"Lockwood and Company". Season 2: Netflix renewal status and what we know so far (2023)

"Lockwood and Company". Season 2: Netflix renewal status and what we know so far (1)

Lockwood & Co. Photo: Netflix

One of the first big new Netflix TV releases in 2023 wasLockwood & Co, a new supernatural series for teenagers from the UK. The show is gearing up for a second season, but will it get one? Here's what we know so far about Season 2Lockwood & Co.

Developed by Joe Cornish,New British Series(compared to "teenGhostbusters") is an 8-episode series that follows on from the first two books in Jonathan Stroud's series of novels.

Reviews of the show from critics have been strong since its release. Based on 11 ratings, the series has approx91% na RottenTomatoes, 94% viewers on RT and 7.5 on IMDb.

Lockwood & CoNetflix season 2 renewal status

Official renewal status from Netflix:In the treatment of
Our renewal forecast:50/50

More than a month and a half after the premiereLockwood & CoThere is no word on Netflix about whether the series will return.

As we discussed earlier,things like the completion rate, number of starters and cost play an important role in renewing.

In case ofLockwood & Co, we currently anticipate that the series will likely be canceled given its performance compared to other titles in the genre and the massive drop in viewership between weeks 2 and 3, but according to one source, the completion rate looks good (more on that in a second ).

We suspect the show will have a second and final season if it is renewed.

"Lockwood and Company". Season 2: Netflix renewal status and what we know so far (2)

(Video) Lockwood & Co. | Official Trailer | Netflix

Image: Netflix

It should be noted that Netflix, especially over the past year, has struggled to renew genre programming that is getting younger and younger. Last year we saw the cancellation of i.aFirst murder,Resident Evil,Imperfections,midnight club,WThe bastard and the devil himselfall of them failed to make it through season 1 whileWarrior nun couldn't get a third season.

Joe Cornish covers season 2 in oneinterview with Tamera Jones van Collider. When asked if Season 2's opportunities and community involvement are contributing factors to the renewal, Cornish said:

"...I'm not going to get caught up in the whole thing: 'Will there be a season 2 or not?' “We are driving ourselves crazy. We should just be very proud of what we've done. I especially appreciate the fact that fans of the book are recognizable the world that was on the screen in their imagination. I just want to be proud and happy for the actors, all the amazing engineers, everyone who worked on the show, who did it well, and that so many people like it.

Another little tidbit from this interview is that Joe Cornish is working on an untitled Netflix horror movie that he's "really excited about."

How good it isLockwood & Co.show on Netflix?

Many sources show as wellLockwood & Co.was on Netflix.

Showrunner Joe Cornish said they met with Netflix in mid-February, where they were told they were "performing really well for the first few weeks," but said he wouldn't attend any more meetings.

Netflix hourly data forLockwood & Co.

Let's start with the first onehourly data from Netflix itself. Every Tuesday, Netflix releases 40 hours of data on its top titles in four categories.

Lockwood & Cospent 79.91 million hours in the world's top 10 over three weeks (January 22 to February 12), being eliminated in week 4.

Here's howspreads out from week to week:

Week periodViewing hours (M)I calledA week in the top ten
January 22, 2023 to January 29, 202325.120.00061
January 29, 2023 to February 5, 202339.420.000 (+57%)12
February 5, 2023 to February 12, 202315.370.000 (-61%)73

As noted, the show dropped out of the top 10 in week 4, meaning it didn't exceed 15.12 million hours that week.

Let's compare the opening week to several other shows in the same genre that premiered in 2022 (and notably failed to garner orders for season 2).

As you can see, the show followed similar trajectories asImperfectionsWFirst murder(both cancelled) but fell belowArchive 81(also cancelled).

(Video) Lockwood & Co. Deleted Scenes | Netflix

"Lockwood and Company". Season 2: Netflix renewal status and what we know so far (3)

Hours Watching Lockwood & Co vs Other Netflix Shows (All Canceled)

These are the raw numbers from the top 10 hours, but let's try to level the playing field with similar shows in the same genre asBlock the wood.

Using CVE (taking the number of hours watched and then dividing it by the total length of the show), we can do thissee, the program had a stronger startthan two other British series, such asHeart plug(which was renewed for two seasons) andHalf bad.

However, according to our Top 10 report,Block the woodit was still low for English-language series debuts, overall saying "With only 4.4 million CVEs in the first three days, that's really low for a new English-language series."

"Lockwood and Company". Season 2: Netflix renewal status and what we know so far (4)

Lockwood & Co CVE Viewers vs Other Netflix Originals

Nielsen data forLockwood & Co.

by NielsenTop 10 datait also provides insight into how well the show is doing, particularly in the United States.

We have three weeks of data from Nielsen so far, and the show also saw a massive 56% drop between weeks 2 and 3. Netflix US viewership appears to have accounted for around 20% of the show's total.

Here's how Nielsen's figures break down from week to week, but so far, between January 23 and February 12, the show has hit 22.43 million hours:

The beginning of the weekWeekendcolor NielsenaEpisodesRaw minutesCounted hours
January 23, 2023January 29, 202368450 million minutes7.5 billion hours
January 30, 2023February 5, 202338623 million minutes10,383 million hours
February 6, 2023February 12, 202378273 million minutes4.550 million hours

Raw top ten data via FlixPatrol

To watchraw top 10with FlixPatrol, the show peaked in the number of points it scored in the top 10 of the series in its first three to four days, but held firm, only supplanted by newer titles.

The show entered the top 10 in most regions of the world and performed best in countries such as the UK, Germany, India and France.

