Grey's Anatomy Recap: Beloved Doctor Quits, 2 Others Leave Seattle Forever (2023)

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Winston is still worried about Wendell and is determined to get Maggie's money back. Maggie wants Winston to drop everything. “I need to fix it,” says Winston. Maggie doesn't want him involved in whatever Wendell is up to. Winston yells at Maggie and tells her not to tell him how to handle his brother.

Things aren't going too well for Jo and Todd, at least on Jo's side. She doubts the speed with which things are progressing. Jo bumps into Link in the elevator and reveals that she had sex with Todd for the first time. Todd also told Jo that he loved her. She didn't say it back.

Owen is threatened

Gray Sloan, along with most of the country, is experiencing a blood shortage. Today, the blood shortage is critical. Schmidt cannot donate blood because he is gay and has had sex within the past 3 months. She later complains to Bailey about this archaic rule. While donating blood, Amelia and Maggie talk about Amelia's breakup with Kai after Kai revealedthey didn't want children.

A man appears to talk to Owen. He wants Owen's help for his wife, who served in the Marine Corps. They've tried everything and now she wants the meds Owen gave the other vets. The man threatens to sue Owen if he doesn't hand over the drugs. Teddy and Owen try to talk to the husband, but he won't budge. He ends up going to Bailey's house to report Owen.

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Richard and Bailey are trying to get the residency program back once and for all. Jamarah Blake, an official with the Board of Medical Accreditation, went back to see if the issues she pointed out were resolved. From the start, she is not happy with villagers donating blood during her shift.

Kristen and Simon are still in the hospital. They are just trying to keep him alive until she can give birth to their child. ECMO is your only option for now, but there are risks.

In the midst of a blood shortage, Meredith pushes for a very complicated surgery on Nick's patient. Richard initially tells Meredith that he cannot have the surgery, but Meredith goes through with it anyway.

Maggie and Winston return to their earlier conversation. Maggie admits that she feels like they knew each other better when they were apart. She continues to be surprised by him. She points out that Wendell makes Winston angrier than he realizes. “Maybe we got married too quickly,” Maggie tells Winston.

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Jackson and the Return of April

Teddy and Owen decide to run away, but are confronted by Bailey before they can escape. However, that all stops when Ben calls Bailey to tell her that all the blood she thought was coming is gone. The car carrying the blood fell into the storm.

Jackson, April and Hattie are back in Seattle tover a katherine. Midway through Meredith's surgery, she discovers that there is no more blood. They have to rotate the surgery and take the patient to the ICU.

Bailey enlists April to cover for The Pit while she deals with the Owen and Teddy fiasco. Owen explains to Bailey why he did what he did. April finds Ben outside, who has 37 units of blood for Gray Sloan. Ben warns April that they will have to shut down the ER until they can get more blood.

Meanwhile, Jackson is trying to stop Blake from reinstating the residency program. Blake reveals that Meredith is leaving Gray Sloan, which is news to Jackson. Blake wonders what else Bailey and Richard are hiding.

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Amelia meets April at the Pit and talks about her breakup with Kai. Amelia admits that she "feels really tired" of Kai. However, April is hopeful that things will work out. “Never say never,” says April. "Sometimes love comes back." April knows this firsthand.

Richard vai com Meredith

When Richard gets the chance to talk to Meredith, he yells at her about the surgery. He says she could have killed the residency program. He accuses Meredith of burning down the hospital before leaving. “Congratulations, Meredith. Ellis would finally be proud of you,” says Richard.

It's clear Meredith is rethinking her decision about the surgery and the move. Meredith tells Nick that her mother told her not to come to Seattle. Ellis didn't think Richard had what it took to teach Meredith. Nick points out that Meredith pushed for the surgery. He thinks she's getting insecure about leaving. Suddenly your patient starts to code. As Meredith desperately tries to save her patient, she remembers when Derek was shot. How she did everything to save him. The patient ends up dying on the table.

Kristen suffers an abrupt detachment and is rushed into surgery. She begs Link to keep her husband alive until the baby is born. When the doctors realize that Kristen and Simon have the same blood type, Simon begs them to save his wife. "Give all my blood to my wife," he says. The blood is rushed to Kristen, who gives birth to a baby boy. Once the baby is born, Winston takes the baby to see Simon. "Hello, forever", Simon whispers to his son before he dies.

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Bailey tells Owen and Teddy they need to call the police or she could go to jail too. However, he buys time to run and hand in his resignations while dealing with the blood shortage. They quickly pack their bags and leave the hospital. Amelia takes the kids to the bar and demands to know what's going on. They refuse to tell him.

Later, Amelia apologizes to Link for breaking her heart. “I forgot how much it hurts,” she says. I wish I had handled things differently. Link accepts your apology.

Bailey gives up while Owen and Teddy run

Blake waits for Bailey in his office. She is currently obtaining a residency permit from the hospital. She thinks this will give Bailey time to recalibrate, rebuild and start over. Schmidt and the other residents are forced to pack.

Owen and Teddy are on a plane from Seattle with their kids. Winston and Maggie talk once more. He admits that it's hard for him to talk openly about his secrets. You want to protect your love and work on your relationship. Link and Jo meet in the nursery. Jo reaches out to Link so they can get their friendship back on track.

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Jackson begs Meredith topull your resignationfor now. If the hospital loses her and Richard, it won't seem like this hospital is worth saving. Meredith hesitates until Bailey appears with her office keys. Bailey quits. She is protecting her health and sanity first. “You broke it, you bought it,” Bailey tells Meredith. Jackson jokes, "Now you really can't leave."

Kai is waiting for Amelia in the parking lot. “I can't sleep,” Kai tells Amelia. That's all they need to save. Amelia walks up to Kai and kisses them. Nick arrives at Meredith's new office and she tells him that he should go back to Minnesota. Nick and Meredith argue and she continues to push him away. He eventually leaves and Meredith begins to have second thoughts. He quickly gets up and yells at Nick.

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