Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (2023)

A farmhouse bathroom done right is the epitome of luxury when it comes to crossing the line between cosiness and elegance. Not only is it rustic and charming, it also offers a sophisticated oasis to end the day or start a new one.

If you are looking for somethingbathroom ideasSimultaneously cozy and rustic inspired, these bright country style bathrooms will help you create a sumptuous design that is both homely and aesthetically pleasing.

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: Rustic bathroom style

Farmhouse bathrooms have a warmth that some bathroom sanctuaries don't share. They usually have wood on the floors, walls, or ceiling, as well as in the cabinets.Ideas to decorate a country houseOther natural materials such as stone, slate and marble are also used. And you have a muted color palette of warm neutrals that convey a sense of comfort and calm.

We've curated an impressive editionRustic bathroom ideas, and included insider tips on how to bring this relaxed, chic look into your own home. dive into

1. Paint the bathroom an eye-catching color

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(Image credit: BC Designs)

A painted freestanding bathtub can add just the right amount of color while contrasting with other neutral tones in your farmhouse bathroom. For a sunny perspectiveYellow bathroom ideasit will bring a smile to your day.

"Although we think yellow is here to stay for a while, a painted boathouse can be altered when fashion dictates, or you can change the shade of yellow whenever you want," suggests Barrie Cutchie, design director atBC designs(opens in a new tab).

“There are different shades of yellow to choose from, ranging from pale pastels to dark mustard, all of which can work in contemporary or traditional spaces. Homeowners are also turning to brass fixtures, which also feature a warm shade of yellow.

Whatever color you choose, make sure it complements the rest of your home decor and doesn't clash; after all, harmony is an essential feature of this style.

2. Attach wall panels

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(Image credit: Carpetright)

Wall covering ideasThey are the preferred choice when you want to cover uneven wall surfaces, which can be a problem in country houses. ForBathroom panel ideas, you should choose a material that can withstand moisture, e.g. B. a marine grade case.

Paneling can be a way of adding warmth and texture to the fresh, clean vibe of a bathroom. It could be an overlap at the bottom half of the walls, a paneled bathtub surround, or a contemporary grooved design, as shown here.

"If you're feeling bold, opt for floor-to-ceiling wood and contrasting finishes, tones and plank directions," says David Snazel, Hard Floor Buyer atcarpet on the right(opens in a new tab).

3. Make sure there is plenty of light

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(Image credit: BC Designs/Bee Osborn)

Good lighting is an essential functional element in any bathroom, but its impact can be enhanced by the materials you use in the space.

“Smooth, reflective materials reflect light and therefore make a space appear bigger and brighter – think mirrors, shiny tiles, paint and brass,” explains Barrie Cutchie, design director at BC Designs. “Alternatively, rougher textures like rough stone and wood absorb light to make the bathroom feel warmer and more comfortable.

“Adding both surfaces in different areas to create zones can be a great way to make the most of your bathroom. Imagine beautiful wood finishes near areas like the bathroom where you can relax, while flashy lighting, mirrors and shiny tiles near a powder room can help keep that area fresh and bright.

You should also consider the style of the accessories you choose for yoursbathroom lighting ideas.

4. Go for an elegant monochrome

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(Image credit: London Basin Company)

This chic oatmeal and ebony design takes the farmhouse look in a new direction and adds some clever wallpaper: Crane Fonda byDivine Savages(opens in a new tab)– to lift the finish. It's a great rendition ofBlack and white bathroom ideas.

The eye-catcher is the beautifully textured bowl-shaped Sadie sinkLondon Basin Company(opens in a new tab). The design features flat, diagonal carvings that give it a natural, woven look that conforms to the body.modern country style.

5. Bring a wooden floor

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(Image credit: Carpetright)

If your farmhouse bathroom doesn't already have a hardwood floor, consider installing one to bring the beauty of natural grain into your sanctuary. You can be sure of thatWooden floor is suitable for a bathroomAs long as you make the right decision.

