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Did you know that a garage can be the best place to store your freezer in case you like to play in your yard or if you have older kids and don't want them wandering around the kitchen all day? A garage refrigerator will help you empty your kitchen refrigerator if it is full and there is no more space to store things.

A garage freezer can be a great place to store baby snacks, grilled food, and even things that don't fit well in a kitchen freezer. Unfortunately, with the arrival of summer, the conditions in the garage become unfavorable, because it is very hot and humid.

How to Store a Freezer in a Hot Garage (What You Need to Know) - Smart Homeowner (1)
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These adverse conditions can wreak havoc on your freezer. If the climate in the garage is not regulated, it can be very stressful for the freezer during the hot summer. But do not worry! Because this article will help you move smoothly with your garage freezer without any problems, especially in the summer.

Does warm weather affect the freezer?

Definitely yes! Convective temperatures can have an adverse effect on the freezer, especially during the summer months. Increased air temperature will force the freezer to work harder to keep food and drinks cool and fresh. Air must circulate freely to carry heat away from the condenser.

Studies have shown that the warmer the freezer is, the more likely thermophilic animals are to thrive. Another downside to using a freezer in hot weather is that a hard-working compressor uses more energy to maintain a normal temperature.

An overheated compressor can continue to operate normally, providing optimal cooling and heating conditions, but too high a temperature inside the compressor can lead to oil rupture in the compressor. This crack reduces the lubricating and cooling effect of the compressor oil, making it difficult for the freezer to function properly.

Will a freezer work in a hot garage?

The freezer can work in a hot garage, but there are a few conditions that must be met before you put it there:

  • Make sure the place where you put the freezer in the garage is clean and dry.
  • It is very important that the garage is insulated and air-conditioned.
  • Keep the freezer away from a window and direct sunlight as this will make it difficult to maintain the ambient temperature and proper internal temperature.

Tips for using your freezer in a hot garage.

Having the luxury of having a freezer in your garage can be both a curse and a blessing in the summer. If you care about the convenience of an outdoor garage freezer, the following tips will keep you updated on how to keep your freezer working optimally in a hot garage.

Make sure your freezer is fully stocked.

It may seem very strange, but a full freezer works magic! Making sure the freezer is fully stocked will help distribute low temperatures throughout the unit and prevent the freezer from running overtime.

Consistent storage of items in the freezer helps maintain a constant internal temperature. Filling the freezer with food leaves less room for warm air, which helps keep the temperature down when you open the freezer on a hot day.

Take it easy.

It is very important that the temperature in the garage does not exceed 110˚F, as this is not a suitable place to place a freezer. Hot summer conditions can cause freezer burnout due to overuse. This burning of this device may be the result of the constant struggle for ambient temperature, forcing it to work harder for longer periods of time.

Is your garage too hot? If so, then you need to look for other options to cool it down. These ways include:

  • Using fans.
  • Vents.
  • Insulation.
  • Additional air conditioning.

If you are experiencing strange temperature spikes, you can take short-term measures such as covering windows to reduce the direct heat of the sun's rays.


The best place to place the freezer in the garage is on a dry, flat and cool floor. Freezers placed in cool places usually save energy.

As a freezer owner, it is essential to check and evaluate the product specifications before deciding to place your freezer in a heated area such as a garage. Be sure to place the freezer away from a window, but the top and back should have plenty of air circulation to prevent overheating.


The freezer consists of various parts, such as a compressor and a thermostat. For your freezer to function effectively and efficiently, all parts must be in perfect condition.

The risk of food spoilage increases when part of the freezer is not working properly (damaged). When your freezer malfunctions, it's very important to get helpprofessional service technician or companywhich will help diagnose a mechanical problem.

Keep it charged.

The kitchen is equipped for many household appliances and this may not be the case in your garage. If your garage does not have proper electrical wiring, there is a risk that the freezer will not have enough power.

This will put extra strain on the freezer as it has difficulty producing cold air in a warm environment. The freezer should only be powered by 60 Hz AC power and a 115 volt of a professional and reputable electrician.

Perform basic maintenance.

Are you one of those homeowners who doesn't appreciate the fact that some basic maintenance can make a huge difference to the performance of your freezer? If so, you should change this mindset as simple maintenance, such as cleaning the battery a few times a year, can take the strain off your device and improve its performance.

Energy saving.

In accordance withMinistry of Energy, ENERGY STAR certified freezers use 15% less energy than non-certified models. When deciding to place the freezer in the garage, it is recommended to choose designs with the Energy Star designation. It is wise to choose freezers with airtight door seals to help save energy consumption.

Watch out for perishable products.

Freezers are prone to failure when placed in extreme environments. This situation is complicated because you won't always be in the garage to immediately identify this hitch.

It is recommended to minimize the risk of spoilage by storing the freezer in a permanent garage. These perishable goods include water, soda, beer, and other pantry items.

Do freezers use more energy in a hot garage?

absolutely yes! Placing the freezer in a hot garage and high humidity uses up to 50% more energy than normal. Maintaining the optimum temperature in the freezer in extremely high temperatures forces the compressor to work harder.

If the compressor cycles on and off more often than normal, energy consumption increases, resulting in higher energy costs. Using the freezer in an uninsulated garage and exposing yourself to drastic temperature fluctuations will increase your electricity costs even more.

Is it possible to keep a refrigerator in a warm garage?

Regularly placing the refrigerator in a garage where the temperature exceeds 110˚F is not a conducive environment. Hot conditions, especially in the summer season characterized by hot and humid weather, cause the refrigerator to burn due to excessive use.

The compressor in your device will continue to work harder to compete for the environment and optimal temperature. This will cause the freezer to run longer than usual.

What is a garage ready refrigerator?

It refers to a generator that has a small heating element that plays tricks on the refrigerator's thermostat to run the compressor to ensure packaged frozen foods stay frozen. It is described as having more than one temperature sensor, a wide range of acceptable operating temperatures, or some other feature that will make it popular with garage enthusiasts. These refrigerators are designed to withstand extreme humidity and temperatures in standard units, especially in garages.

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