get back to the way of arms as you roam the wasteland listening to people. It's a very soothing mission and the stories Raul has to tell are simply fascinating. Raul is one of the most complex companions in the series, and this quest shows that in all its glory.

5 I can make you care

Fallout New Vegas: Top 10 Missions, Ranking (6)

The Brotherhood of Steel isn't even in the limelight in New Vegas when they get into Bethesda's titles, but while they may be just a side-fact here, they still have moments to shine bright, like in I Could Make You Care. This mission comes from Veronica, a writer for the Brotherhood of Steel, when she finally cracks after seeing a few things in her path and is determined to change her people.

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In this quest, you try to convince the Brotherhood to grow and change by presenting a new technology of your choice, traveling through the wasteland and meeting funny characters to do so. But no matter what you do, you can't convince the Brotherhood, and Veronica is left with an important choice: stay or leave. The quest offers fascinating insights into both Veronica, who is already one of the best companions, and the more dogmatic Western Brotherhood, leading the player to a bittersweet conclusion.

4 For Auld Sang Lyne

Fallout New Vegas: Top 10 Missions, Ranking (7)

For Auld Sang, Lyne is one of the best-hidden quests in the game, and at the same time a fan favorite as it sees the return of one of the oldest factions in Fallout: The Enclave. Originally from Arcade Gannon, after earning his trust through your choices, he will eventually reveal that he was actually born in the Enclave and knows of leftovers that could potentially help in combat.

During the quest, the player will travel through the wasteland to meet these crazy new characters and convince them to come back. It's great fun all the way through and gives you a great insight into the Arcade. Plus, the quest gives the player great rewards like Enclave armor and helping the NCR in battle (or Caesar if you want to backstab Arcade).

3 Except beef

Fallout New Vegas: Top 10 Missions, Ranking (8)

Beyond the Beef is likelyone of the most famous quests in all gamesfor how it illustrates player choice and the moral nuances of New Vegas. This quest can be found later in the game at the ultra-luxury casino when you find out that someone is missing, only to discover during the investigation that the casino tribe has reverted to cannibalism.

Beyond the Beef shines in player selection because once you uncover the truth about the White Gloves Society, you'll have plenty to measure up to. You can kill a hostage and frame someone else, offer your own companion for a meal, kill them all to stop this madness, or find a way to change the White Gloves for the better. Beyond the Beef offers so many ways to complete a quest, which is why it's a pleasure to come back to it.

2 Old world blues

Fallout New Vegas: Top 10 Missions, Ranking (9)

No, this entry does not cover the entire Old World Blues DLC; it's just a case of unfortunately confusing names. But even then, Old World Blues is the epic finale to New Vegas' most memorable DLC, filled with the same quirky humor, alien concepts, and surprisingly nuanced characters that the expansion is known for.

In this quest, the player finally decides to retrieve his brain from the supposedly evil Dr. the player to decide how to deal with these eccentric balls. The quest takes advantage of the player's expectations of a wild and nonsensical plot to deliver a truly great twist and satisfying ending for Big MT.

1 The Battle of Hoover Dam

Fallout New Vegas: Top 10 Missions, Ranking (10)

Whichever route you take through the Mojave, all trails lead to Hoover Dam, where the final battle will take place. Whether you're defending NCR, fighting your way through the Legion, falling into House's trap, or being a one-man army in a two-front war, Battle of the Dam offers a fantastic final battle that brings all major factions together.

One of the main issues with the other recent quests is that they really only reflect the main story, not everything else you've done around the world. But Hoover Dam makes you feel the consequences, because so many optional missions can lead you to help the Boomers of Enclave battle, and choosing which side you're on makes a big difference to the quest. And the icing on the cake of this finale are the finale slides that add up to an ending you can call your own, with each faction, companion, and quest helping to shape the fate of New Vegas. It's an ending you'll never forget.

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