“There are many options when it comes to parquet and wood effect flooring,” says David Snazel of Carpetright. “Depend on the space and your budget and consider engineered wood or luxury vinyl.

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"There's something in every price range with beautiful shades and finishes, and recent advances mean those grains and knots can be extra realistic." That's whyWood floor ideasThey are so popular in our homes.

6. Choose a traditional bathtub

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(Image credit: BC Designs)

A deep metal bathtub is reminiscent of traditional tin tubs but with a touch of luxury and style, and can be the key element of your country style bathroom ideas.

There are many different approaches to your planningbathroom ideas. If you have the space, consider placing the bathroom in the center of the room rather than against the wall. And design the space around it: with a side table for bath products or an armchair to relax with the water running.

Graphic tiles and contemporary wood paneling will update the look of the modern farmhouse style.

7. Introduce a marble backsplash

(Image credit: Devizes Craftsmen)

While wood is often used in a farmhouse bath,marble bathroom ideasit can also find a place in your schematic.

"As a natural material, marble is perfect for a country look," agrees Editor-in-Chief Lucy Searle,houses and gardens. Instead of a high-gloss finish, opt for a muted matte finish, like this Calacatta Oceana Oro tile from the Elements in collectionArtisans of Devizes(opens in a new tab).

You can also add an element of surprise by adding colored toilets. Here, a pale green sink enhances the natural balance of the decor.

8. Increase texture

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(Image credit: BC Designs)

We usually think of texture as a tactile element; something we can touch and feel. In the context of interior design, texture is also about adding visual interest and balance to a space.

“There are different types of textures that you can add, e.g. B. reflective, tactile and natural,” explains Barrie Cutchie, design director at BC Designs. "It's important to mix textures in a room to create a balanced look that's interesting but doesn't overwhelm the senses."

It doesn't have to be just a single object in a room, as textures can be about the layering of different materials, colors, metals and textiles in a room. Vitrion faucet for a richly textured look.

9. Focus on simplicity

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(Image credit: Duravit)

If you prefer to make your country-style bathroom ideas simpler, let yourself be inspired by the Orient. The bathroom collection Zencha by Sebastian Herkner forHart(opens in a new tab)was inspired by traditional Japanese rituals and crafts. Bathers are invited to plunge into the deep water, an experience reminiscent of a Japanese onsen bath.

"Combined with natural wood finishes in the bathroom, this look is a calm take on modern country style," suggests Melanie Griffiths, editor oflifespan(opens in a new tab)Magazine.

10. Add a touch of color to bring out the rustic elements

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(Image credit: The Residence Office)

"Minimalist color schemes like creams, whites and soft browns are best for creating a country bathroom look, but don't be afraid to experiment with rich greens and blues that can add character to kitchens and bathrooms," says Richard Petrie, an interior expert atThomas Sanderson(opens in a new tab).

green bathroom ideasBring in a green look that goes with this aesthetic. Adding a bold mosaic design is a perfect way to enhance rustic elements and blend modern and traditional styles.

11. Add some warmth with a rustic closet

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(Image credit: The Residence Office)

"Modern farmhouse bathrooms are all about natural elements and chunky furniture that blend seamlessly with contemporary fixtures and fittings to create the perfect balance," says Connor Prestwood, interior designer atDowsing and Reynolds(opens in a new tab).

"Get a nice rustic wooden side table from a charity shop or junkyard and pair it with a countertop sink and modern mixer faucet for the ultimate statement."

12. Stay traditional with wooden beams

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (12)

(Video) Charming Cottage Farmhouse Bathroom Elements - and Plans for our Guest Bath!

(Image credit: Alexander Waterworth)

"A key feature of the farmhouse bathroom is the fusion of old and new," says Richard Petrie, who suggests mixing classic elements like wooden beams with more modern touches for vintage charm.

In this room created byAlejandro Waterworth(opens in a new tab), neutral color scheme and exposed beams create a traditional look complemented by a modern freestanding bathroom. "Freestanding bathtubs are becoming an essential aspect of the farmhouse approach," says Waterworth.

