Farming Together Chapter 61: Note Copying Madness (2023)

Chapter 61:Copying notes is insane

Translated by Addis from Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Gaea Tiamat

Bai Li didn't know what was going on at first, but he saw that Xiong Pili, who was sitting next to the live broadcast and watching pop-ups, suddenly burst out laughing. He even directly covered his belly and crouched down.

Even Wen XingYao, who also looked like he couldn't help it, tried his best not to laugh. He learned from Bai Li, so you can also assume he learned it before anyone else, so that made him happy.

Song Xinran, who was a master of control, was the first to notice Bai Li's gaze. He wiped the physical tears from the corners of his eyes as he stood up and said, "Master... Li Bai, the audience said your house is the "Interstellar Agricultural Demonstration Unit." Hahaha! This name is too funny, right?

While it was quite simple, the more people thought about it, the more they felt that there didn't seem to be a problem at all. There has never been a neater, more sensible, or more exciting place in the entire game than Bai Li's courtyard. Especially the beautifully shaped chicken coop. Many people were tempted to secretly move him home.

After hearing Song Xinran's words, Bai Li also laughed, but after laughing, he shook his head and said to the camera, “I can't do this just for my garden. It's not hard to organize these things. As long as you want, you can do as much as you want."

His tone was unhurried, and his soft voice carried gentle tenderness and convincing meaning. That moment in the live room, whether it had yet to hit the cloud gaming group or take over the game of the official players, everyone felt inspired. They felt the longing of their hearts and cried, "I want to try this too," and before they knew it, two hands had closed into a fist and driven that longing into their hearts.

Take a look at the new popups full of [I can! I can!], [I can! I'll try!] and [I'll try!] Mo Song was stunned. He thought,Is this the hidden power of the game designer?In a few words that sounded like a simple statement, how did a live room photo suddenly turn into a marketing website?

If Bai Li knew what he was thinking at that moment, he probably would have told him, "Don't get upset, it's just that everyone's soul related to agriculture and infrastructure was ignited accidentally."

Under the strong request and temptation of the audience, Mo Song showed them the front and back of the chicken coop, left and right, then took out his own tools and made it awkward according to the steps explained by Bai Li.

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Since each player could only receive one set of materials for the henhouse, Bai Li and Wen XingYao had already used up theirs. Xiong Pili and Tang Ying chose straw or bricks, and Mo Song was the only one present to use wooden planks.

After being clumsy at first, Mo Song's hand movements gradually became flexible enough that he could cut a board into desired shapes according to Bai Li's instructions.

However, the process was not always smooth.

"Ah! Whistle…! Is there something wrong with this nail? No, is my hand fake?" Mo Song screamed as he hit the little hammer's heel on the finger for the fifth time, and it gave way. How could he expect to be overwhelmed by a few small nails when he looked so smooth?

However, none of the viewers sympathized with him, and the pop-up screen was full of delightful mockery. [Hahahaha! You deserve who you always let us excite with game limits, your payment! Little hammer, be good and obey. Hit twice more!]

[Hee hee hee! The anchor is a stupid stone hammer, it can't do such a simple thing, hee hee! Look at your nails! Not only crooked, but so ugly, oh!]

[Anchor continues. Ah, the finger is swollen. Big deal to change another hand! You promised us you'd make a chicken coop today!]

[Anchor, hurry up, ah. I actually bought the supplies to participate. I took this step, carefully nailed very solidly. How come you're still here, ah?]

[Crap the front is a ruthless person. Have you already learned it? No wonder you've reached your play limit!]

[Hello hi hi! This is practice from above, and when I get into the game, I can guarantee that I will create the most beautiful villa for the girl the first time (I hope the game designers see this).]

Mo Song felt like crying.I want to distribute hammers and nails, let those who laughed the most try it, was it really as simple as they say!

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It was of course a huge challenge!

Although depressed, you have to work. After the pain in his fingers subsided, Mo Song continued to knock. This time he became more careful. Each time he compared and compared again before thoroughly crushing, not to mention that while it slowed him down a lot, his fingers never got crushed again.

Mo Song discovered the joy of hammering nails.

While waiting for Mo Song to take this step, Bai Li decided that he had nothing better to do than gather the others and teach them how to build chicken coops out of straw and bricks.

The players watching the live stream started copying notes like crazy, and they praised Li Bai for being such a nice guy! And that was really great, he didn't even practice them personally, but he could also explain one, two, three, four or five.

The uninformed enjoyed the joy of acquiring new knowledge and did not like the Chinese point of view. If it was just a gamer, how could anyone other than a game designer be so omniscient, right?

Those cloud players who could only watch but not play also silently listened at that time, or threw a live gift from time to time, and told Mo Song to share some revenue with Li Bai's older brother. The elder brother worked hard to teach the class of stupid students, really hard!

Stupid students, "????"

They just want to learn! Where was the stupidity? Who provoked whom!

