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At homedevicesthey are a major investment and are often non-negotiable. Take a fridge-freezer, for example – it's a must-have in your kitchen, but there's no denying that buying a new one is expensive, time consuming and often quite overwhelming.

With so much to consider, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your home. But there is nothing to be afraid of, because we are ready to offer advice. We recommend taking into account the capacity of the model - it is often somewhere between 200l and 600l, with larger products better suited to larger households.

Similarly, it's worth keeping in mind how you want to split the ratio between the fridge and freezer - the usual models are 70:30, but there's also a 50:50 option if you regularly freeze meals.

If you need additional expert advice and guidance,IndyBest Fridge Freezer Buying Guideit includes all this and more. To make sure it's a less costly endeavor, we're also here to help.

With a constant eye on a good deal (including selling onlaptops,televisionsWmattresses), we've rounded up the best discounts on leading fridge freezers. Read on to find out how to save money on your next fridge-freezer and prepare yourself to keep your food fresher for longer with one of these top models.

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The best UK fridge and freezer deals for May 2023 are:

Samsung Series 5 RB34T602EBN/EU Classic Fridge Freezer: Was £679 now £529,SAMSUNG. came

This Samsung fridge-freezer combination has a capacity of 340 liters and is equipped with special SpaceMax technology, so that a fridge of the same size on the outside has a larger capacity on the inside. No-Frost technology prevents the formation of ice in the fridge and freezer, and the circulation of cool air helps to keep food fresh longer. This model also comes with a dedicated wine shelf, which is always a plus in our book, especially when this model is £150 cheaper.

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Hisense RS741N4WB11 fully frost-free US-style fridge: Was £829 now £749,

With a total capacity of 578 liters (370 liters in the fridge and 208 liters in the freezer), this Hisense fridge-freezer combination is big enough for families. The pipeless water dispenser provides a chilled drink every time and requires minimal assembly - just fill the water tank. The refrigerator's LED lighting is more energy efficient and brighter than standard bulbs, making it easy to see the contents of the refrigerator.

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Bosch KGN34NWEAG Frost Free Fridge Freezer, White: Was £689.99 now £599,

This large, energy-efficient model from Bosch will suit larger families and busy kitchens. A handy alarm goes off when the door is ajar, and food and drinks stay fresh thanks to the constant temperature maintained by the "MultiAirflow" system that distributes cold air to each level of the refrigerator. Plus, you don't need to remove layers of ice to retrieve frozen treats as no-frost technology prevents ice layers from building up.

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Kenwood KSX20 US Fridge Freezer: Was £649 now £599,

Some people want a refrigerator that fits seamlessly into their kitchen, while others prefer such a statement piece. The main selling point of this Kenwood fridge is the LED touch screen. Very handy, you can easily adjust the temperature inside, so no more hassle with knobs and buttons. Additionally, the metallic look gives it a modern, sophisticated look. It's a basic device - and for £50 cheaper, it's a good deal.

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American Hisense 596l French Style Fridge Freezer: Was £998.97 now £809.97,

Although this Hisense American Fridge Freezer is only discounted by £189, it's still worth keeping in mind if this style has been eye-catching for a long time. With a super cool freeze feature that locks in nutrients and moisture, there's a handy LED touchscreen that lets you set everything up the way you want. Measuring 177.8cm x 91.2cm x 72.5cm, it has 596 liters of usable space - 419 liters in the fridge and 177 liters in the freezer. The latter is frostproof so you don't have to worry about defrosting on your day off, and the water dispenser is perfect if you like cold water straight from the tap.

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Samsung Series 7 plus Fridge Freezer RF50A5202B1 EU: Was £1,549 now £1,199,

If you're looking to upgrade your space and cut a deal at the same time, the Samsung Series 7 Dual Cooling Plus Fridge Freezer could be just the thing for you. With a huge capacity of 495 liters (330 liters in the fridge and 165 liters in the freezer), the American-style doors will add a stylish look to your home and twin cooling plus technology ensures that ideal humidity levels are maintained in the fridge and freezer compartments and prevents mixing smells. Other useful features include a full frost protection element and a water/ice dispenser.

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LG GSLV50DSXM full US frost free fridge freezer: Was £1,399, now £999,Down. With

With AO's kitchen appliance deals, you can save a cool (no pun intended) £350 on this American fridge freezer from LG. Its main advantage is its completely frost-free technology, which means you spend more time eating ice cream than thawing ice around your favorite tub. Features include a moisture-balanced fruit and vegetable drawer to ensure fruits and vegetables stay fresh for a long time, and a quick freeze element that works to quickly lower the temperature inside the freezer. Measuring 190cm x 97cm x 77cm, it can hold up to 635 liters in both the fridge and freezer.

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Sharp SJ-BB04DTXSF-EN 60/40 Fridge Freezer: Was £389 now £329Down. With

Save money and trips to the supermarket as this Sharp 268 liter fridge/freezer combination holds up to 14 bags of groceries. With the vegetable drawer, you can say goodbye to soggy lettuce leaves and mushy apples, and the separate compartment also ensures that your fruits and vegetables are organized and easy to find. The fridge-freezer also has a reversible door that can be changed to open from the left or right, meaning this model will easily fit into your home. Having a frost-free feature isn't that high tech so you'll have to defrost this unit by hand - but for just over £300 it's a bargain.

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How to get the cheapest deals on specific brands of fridge-freezers

The best places to find great deals on fridge freezers are usually stores likeJohn Lewis and Associates,PC Curry's world,DO,ArgosWAmazon. These large wigs often offer better discounts than the device manufacturers themselves.

While annual sales such asBlack Fridaycan be a great opportunity to find a bargain, don't be afraid it's already November, you're not necessarily late for the boat. Some retailers have dedicated online offer pages for year-round Fridge Freezer Savings -John Lewis and Associates,DO,ErgWAmazonthey all have sections like this.

Fridge Freezer Frequently Asked Questions

What do the energy labels for a fridge-freezer mean?

According toMoney supermarketthe fridge-freezer must have an energy label from A+ to A+++. If a model falls below the A+ rating, it cannot be sold. If your fridge-freezer is rated A+++, it is the most energy efficient, which means it costs less money and uses less CO2. As the energy labels go down (from A+++ to G), the refrigerator is economical, with G being the worst.

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