13. Go rustic

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (13)

(Image credit: Neptune)

Introduce rustic accessories and furniture to bring traditional farmhouse bathroom ideas into the mix. Rustic elements provide warmth that perfectly complements contemporary white tones and clean lines.

Connor Prestwood of Dowsing & Reynolds recommends sprucing up worn wooden bookcases to create a cozy atmosphere.

14. Incorporate pops of color for a modern look

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (14)

(Image credit: Kate Lester)

Bright, vibrant colors are easy farmhouse bathroom ideas.

In this room created byKate Lester(opens in a new tab), pink cabinet and patterned floor emphasize the clean lines and challenge the traditional neutral palette.

15. Go for a clean black and white finish

(Image credit: Kate Lester)

"I think the concept of farmhouse bathroom ideas is all about making the traditional farmhouse vibe your own," says Kate Lester of Kate Lester Interiors.

“For me it means light, warm white tones, touches of black and traditional woods like pine or elm. I think it's really important to push the boundaries and introduce a juxtaposition with textiles, patterns and artwork that might not feel traditionally farmhouse-inspired."

16. Choose brass bathroom fixtures for a contemporary look.

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (16)

(Image credit: The Residence Office)

"I tend to go for chrome and brushed brass when working on farmhouse bathroom ideas," says Swenson's Amala RajAmala Raj Interiors(opens in a new tab). 'These two finishes add a beautiful 'jewellery' statement to the room.'

The room designed byThe Residence Office(opens in a new tab), combines rustic and wooden elements with modern elements such as brass fittings that create a warm atmosphere.

17. Opt for natural wood cabinets

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (17)

(Credit: Future/Brent Darby)

"For cabinets, I love using natural wood tones," says Amala Raj Swenson. “I think a lot of people stick with white, but incorporating more color gives your space extra vibrancy.

"The wood tones also add to that perfect contemporary farmhouse feel without being too heavy."

18. Mix clean lines with natural textures

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (18)

(Image credit: Trish Estill/Bevan & Company)

"When creating farmhouse bathroom ideas, mix clean lines with natural textures, high-contrast finishes like dark bronze hardware and black grout on white tile," says Bevan Talbott ofBevan and company(opens in a new tab)"Country bathrooms have all the comforts of home, the visible hand of an artist mixed with the clean lines of modern furniture."

19. Opt for dark tones for a rustic touch

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (19)


(Image credit: Fortune Brands)

"Textures, natural materials like wood paneling or exposed brick, and earth tones exude a farmhouse feel," says Emma Joyce, brand manager at Fortune Brands.

"Darker shades, including black, navy and burgundy, help create a cozy farmhouse look in the bathroom."

20. Consider adding a shared tank pan

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (20)

(Image credit: Future)

Instead of a shower, a claw tub or regular tank are options that combine beautifullyModern country house ideas. Laura Mooney, owner and creative director at The Mohicans Treehouse Resort, suggests choosing a white cast iron tub for a more classic approach, or opting for a bolder solution with a copper ride-on tub or repurposed storage tank. .

21. Bring the elements of the outside in

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (21)

(Image credit: @artistresidence)

"Anytime you bring in a natural element like wood, you unite your spirit with nature," says interior designer Channa Alvarez. "When I think of farmhouse bathroom ideas, I tend to go for fun, modern touches like crisp white country-inspired walls."

Alvarez suggests making everything a little monotonous at first, and then adding back your favorite pieces to keep things simple and uncluttered. "It's a clean look with whimsical country accents."

22. Add sliding doors

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (22)

(Image credit: The Expert/Leanne Ford Interiors)

When you combineCountry style bedroom ideasWith rustic bathroom ideas, it makes sense to separate the areas with a traditional door.

"When you're tearing down a room, as you would expect from a dated bathroom, you have to be careful about your choice of materials so you don't disrupt the flow of the vintage aesthetic," Mooney shares. "Everyone wants a modern bathroom and there is a way to achieve this without sacrificing continuity, such as: B. the use of old barn doors as a key feature of the farmhouse.”