[I know. I agree with Li Bai. we'll share half of the proceeds from tonight's stream!] Mo Song took time out of his "heavy" schedule to respond, telling everyone that he had already made his decision.

When these words came true, the number of viewers sending gifts increased.

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When Bai Li heard Mo Song's words, he looked up and said nothing. The two agreed before the broadcast, and initially Bai Li thought a 30/70 split would be more or less appropriate, plus he would get 5% of Mo Song's live earnings, but this time Mo Song was determined to share. residual income from Bai Li. He said that if not for Bai Li, many of them would have been trapped in the henhouse, and his enthusiastic tips saved not one person, but all the players in the game!

So Bai Li agreed and became more serious and careful in teaching Mo Song.

It took almost an hour before Mo Song's chicken coop was officially completed. Were1she had already braided the straw into a sturdy bowl and lined it with the rest of the straw to hold about three chicks. It wasn't bad, but compared to the chicken coop it was the difference between a farmhouse and a small, dilapidated house; completely incomparable.

Others, because stones have to be used in a fixed place, could only remember the construction process and practice many times on the sand near the river to fix the memory of the final shape of the henhouse, and then wait for the end here to rush home to fix the henhouse.

At that point, these two were very happy that they hadn't taken the materials and made them by accident. They received guidance from a well-known teacher. Haha, beautiful!

"Hahahahahahaha! I never thought that I, Dumb Opinion Song, would have such a day to create such a wonderful device! Does everyone see this villa? I made it with my own hands! Hurry up and put "amazing" on the public screen!" Mo Song crossed his arms and laughed maniacally, with a freshly made chicken villa at his feet, his whole body in ecstasy.

Compliments on the pop-up screen were few and far between, with some tweeting that it was clearly a buyer and seller show. How did Blunt Opinion have a face to pronounce the word "perfect"?

Mo Song's mood did not change, and he happily thanked Bai Li and the live viewers, saying that the morning's live broadcast was almost over and he would continue in the afternoon after the break. Before going off the air, he hailed Song Xinran as usual.

Song Xinran suddenly got a shock, remembered that his live broadcast time was approaching, hurriedly said goodbye to the others, and hurried back to prepare.

Bai Li saw Jiang Huaibi, who was still standing aside, and asked, "Heart's Jade, shouldn't you be worried?" He actually meant live broadcast as well.

"All right." Jiang Huaibi blinked and said, “I'm in no rush. In the afternoon I can start again. Big brother, let me ask. Oh, like straw, bricks, planks and stuff, besides the mayor's things, are there any other ways to get them?

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If there was a way, she wanted to go for the wave too. After... Hey, how about selling this to players who need chicken coop equipment? Even if they didn't want it, she could keep it to herself. Maybe someday she'll be able to use it. Anyway, it now has a whopping 1,000 storage spaces, so there was plenty of room for that!

The materials could indeed be collected by the players themselves, but apart from the straw, the other two stages were more tedious and required different life skills. Making bricks also required building a kiln, which was not present in the current version. Therefore, Bai Li only gave a general suggestion that she could go to the forest and look for them.

Anyway, the large forest at the entrance to the village was a treasure trove for players to get resources.

“Oh…” Jiang Huaibi nodded and then decided to go to the forest. Even if she couldn't find what she was looking for, she could also try collecting rare collectibles. Thanks big brother. Then I'll go first, but don't disturb me."

After saying goodbye to the person, the girl jumped up and walked away.

Bai Li didn't stop her, only mumbled the phrase, "I said there's no need to call me 'big brother'." It was embarrassing.

Although it's true that hearing it more often than not did make him squirm a little.

"Ha ha! Mr. Bai, don't be modest. You are a worthy elder brother!" Xiong Pili has always been Bai Li's cheerleader, "Especially after today's live stream. I predict that not only our players, but also netizens who have mentioned you, will probably also shout "big brother."

"Yes Yes." Mo Zhu and Ji Yingqi also nodded and looked at Bai Li with admiring eyes.

They just discussed that once their characters reach level 5 and can open the farming game, they will challenge wooden materials as well as build chicken villas. Having such a delicate cottage in their yard undoubtedly added value to the bare yard, ah!

Wen XingYao turned his head, smiled, and said to Bai Li, "This is a recognition of your strength, isn't it, Li Bai?"

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Bai Li hurried up and surrendered: “Okay, okay. you can call this time if you want, but not always. It's too much."

Just now, when Demon Xing called him big brother, he felt goose bumps on his skin. To the Kryptonian older brother, he was just a technical older brother, but what was it?

Wen XingYao was stunned by Bai Li's gaze.


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Farmhands will harvest, water, fish and feed all tiles within their range. They will give normal XP for both you and the item they are harvesting while doing so. They will also collect from Wells. They will not trade resources at a market or stand.

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Enter the code “timeskip” while in-game, your time will fast-forward 5 minutes.

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