Fridge Freezers: Top 4 Options for Weekly Payments, Monthly Payments and Bad Credit - Bad Credit Directories (2023)

Fridge-freezers: pay weekly, pay monthly and bad credit options

The ability to preserve food by storing it chilled or frozen was one of the greatest innovations in history, as it allowed people to keep food fresh longer and plan for the future. Not to mention the health impact if the food is fresh.

A fridge with a freezer compartment is therefore an absolute necessity these days. Unfortunately, while refrigerators with freezers are essential to life, they are not necessarily cheap if you decide to buy them right away.

Fortunately, you no longer need to save enough money to buy it, because fortunately, nowadays there are many options to choose from when it comes to buying or renting an item.

This means you can store your food in the fridge freezer, so your frozen food will stay frozen without too much damage to your bank balance.

Below we discuss the different options available when deciding which fridge freezer to buy and the different stores that support these options.

Can I pay weekly for a fridge/freezer?

There are many stores where you can buy appliances such as refrigerators with freezers such as Pay Weekly World, HomeSmile, Studio, Hughes Rental and Forbes Rental.

All of these stores offer consumers the option to pay for the fridge-freezer in weekly installments or to rent a fridge-freezer and pay weekly. This allows you to afford a fridge-freezer that suits your tastes, almost regardless of how much you earn weekly or monthly.

Unfortunately, as with everything, there's a catch, because paying weekly for a fridge freezer means you're generally paying more for it than you would if you bought one.

If you miss a payment, you will also be responsible for paying the late fees, which will result in you paying even more than you originally anticipated.

Can I pay monthly for a fridge-freezer?

If you prefer to pay monthly for your fridge-freezer instead of weekly, quite a few stores and online retailers still support it.

One such online retailer is Appliances Direct as they have integrated fridge freezers, retro style fridge freezers, energy label ice and stainless steel dispensers, extra storage and many more fridge freezer options so you are sure to find one that that suits your needs. suits. I like this.

You can pay for these products every month and eventually become their owner when you finish paying the installments.

Unfortunately, if you pay monthly, you still pay more for the product than if you bought it outright, although you may pay less interest.

If you miss a payment or decline a payment, you're still liable to pay the outstanding fees, so make sure you have enough money to at least cover the installment each month.

Can I buy a fridge freezer now and pay later?

There are several buy now, pay later options available to consumers. This is a great option if you need a fridge freezer right away but don't have enough money to pay for it right away.

However, consumers still need to be careful as interest rates can be very high if you don't pay for the item by the due date.

Are credit check options unavailable?

Many online retailers do not offer credit checks, although this will limit your options somewhat. Some of these retailers run a soft credit check that won't show up in your credit history.

If you received a loan as a result of making poor financial decisions, you can still get a loan, provided you have not been declared bankrupt.

What if I have bad credit?

Having bad credit will certainly make it harder to apply for credit, but fortunately there are still companies that offer purchase options if you have bad credit.

Paying off an item on credit through one of these services can also help improve your credit, so it's not a bad option.

Are there rental to own options available?

Consumers should have access to a wide range of rental-to-own options. Unfortunately, this is not always the best option, as the interest rate can sometimes be much higher.

By self-renting, you can ultimately take ownership of the rental product, as opposed to a regular rental that leaves nothing behind, no matter how much you paid.

Can I apply for funding?

Consumers can apply for financing as long as they don't have bad credit and meet certain criteria that are usually company-specific.

One of the criteria that must be met is that the consumer must be over 18, have lived in the UK for a certain period of time and must be able to show that they are able to pay the loan instalments. the product you want to buy.

Shops where you can buy fridge-freezers on credit?

Fridge Freezers: Top 4 Options for Weekly Payments, Monthly Payments and Bad Credit - Bad Credit Directories (1)

devices directly

Who they are?

Appliances Direct was founded in 2008 by Nick Glynne. The company has come a long way since then and now has access to three warehouses in Elland, East Midlands and Huddersfield.

It employs 600 people and the company has 50 delivery trucks to deliver its products.

What are they selling?

Appliances Direct has a wide range of electronic products. If you're looking for a frost-free fridge-freezer or even a smartphone, they probably have it in stock.

They usually offer TVs, audio equipment, cookers, fridge-freezers, air conditioners, smartphones, cleaning equipment, gardening tools, bathroom accessories and even smartphones.

What did the APR eat?