23. Don't be afraid to mix the modern with the rustic.

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (23)

(Image credit: The Expert/Cortney Bishop Design)

Mooney also suggests juxtaposing modern countertop materials, using elements like soapstone, which adds an earthy, natural ingredient, along with more rustic woods for a modern farmhouse approach that's not too kitschy.

24. Add warmth with bedding

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (24)

(Image credit: The Expert/Amber Interiors)

Consider adding warmth to the space by adding textured linen, whether it's a fabric shower curtain, a dramatic window treatment, or a vintage Turkish rug. According to Mooney, the added texture will add a homey feel to the room.

25. Consider a farmhouse-inspired sink

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (25)

(Image credit: The Expert/Joy Moyler Interiors)

“We love incorporating farmhouse sinks that make a statement,” says Erin Coren, co-founder ofhealed nest(opens in a new tab). Coren often opts for a brass sink or wooden fixture to really shine against more classic cabinets.

26. Look for the minimal disruption

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (26)

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti / Future)

"For me, the country house style is really a lifestyle: cosy, comfortable, light fabrics, light and airy," says the interior designer.karen lobo(opens in a new tab). "The idea is that the interior reflects a cosy, relaxed, friendly and tidy attitude."

To achieve this, especially in a small or tight space, you may have toStorage ideas for the bathroommade for a purpose.

27. Skip overlaps

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (27)

(Video) What is cottage chic style decoration and how can you integrate it into your home?💝

(Image credit: The Expert/The Fox Group)

While according to Jill Valeri, owner of Jill Valeri, it can be tempting to shiplapThe Welcome Home: furnishing solutions(opens in a new tab), very few parts of the United States actually used shiplap in their early building techniques. "Shiplap just isn't appropriate for every home," she says. "Instead, add the warmth of natural wood or outdoor-inspired wallpaper."

28. Go for a natural color palette

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (28)

(Image credit: The Expert/Stephanie Sabbe)

You don't have to stick to an all-white color palette to achieve that coveted light and airy country look; Instead, Valeri suggests using colors related to nature. "Green, blue, and off-white will work well," she says.

29. Reuse existing elements

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (29)

(Image credit: The Expert/Jean Stoffer Design)

"One thing I always think of when I walk into a farmhouse-inspired space is that the decor feels lived-in, yet inspired and tasteful," explains the interior designer.bed brown(opens in a new tab). "When you shop for all the new decor items, it will feel more like stepping into a showroom than a thoughtfully designed, country-inspired space."

30. Combine furniture

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (30)

(Image credit: The Expert/Jake Arnold)

Likewise, all new furniture will hardly achieve the desired rustic peasant aesthetic. If you absolutely must buy all new furniture, Valeri suggests mixing mismatched, antique, and wooden furniture for a sense of serenity.

31. Consider reclaimed wall art

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (31)

(Image credit: The Expert/Jean Stoffer Design)

"For wall decor, try a framed quilt, a map or poem, or reclaimed wood shelves adorned with towels and extra toilet paper," suggests the interior designer.Liz Walton(opens in a new tab). "An antique brass or wood mirror above the sink helps the space feel larger and more inviting."

32. Choose aesthetically pleasing storage

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (32)

(Image credit: The Expert/Jean Stoffer Design)

Michelle Harrison-McAllister, Founder ofDesigned by Michelle Harrison(opens in a new tab), suggests adding an antique basket to store bath towels, to be rolled up and laid out neatly or placed in a waiting area for washing; this allows alet doStyle that is easy to care for and looks really good.

33. Opt for fun tile patterns

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (33)

(Image credit: The Expert/DISC Interiors)

Bathroom tile ideasThey're a great way to add interest to a farmhouse bathroom.

"What we see a lot in bathrooms is adding texture in new ways by mixing textures and colors in tiles," shares Heather Fujikawa, owner and lead designer ofhousecleaning(opens in a new tab). "This offers an intentional farmhouse look that feels old and new at the same time."

