Frameless Pivot Shower Door - 1000mm (2023)


Apollo 980mm frameless hinged shower door for use with 1000mm trays

Create an airy shower nook with the Apollo Frameless Hinged Shower Door. Designed for recessed use, this 980mm wide door lets in plenty of light, creating a pleasant feeling of space. This frameless pivot shower door is made of tempered glass for safety and comes with sleek, easy-to-clean chrome hardware. Sturdy brackets hold the panels securely and ensure the door opens smoothly, while a rectangular handle completes the modern look. Combine this with a slate effect or rectangular Aurora Stone shower to build a luxurious shower enclosure.

We recommend using a professional installer to install this case.

Observe the minimum and maximum adjustment measurements. The cabinet will not fit over the side of the shower base, this is to allow room for the tiles.

Product Details

  • Height: 1850mm
  • Width Adjustments: 960-980mm
  • Door width: 600mm
  • Glass thickness: 6mm clear safety glass
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Finish: polished chrome
  • Frameless Modern Look
  • hinged shower door
  • Full Length Magnetic PVC Door Seal
  • Chrome finished profiles
  • outward opening door
  • Reversible - can be installed for left or right opening
  • It comes with a stylish chrome finished square pull and a wall mounted square support arm.
Note: Shower tray + drain NOT included (sold separately)

Product images are for illustrative purposes only.

Warranty: 5 years

Product description

3 questions

the dimensions of my shower cabin are wrong

asked by july


Technical team. answered 5 Nov 2021

Hi Julie, The AP100DR shower door has an adjustment range of 960mm to 980mm, so it won't fit your opening. However I did find a shower door that will fit as it ranges from 950mm to 990mm and has a part number: A0306G0 Merlyn Iconic Pivoting Sprinkler Thanks Tech Team.

The installation instructions seem to suggest that you need to drill into the shower pan to install this door. This is correct? I think it's a bad idea to drill holes in the shower tray.

Asked by AdamB


Nathan replied on April 14, 2021

(Video) Pivot Shower Door Installation

Hi, thank you for your question. To install this item, it would be necessary to drill holes in the tray. Yours sincerely.

Can this door be opened first in and out?

Asked by TS


Alan Rigby replied on Feb 16, 2021

Hello, the door of this shower only opens up to 90 degrees. I hope this helps!

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(Video) Elegant Pivot Hinge Shower Enclosure with Side Panel Set

December 16, 2022

It looks great, but it was complicated to install.

In general, very happy with the purchase, the only small inconvenience was fitting it. It is necessary to drill the shower tray to ensure a fixing that holds the glass. The screw provided broke in the middle of the screw. So it had to be drilled out and a replacement size screw found. Fortunately, while this was tricky, it worked just fine, but definitely not ideal.

matt de sheffield

November 11, 2020

Good shower screen, shorter than expected.

It looks great, but apparently it was quite difficult to install and is shorter than expected (ie the top is lower than the height of our shower head).

Laura from READING- verified buyer

July 23, 2020

very nice door

Please pay attention to the design on this site and the fit size, ie maximum 980mm, as the maximum width is not mentioned in the mounting diagrams booklet supplied with the door. I solved it by putting a 25mm box section ally, which has the same width as the board, for the edge of the door frame, adjusting the panel until I got the 630mm gap. After a bit of hassle, I would like to say that this is a very good port and I would recommend it.

Paul of Dorset

  • Apollo frameless swing shower enclosure 1000 mm (.pdf)

Frameless Pivot Shower Door - 1000mm (1)

Frameless Pivot Shower Door - 1000mm (2)

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(Video) ELEGANT Bi-fold Shower Enclosure with Side Panel Installment Video (BF+SP)

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Frameless hinged shower enclosure Apollo 1000 mm

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