Appliances Direct's APR is 21.9% as they only offer PayPal credit as an option. Alternatively, Appliances Direct also offers PayPal in 3, which allows you to split the cost of a product into three interest-free installments.

The first payment is made when you order the product, and the other two are payable within 60 days.

How to order?

To order an item from Appliances Direct, you must request a PayPal Credit or pay with a debit or credit card.

You can then choose to have your product delivered to your home or pick it up at an Appliance Direct store.

How to get a loan?

Fortunately, applying for a PayPal credit is quite easy. Simply add a product costing more than £99 to your cart, select PayPal credit at checkout, then complete your application via the PayPal app or website.

After following these steps, you should know whether you qualify for a loan or not.

What are the payment terms?

If you choose to use PayPal credit, it works like any normal credit card. However, if you use PayPal in 3, you can pay for the product in 3 interest-free installments.

Fridge Freezers: Top 4 Options for Weekly Payments, Monthly Payments and Bad Credit - Bad Credit Directories (2)

Pay the world every week

Who they are?

Pay Weekly World is an online electronics store where consumers can pay for electronic items weekly, which lives up to the name.

Consumers also have the option to pay for items bi-weekly or even monthly if they wish. Pay Weekly World can also install or connect your products for an additional fee.

What are they selling?

Pay Weekly World specializes in electronics, so it sells refrigerators, TVs, TV accessories, computers, furniture, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, cookers, laundry equipment and garden tools.

What is the APR rate?

Pay Weekly World has an APR of 63.4%, which is quite high, but one of the benefits of using the service is that the company doesn't run hard credit checks.

How to order?

Fortunately, if you want to buy a fridge freezer from Pay Weekly World, it's not that difficult. Just select the fridge-freezer you want to buy, add it to your cart, then click Apply Now to request a credit.

If you qualify for a loan, you will receive your new fridge-freezer soon.

How to get a loan?

To qualify for a Pay Weekly World credit, you must be within their coverage area. You can check if you are within range by entering your zip code.

After entering a few other details, Pay Weekly World will contact you to arrange to complete the application process.

To qualify for a loan, you must have your name on the mortgage or lease as a security measure so they know who to contact if payments are not made.

You are not eligible for a loan if you are declared bankrupt, have an IVA or DRO.

What are the payment terms?

You can pay weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly.

Fridge Freezers: Top 4 Options for Weekly Payments, Monthly Payments and Bad Credit - Bad Credit Directories (3)

Forbes for rent

Who they are?

Forbes Rentals is an online retailer that focuses on home appliances and televisions. You cannot purchase any items from the shop as they are for rental only and not for personal use.

What are they selling?

Forbes Rentals sells household appliances and electronics, such as refrigerators with freezers, cookers, mobility scooters, vacuum cleaners and laundry equipment.

What is the APR rate?

Forbes Rentals has no APR because you will never be able to purchase rental items. This may mean you pay no interest, but at the end of the contract you no longer own the product.

How to order?

Ordering items from Forbes Rentals is easy as you can register online and a member of the support team will contact you and schedule delivery.

How to get a loan?

After you sign up for product rental, the support team will call you if any other information is needed. Forbes Rentals will then check your credit score and contact you to let you know if your application has been accepted or not.

What are the payment terms?

The payment terms and contract with Forbes Rental depend on whether you want to rent a new product or a refurbished product. The contract for new products is concluded for a period of 18 months, while the contract for refurbished products is concluded for a period of 12 months.

Fridge Freezers: Top 4 Options for Weekly Payments, Monthly Payments and Bad Credit - Bad Credit Directories (4)

Hughes Hire

Who they are?

Hughes Rental is an online electronics store specializing in the rental of electronic equipment.

What are they selling?

Hughes Rental rents electronic equipment such as: cookers, dishwashers, tumble dryers, refrigerators, televisions, video game consoles, computers, vacuum cleaners, fridge-freezers and cookers.

What is the APR rate?

Hughes Rentals has no APR as none of the products can be purchased. You can only rent products, not for your own use.

How to order?

After selecting the desired product and confirming that you are eligible for credit after completing a few forms, you can receive your product.

How to get a loan?

You must be over 18 to rent a product from Hughes Rentals and you will be subject to a credit check. If these requirements are met, you can receive your product.

What are the payment terms?

The minimum period for which you can rent a product from Hughes Rentals is 12 months.

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