34. Consider adding a surprising pop of color to the wall

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: 34 Ways to Combine Rustic with Chic (34)

(Image credit: The Expert/Stephanie Sabbe)

“I keep the base of the farmhouse bathrooms very clean and white. By keeping it light, simple and neutral, you can get away with heavier palette wallpaper to add a pop of color,” explains Angela Reynolds, owner ofDesign by Angela Reynolds(opens in a new tab).

What defines a farmer's bathroom?

What defines a country house bathroom are architectural elements, fixtures and/or fixtures. For architectural elements in a farmhouse bathroom, think of hardwood floors, exposed brick or stone walls, exposed wood ceiling beams, or wall paneling. As an accessory, traditional style curved faucets made from aged brass or copper can create an atmospheric country bathroom look. In addition, you can add country style bathroom ideas such as: B. Bath towels in a traditional style with decorations or details that refer to the rustic or even displayed stone vases.

Thanks toThe expert(opens in a new tab)for providing images for this feature.


What colors are good for a farmhouse bathroom? ›

Neutral Colors

The earthy tones of beige and gray are both great neutrals to use in a farmhouse bathroom. Use white as an accent color in order to add interest without overwhelming the space. White can be used on cabinet doors or trim around windows or mirrors if you don't want to paint them all white.

How can I make my bathroom look like a farmhouse? ›

For architectural elements in a farmhouse bathroom, think wooden floors, stone or brick walls on show, wooden ceiling beams exposed or shiplap panelling on walls. For fittings, curvaceous, traditional-style faucets in aged brass or copper can create an atmospheric farmhouse bathroom style.

Can you mix modern and farmhouse in a bathroom? ›

Consider adding a rustic vanity and cabinets to add warmth and texture. Modern farmhouse bathrooms are all about including natural elements that blend seamlessly with modern fixtures. Farmhouse-style sinks are another signature statement piece in farmhouse bathrooms.

How do you make a modern bathroom look like a farmhouse? ›

Add Industrial Elements

Strong black accents—on the mirror frame, industrial sconces, walk-in shower frame and interior bench—contrast with white subway tile walls. A concrete farmhouse-style sink mounted on a rustic wood open vanity offer a take on farmhouse style that is more tough than twee.

What colors are rustic farmhouse? ›

Like your favorite salvaged antique, the Rustic Farmhouse Color Collection radiates comfort. Natural greens, browns, and blues feel extra classic next to clean whites, putting a modern spin on a traditional palette. Make it extra cozy by working in wooden accents and soft textures.

What color is most flattering in a bathroom? ›

What works best in bathrooms are neutral colors like light grays, warmer off-whites, and calming, soft blue-greens. Your current bathroom decor, furniture, and fixtures should inspire paint color ideas.

How can I make my bathroom look rustic? ›

  1. Create a rustic bathroom idea with textured paint. ...
  2. Mismatch textures for rustic decor. ...
  3. Add natural wood panels to your walls. ...
  4. Invest in farmhouse storage solutions. ...
  5. Consider a color scheme inspired by nature. ...
  6. Choose a window treatment made from natural materials. ...
  7. Add interest to your space with rustic bathroom lighting.
Jul 9, 2021

Can you mix shabby chic with farmhouse? ›

What Is Shabby Chic Farmhouse Style? You can take Farmhouse Chic in several directions. One popular option is to put a Shabby Chic spin on it. Shabby chic farmhouse decor embraces the whimsy of the farmhouse style and infuses it with even more romantic pops of color and distressed pieces to create more character.

What is the difference between modern farmhouse and rustic farmhouse? ›

The key difference between the two styles is that Farmhouse is usually less natural. This could mean the furniture has been painted over or buffed to look more new, whereas Rustic uses reclaimed wood in its natural state to give it a cabin-like style.

How do you combine farmhouse and modern? ›

Typically with Modern Farmhouse, cool tones should be mixed with other cool wood tones, but to achieve that next-level look, don't be afraid to try mixing deep, rich tones with the lighter tones for tone-on-tone contrast, or branching out into some warmer tones.

