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Fridge Freezer Buying Guide (1)

Kitchen buying guide

From large pantries to retro models, there are plenty of options when it comes to cooling, and this fridge freezer buying guide aims to help you choose the right one for your home. This guide covers the latest refrigeration technologies and freezing options, as well as an overview of each type. This guide will help you find a project that's right for your family, culinary adventures, and grocery store.

What are the types?

Standard fridge-freezer combinations

For a model that meets all requirements, the standard design is the right choice. These units provide plenty of space for both chilled and frozen items in a tower-style design that takes up less space. They can be stored in a cupboard for a discreet finish and are available in 50/50 and 70/30 configurations to best suit your shopping habits.

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Retro style fridge-freezers

The curved design and soft matte finish of these models provide an aesthetic that is both striking and functional for refrigerated goods. These devices can often be found in rooms inspired by mid-century interiors. They are freestanding, making them easy to transport when moving, and they come in a variety of colors to match your chosen palette.

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American fridge freezer

With multiple compartments for chilled and frozen items, the American style models offer the most storage space available in a single unit, making them the best choice for large single-family homes or households that like to stock up. Supplied free-standing, they are easy to assemble and feature a multi-door design that can often include drawers for easy access to ingredients.

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Freestanding fridge-freezer combinations

These models are a great choice for owners or people who move frequently. They can be placed anywhere in the room where there is power, and offer the option to take them with you when you move or remodel your kitchen without having to re-plan the power supply. With 50/50 and 70/30 options, these devices can also be replaced without much effort.

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Integrated fridge-freezer combinations

The epitome of a unified design, these models are hidden behind cabinet doors and disguise the bulky device from the existing decor. Available in both 50/50 and 70/30 styles, these options can be customized with your choice of doors while providing plenty of room for chilled and frozen groceries for families of all sizes.

What sizes are available?


It is important to choose a model that fits your household, as this way you have enough space for your weekly purchases. The 70/30 designs mean the fridge can hold 70 percent of its total capacity and the freezer 30 percent. This makes it great for homes where more fresh ingredients are consumed, as it provides extra storage space for refrigerated goods.

Discover 70/30 fridge-freezer combinations


The 50/50 cooler designs are evenly halved and provide the same capacity for refrigerated and frozen compartments. This makes them a firm favorite among batch cookers and takeaway families. It's also a popular setup for those who like extra space to move short-lived items into the freezer section to avoid wastage.

See 50/50 fridge-freezer combinations


With 60 percent of the capacity dedicated to the fridge compartment and the remaining 40 percent to the freezing compartment, these models are ideal for households that prefer to store food in the fridge but still need plenty of space for frozen food. You can use them to store lots of fresh ingredients for a healthy snack or to keep ready meals frozen for an evening meal.

Discover 60/40 fridge-freezer combinations

What colors are available?

White fridge-freezer combinations

White, the color to match any scheme, is the standard shade for home appliances, making it easy to create a coordinated look between cooking, cleaning and laundry appliances. It also looks more hygienic and shows food particles and dirt, making it easier to clean.

See white fridge-freezer combinations

Black fridge-freezer combinations

Black is a dark shade found in industrial and sophisticated designs that is a popular choice for trend-conscious households, especially when paired with a matte black finish. These devices show less marks and fingerprints and are an easy-to-maintain alternative to white.

I am selling a black fridge-freezer

Cream freezers for refrigerators

Cream is the basic shade for rustic interiors or houses with a rural character. This shade will also make the room look open and inviting due to its warmer hue compared to its cool white counterpart. This shade is also available in a matte finish that reduces the visibility of fingerprints during everyday use.

See cream-colored fridge-freezer combinations

No frost

This frost-free technology prevents icing and requires no maintenance, saving valuable time spent defrosting the appliance's freezer compartment. It also saves space which means you can store more frozen food from your weekly storage.

See frost-free fridge-freezer combinations

Fridge Freezer Buying Guide (14)

Quickly frozen

Quick freezing allows unfrozen items to drop in temperature more quickly - ideal when the grocery store is away for a while. It can also preserve vitamins and nutrients, which is good for freezing fresh ingredients and in larger quantities.

Fridge Freezer Buying Guide (15)

Automatic defrosting

Defrosting the appliance is an activity that should be performed regularly throughout the year. With automatic defrosting, the device does it for you, so you can spend your time doing more enjoyable things without having to think about adding it to your daily schedule.

What to consider when planning a new fridge-freezer

Fridge Freezer Buying Guide (16)


Thinking about where you will place your new device is very important. Keep refrigeration equipment away from heat sources such as radiators and out of direct sunlight to ensure proper operation. If it is installed next to another device, keep a distance of at least 2 cm.

Fridge Freezer Buying Guide (17)


Ventilation allows the unit to operate efficiently, helping you save on energy bills. For integrated models, the back wall of the cabinet must be removed to allow airflow, while the ventilation openings for free-standing versions must be clear of any obstructions.

Fridge Freezer Buying Guide (18)


In addition to how the device is divided, it is crucial to get the right capacity that suits your cooking and shopping habits. All models are measured by volume, with the compact version measuring just 247 litres, while our larger units measure up to 336 litres. A family of four should have at least 200 liters.

Fridge Freezer Buying Guide (19)

Storage options

Many models are now equipped with special storage areas such as drawers, bottle racks and drawers for fresh vegetables. This allows you to customize the interior to better organize your shopping and give everything the right place. This will also allow you to make better use of every centimeter of space in the device.

Fridge Freezer Buying Guide (20)

Energy ratings

Having a refrigerator that runs 24 hours a day can often add to household bills, unless you choose an energy-efficient model. Most units now have a minimum A rating and it's important to check the cooler rating as well for the most conservative choice for your monthly spend.

Fridge Freezer Buying Guide (21)

Reversible door

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, and each layout is unique to the home. To account for these various factors, many appliances now feature reversible doors so they can be adapted to the available space. It also means you can adjust the door opening for the most ergonomic layout.

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