Laticrete vs. Mapei Mortar (Compared) (2023)

Mortar has many advantages when used for tiling. Gives tiles a better finish and prevents dirt from getting between and under the tiles.

Grouting also improves the overall strength of the laid tiles. However advantageous grouting can be. You should know that not all brands of mortar are created equal.

Some work much better than others. Therefore, you must be vigilant when choosing the grout for your tiling job.

Mapei and Laticrete are two of the most popular grout manufacturers on the market. If you can't decide, here is a detailed comparison of the two.

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What is Laticrete Mortar?

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Laticrete manufactures a variety of mortars including cementitious mortars, ready mixed mortars and epoxy mortars. One of Laticrete's epoxy grouts that has been around for over a decade is Spectralock.

Laticrete grouts are very durable and will stand the test of time. They are a preferred choice among professional installers and DIY enthusiasts.

Because color is a key factor when choosing a grout, Laticrete grouts are available in 40 colours. This means that you have a wide choice and are sure to find a color that suits you.

Laticrete, as a brand, implements cutting-edge mortar technology to bring you the best products. The grouts made by this brand have excellent color consistency and durability.

There are manyLatricete mortar products. One of my favorites is the glow-in-the-dark Spectralock Dazzle. In general, Laticrete manufactures high quality grouts that have impressive properties.

What is Mapei Mortar?

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Mapei grouts are developed as a result of a series of serious laboratory tests. These joints look good and are quite durable compared to other brands.

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One area where Mapei excels more than other mortar manufacturers is color availability. You can choose between 44 different and unique colors.

The selection process of these colors has been simplified with the availability of aApplication of Mapei grout.

Mapei grouts offer several advantages. They are mold and stain resistant. Manufacturers claim these grouts are easy to apply and have been formulated to match the latest ceramic tiles.

These grouts are high performance and water repellent. You can use them in the shower, kitchen or in high humidity areas without worrying about water damage.

Like Laticrete, Mapei makes various mortars such as: B. Epoxy, cement mortar and polymer-modified cement mortar. In addition to grout, Mapei also produces sealers that ensure that the grout stays on the tiles longer.

What's the difference between them?

Although both companies produce mortars that can be used for laying tiles. The formulas are different, as are the properties.

• Color options

Laticrete Mortar has done a fantastic job of offering their customers 40 unique colors to choose from.

Mapei did an even better job. You have 44 unique colors to choose from and there is an app to help you identify a suitable color.

Color is a key factor to consider when choosing grout for tiling. And you have to get it right the first time because grout isn't something you just install and remove.

According to most tilers, Mapei offers a better color match. It should be your best option if you want to use it for a backsplash.

• Ease of use (preparation and installation)

Laticretest stands out as one of the easiest grouts to mix and install on tiles. At the time of purchase, it may seem impossible to achieve a perfect consistency with different products.

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But if you mix them properly and follow the manufacturer's directions, they will mix well. You only need a significant amount of effort to install it, and the grout adheres perfectly to the joints and lines.

Installing Mapei grout is quite complicated, especially when you buy your Flexcolor CQ. The problem with Mapei grouts is that they contain a lot of sand, making it difficult to get an even finish during installation.

It is also worth noting that Mapei mortar dries too quickly. Installation should be quick. Otherwise it will be difficult to edit all the tiles.

• Texture

Laticrete has a fine structure both during installation and after curing. The sand used is also very fine.

Mapei has a rougher texture because it contains larger grains of sand. This is a complaint that many people have raised.

• Stain resistance

In terms of performance, Laticrete grout is more resistant to stains. They can be easily cleaned if you spill oil, sauce or leftover food and won't leave stains.

Mapei, on the other hand, offers mild stain resistance. The taste of oil, sauce and other stains remains visible even after cleaning. This is quite surprising, especially considering that Mapei grout often includes a sealer on top.

How similar are they?

Although they differ in many ways, there are some notable similarities between Mapei and Laticrete grouts.

• Different types of mortar

Both Mapei and Laticrete mortars are available in different types. You can choose epoxy, cement, ready mix and polymer modified mortar from both brands.

The availability of many grout options allows installers to choose an appropriate formula that is most convenient for them to work with.

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• Availability

Whether you're interested in Mapei or Laticrete grout, you can find it at local hardware stores.

Alternatively, you can buy them online on popular platforms like Amazon. You can also buy Laticrete and Mapei grout at major department stores near you.

• Industrial grade mortar

Laticrete and Mapei grouts are internationally recognized industrial quality products for professional tilers. Therefore, you can be assured that they are doing a quality job.

Benefits of Laticrete Mortar

Laticrete grouts do not require sealing, keeping dirt, debris and rocks out of tile grout. Most Mapei grout must be sealed for maximum efficiency.

Its ability to resist stains is exceptional. Therefore, Laticrete mortar requires minimal maintenance compared to Mapei mortar.

Today's Laticrete grouts have a stable formula that is effective for use on walls and floors.

Laticrete is a high performance mortar. It is durable and withstands moisture and traffic.

Installing Laticrete grout is easy. However, you must follow the manufacturer's instructions for preparation and installation.

Laticrete grout is formulated with Microban antimicrobial protection for mold prevention.

Laticrete grout is available in several interesting finishes such as: B. Glow in the dark.

Owners can choose from 40 color options.

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Laticrete Mortar Cons

It is more expensive than Mapei and other grouts.

Though easy to install, cleaning up the mess is a bit of a hassle. You will need lots of sponges and force to remove the Laticrete grout from the tiles.

Benefits of Mapei grout

The only thing that distinguishes Mapei grout is the consistency of its color. You can easily find a suitable color for your tiles from 44 colours. Mapei has simplified the selection process by providing an application.

It is mold proof. Therefore suitable for use in areas with high humidity.

When installed correctly, Mapei grout is quite durable.

It is a quick setting mortar. This makes installation quick. But that can be a blessing in disguise, depending on how you use it.

Mapei mortar can join joints from 2 to 22 m in length.

Cons of Mapei Grout

It dries too quickly. Many people have complained that Mapei grouts dry too quickly. A pro tip when using Mapei: mix it in smaller batches. This helps to avoid waste.

Some of your joints need sealing. That means more work.

Which one is better? Laticrete or Mapei mortar

Although both brands of mortar have interesting properties, pros and cons, Laticrete is undoubtedly the better option.

You can choose from 40 color combinations for the Laticrete grout. It is easy to prepare and install. The texture is smoother and better performance is achieved with Laticrete grout after installation.

Although Mapei grout offers more color options and is slightly cheaper, its benefits cannot outweigh Laticrete grout.

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