How do you mix boho and modern farmhouse? ›

One easy way to easily combine the two styles is to subdue the bright tones of bohemian interiors. For your boho farmhouse style, turn orange into rust, pink into a faded ochre, yellow into mustard, and blue into navy. Then use gold accents, which work for both styles.

Is farmhouse design outdated? ›

If you're wondering if farmhouse is out of style, the answer is no. Just because it's everywhere doesn't mean that if you like the style, you're totally dated, or that if your home is currently decorated in a farmhouse look or has shiplap walls that you have to go out an completely redecorate.

How do you mix a vintage and modern bathroom? ›

One of the most effective ways of blending modern with vintage is through prints and patterns. Pairing a minimalist bathroom interior with a striking floor pattern or wall print is a great way to bring more style into a space. Incorporating patterned or tiled floors is a brilliant method of adding depth to a bathroom.

What does rustic chic look like? ›

In the world of design, rustic chic has become an increasingly popular option in a home. But what is rustic chic? Basically, these are spaces that take rustic elements like distressed wood and combine them with the simplicity of modern design.

What Colours go with rustic? ›

What Color Paint Goes With Rustic Furniture?
  • Beige. The beige paint color is versatile and works well in modern, classical, and rustic interiors. ...
  • Browns. You can add a warm touch to your rustic furniture by choosing browns for your walls and accents. ...
  • Ivory. ...
  • Reds. ...
  • Greens. ...
  • Grays. ...
  • Boho chic rust. ...
  • Warm stone.

What are good farmhouse accent colors? ›

White and brown are common for wood farmhouse accent walls, but gray is also a great option. It can help a room feel modern, youthful, and vibrant.

What is the color for bathroom 2023? ›

Sandy beiges, warm ochres, and dusky browns – earthy tones are the timeless classic bathroom colors of 2023. You can either use different nature-inspired shades together or stick to one hue's many saturations.

What color sells bathrooms? ›

What bathroom color is best when selling a house? According to a 2021 Zillow analysis, home buyers love blue bathrooms and reported that they would pay 1.6 percent more for bathrooms with soothing, light blue walls. Other popular choices include neutral colors like gray, off-white, or light yellow.

What color makes a bathroom look bigger? ›

So what colors make a bathroom look bigger? According to basic design principles, light colors such as white, crème, pastel blue, gray or yellow will visually expand a room, while dark colors such as a deep red, green or brown, will make a room feel smaller.

What is the next trend in bathrooms? ›

Colorful sinks will make a major comeback in 2023. “A big trend we are seeing in bathrooms are non-traditional, colorful sinks. Using a bright color for a powder room sink is one of the best ways to maximize the design and truly elevate a small space,” LaPlante and Grohl tell me.

What is the best flooring for a rustic bathroom? ›

The best way to make your bathroom look more rustic is through hard materials. Natural stone, ceramic and terracotta offer endless design possibilities with their color, texture and striking patterns. There's a lot to like about using tiles as a floor covering, whether cut natural stone or moulded, kiln-fired clay.

How do you make a terrible bathroom look nice? ›

8 Cheap, Easy Ways to Upgrade an Ugly Bathroom
  1. Smart Tiles. Hide A Horrific Tile Backsplash With Tile Decals. What was the last owner thinking with that floral pattern? ...
  2. Decorpad. Spray Paint Old Hardware With A Shiny, New Finish. ...
  3. In My Own Style. Brighten A Medicine Cabinet With Shelf Liner. ...
  4. BHG. Use A Ladder To Stack Towels.
Aug 27, 2015

How can I make my small bathroom look luxurious? ›

11 tips for making a small bathroom look elegant
  1. Add some warmth. ...
  2. Paint the tiles. ...
  3. Float your vanity. ...
  4. Open the vanity. ...
  5. Go for glass. ...
  6. Install dimmer lights. ...
  7. Don't forget the little touches. ...
  8. Update your fixtures.

What's the best Colour to paint a small bathroom? ›

Classic White. "Lighter colors reflect light easily, which gives the room a bigger appearance," says Piercy. Unsurprisingly, a classic white paint is the perfect choice when it comes to creating the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

What is modern farmhouse chic? ›

Harnessing country elements with a contemporary spin, modern farmhouse decor blends clean lines, neutral color palettes, layered textures, and natural materials to create a timeless look that's bursting with character.

What is the difference between shabby chic and farmhouse? ›

Shabby chic is a design that incorporates bits and pieces of antique and old items into a fresh and new design that seems to be an eclectic mix of old and new. Farmhouse style focuses more on simplicity, with less clutter and more natural decor.

What style is rustic farmhouse? ›

Rustic farmhouse style is a celebration of the all-natural and the rough-hewn. Reclaimed and unfinished woods, natural fibers, and rusted/distressed finishes are all hallmark elements of the style, and repurposed items are found in abundance.

What trend is replacing farmhouse? ›

What trend is replacing farmhouse? Cottagecore. The new hot style that is on the rise is Cottagecore. According to an article published on, “While slightly similar, this trend is replacing the popular modern farmhouse trend, which may be on its way out, according to designers.

What is the new farmhouse style called? ›

Got it! The Modern Farmhouse uses traditional elements in a fresh, light-filled way. The house style trend that's been dominating the past few years is called “Modern Farmhouse.”

What is Joanna Gaines style called? ›

Joanna, who is known for her contemporary industrial style, revealed her interior design tips, where she shared the story behind all her home remodels.

How do you mix glam and rustic? ›

To bring in the glamour, pair wood with something shiny. Metallic accents are perfect for this, such as silver and gold or even mercury glass. Crystals and glass also bring a sheen and sense of glamour to your décor. The contrast of the wood and shine is the embodiment of what rustic glamour is all about.

What is the most popular farmhouse decor? ›

One of the most popular home decor elements in farmhouse decorating is distressed or weathered wood. You can utilize this worn wood in a variety of ways when decorating, such as with a coffee table, dining room chairs, cabinets in the bathroom, or window frames.

How do you combine design styles? ›

Incorporate plenty of solid colors in between so you don't overwhelm the space with too many patterns. Get creative and juxtapose items with designs that are different, but similar in one aspect. You can also compromise by allowing one person to choose the color scheme and the other to pick out the patterns.

How do you mix shabby chic and rustic? ›

To keep rustic bold colors from overwhelming the classic shabby chic palette of icy pastels, meet in the middle with warm, muted shades such as colonial blues, soft burgundy and mustard yellow against a backdrop of antique white.

What is farmhouse glam decor? ›

Farmhouse Glam is very approachable elegance, layering texture rather than color to create a look that is modern and rustic.

What is rustic boho style? ›

Rustic Boho decor is a unique and stylish blend of rustic and bohemian design elements that creates a cozy, relaxed, and warm ambiance in any space. It's a decorating style that's been gaining popularity in recent years due to its earthy, natural, and organic aesthetic.

Is farmhouse Style out for 2023? ›

Is farmhouse style out for 2023? While modern farmhouse decor is still extremely popular, in 2023 we'll continue to see this style evolve into a more refined look, borrowing aspects from modern European, Belgian farmhouse, coastal, and Scandinavian styles.

What are home styles for 2023? ›

In 2023, home décor and design trends are primed to shift into earthy, texture-rich territory via brown and wooden furniture, handmade pieces, neutral color palettes, and bespoke touches that lend warmth and character to a space.

What are the wood trends for 2023? ›

Soft natural wood is coming back in style. The colors are warm and often light. We are turning our backs on all those grays and opting for a lovely warm, honeyed color palette. The beauty of wood is always in style but it is on-trend for 2023.

Can you mix styles in a bathroom? ›

You can choose to mix some different bathroom styles to create a very welcoming and beautiful design. Though mixing bathroom designs can be very rewarding, it is important to note that some styles work while others do not. For example, one of the most important things to consider is the colors you want to use.

What are the current trends in bathroom design are there any specifics? ›

As we move through 2022, bathroom trends are dominated by modern and sleek designs. This means you will see a lot of clean lines, geometric shapes, and simple colors. In addition to traditional fixtures like sinks and toilets, you will see a lot of high-end options like rain showers and spa baths.

Can you mix patterns in a bathroom? ›

Combining multiple patterns makes for interesting and layered spaces, and one of the more fun parts of pulling together a room — once you're comfortable with doing it. It's creative work in part, but there are also some guidelines to make it easier for us non-professionals.

What colors go good with farmhouse? ›

When it comes to choosing paint colors for your farmhouse-style home, neutral and earth tones work best because they make rooms appear brighter, larger, and more inviting. Go with shades of beige, tan, brown, and white. If you need accent colors, opt for light blues, yellows, and greens.

Which Colour is best for farmhouse? ›

Whites, grays, and beiges are the foundation of farmhouse kitchen colors. Picking the right neutral paint color is an important first step to achieving the perfect farmhouse style. This neutral will act as the base color in your space, covering either the cabinetry, walls, or both.

What are the best farmhouse colors? ›

Neutral colors dominate the modern farmhouse color schemes. The best farmhouse paint colors include white and off-white, beige, gray, and greige paint colors.

What colors go with a rustic theme? ›

Rustic colors are deep and natural. The color palette swings heavily towards neutral, and rich earthy tones like greens, browns, and grays are common color choices.

What is farmhouse chic decor? ›

What Is Farmhouse Chic Style Decor? Farmhouse chic is a wonderful balance of design styles that creates a rustic, relaxed, yet contemporary atmosphere. It's much warmer and more comforting than minimalism. But not as old-timey as pure country style or rustic style might be.

What is rustic farmhouse look? ›

Rustic farmhouse style is a celebration of the all-natural and the rough-hewn. Reclaimed and unfinished woods, natural fibers, and rusted/distressed finishes are all hallmark elements of the style, and repurposed items are found in abundance.

What colors are considered rustic? ›

What are Rustic colors? Rustic colors are the ones that are deep and natural. Greens, browns, grays, fall colors are all considered to be rustic colors. Most of these colors can be found readily in nature, from the dark green of the leaves, the warm orange of the sunset, to the earthy brown of the mud.

What are the most popular paint colors used by Joanna Gaines? ›

All of Joanna's favorite color combos have one aspect in common: They include white. In her four favorite color combinations, she pairs white with cream, bold blue, gray, and light blue or green.

What color does Joanna Gaines paint walls? ›

Sherwin Williams – Silver Strand

This gorgeous muted gray/green is Joanna's go to color for interior walls in many of the homes she's filmed on Fixer Upper. It is a lovely neutral when paired with white trim and her signature hardwood floors.

What is the number one selling house color? ›

Eighty-one percent of interior design experts recently surveyed say whites and creams are the best colors to use when selling a house in 2022, according to the Paint & Color Trends 2022 Report conducted by Fixr, a home improvement resource.

What color is chip and Joanna's farmhouse? ›

"Just a little white farmhouse that needed a little TLC," Chip reminisced before adding that now, "We're adding on a little space because we've added an addition to the family.

How do you add color to farmhouse style? ›

How to Add Color to a Farmhouse Interior
  1. Add Colorful Furniture to Pop off those White Farmhouse Walls.
  2. A Farmhouse Interior Pops with Colorful Vintage Rugs.
  3. Add Color and Pattern with Pillows.
  4. For a Truly Colorful Farmhouse Interior, Paint the Walls.
  5. Hang Peel and Stick Wallpaper.
  6. Add Layers to the Layers.

What color curtains go with farmhouse decor? ›

Neutral colors are often preferred in farmhouse-style schemes. Sheer white curtains are classic, along with drapes in white, beige, and gray. However, nature-inspired shades can also add a colorful accent to neutral room schemes.

What are modern farmhouse colors? ›

The modern farmhouse style is dominated by stormy grays, greiges, purple, blues, and other colours with subtle, and not so subtle, gray undertones. Along with those stormy tones we're seeing drops of pastel, vintage and lived-in colours with old-school charm.


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