(Video) Munculnya Wabah Hantu yang Bisa Membunuh Manusia! | Alur Cerita LOCKWOOD AND CO

After two weeks on the platform, the show disappeared from the top 10 only to reappear for a few days before leaving completely shy a month after the show landed.

This is how his performance in the Netflix top ten looks like:

"Lockwood and Company". Season 2: Netflix renewal status and what we know so far (5)

Foto: FlixPatrol

External demandLockwood & Co.

How is the program generally doing online? Often referred to as "the question", we will useTelevisiestatistieken.comto track how well a show is doing on sites like Wikipedia, Google, Reddit, and IMDb.

Their data shows that the series peaked in external demand on February 13.

"Lockwood and Company". Season 2: Netflix renewal status and what we know so far (6)

Photo: TelevisionStats.com

One thing we should note is how well the program is doing on TikTok. Looking at various hashtags, the show has garnered tens of millions of views. the most importantLockwood & Cohashtag, on February 21, has amassed 73 million views, with many other tags garnering similar numbers.

Completion percentage forLockwood & Co

Last, but certainly not least, we'll cover the completion rates with thanksdigital mewith data covering all regions of their SoDA platform.

Their data suggests that about 54% of those who started a series finished it. Previously, they noted that programs with a completion rate below 50% are more difficult to renew.

Although this number is strong forLockwood & Co, the fact that the show had a hard time getting the majority to click on the first episode could still mean trouble in the future.

"Lockwood and Company". Season 2: Netflix renewal status and what we know so far (7)

Percent Completion for Lockwood & Co.

(Video) i'm getting a bit sick of this now.

What to expectLockwood & Coseason 2 on Netflix

Since the show seems to be adapting the books in order, logic dictates that we'll see one, two, or even three entries in the books adapted for Season 2.

For those unfamiliar, that would mean we'll likely see itEmpty boyone ofA creeping shadowmodified, leaveEmpty tombfor next season.

Assuming season 2 jumps directly into the third book, here's a quick summary of the plotThe Hollow Boy courtesy of GoodReads:

“As a massive outbreak of supernatural visitors stuns Scotland Yard and sparks protests across London, Lockwood & Co. demonstrate your effectiveness in exterminating ghosts. Anthony Lockwood is boisterous, George is insightful, and Lucy is dynamic, while the skull in the pot offers sardonic advice on the side. Now that Lockwood has shared some of his childhood secrets, there's a new spirit of openness in the band, and Lucy increasingly feels that Portland Row is her true home. So it's a big shock when Lockwood and George introduce her to the irritatingly spry and extremely efficient new assistant, Holly Munro.

"Lockwood and Company". Season 2: Netflix renewal status and what we know so far (8)

Image: Netflix

Ifdigital spynotes that some of the overarching questions for season two revolve around how exactly Lockwood's parents died, as it slowly reveals over the course of the season that there is more to this story than meets the eye.

Which brings us to a cliff that ends with a room door that would otherwise be locked all season, opening only to roll the credits.

When asked what's behind the door, Ruby Stokes told Variety:

"I haven't heard of any theory, but I've seen people, even those who have read the books, say they want to leave it up to interpretation. I didn't read the theory either, because even when I read the books, I kind of went from the first to the second, I enjoyed the moment when I didn't know what was going to happen next.

One redditor already predicted what might be in a locked room,suggest it mightit's "The ghosts of his parents" or "More relics related to his family."

(Video) Badass Anthony Lockwood Scenes (lockwood & co.) (1080p+Logoless)

Joe Cornish teased season 2 in the aforementioned Collider article, telling them about future books (and thus the series):

“The relationships between the characters become more and more complex, the world-building expands, [there are] twists, and the set design becomes epic and amazing. We would love to have the chance to put it all on screen, but at the same time, we are very proud of the first season. If you want to know what's behind those doors and can't wait for more, it's in the books.

you would like to seeLockwood & Coreturn with season two on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.


Will Lockwood and Co get a season 2? ›

In a recent interview with Empire, Joe Cornish addressed the future of Lockwood & Co. and reassured fans that there are more seasons to come, provided that Netflix renews the show. "The story in the books is very well-plotted," he explained.

Is The Empty Grave the last Lockwood book? ›

The Empty Grave is the fifth and final book in the Lockwood & Co. series‏‎. It was published on 12 September 2017.

Will Lockwood & Co be renewed? ›

George Karim Get Lockwood & Co Renewed for Season 2.

Is Netflix making Lockwood and Co? ›

Thankfully, Netflix has levelled the playing field across the pond by bringing us Lockwood & Co, a new adaptation of Jonathan Stroud's YA book series.

Is Lockwood in love with Lucy? ›

Lucy and Lockwood have a lot of chemistry. Through each other, they're able to better understand themselves, and it's obvious by the end of the season that they have some kind of feelings for one another. However, these are still kids, at the end of the day, and not only that they're kids who fight ghosts for a living.

How does Lockwood and Co end? ›

While Lockwood gets help, Winkman and his associates are captured and thrown in jail. Meanwhile, on the other side of the cemetery, the Golden Blade gets into a car with Penelope Fittes and he informs her that the bone glass is broken and being taken to the incinerator.

What is the last Lockwood and Co book? ›

Lockwood & Co: The Empty Grave: Book 5 (Lockwood & Co., 5) : Stroud, Jonathan: Amazon.co.uk: Books.

Do Lockwood and Lucy kiss? ›

At some point in the books, Lockwood confesses that he loves her “like a sister.” But then the story keeps evolving, leaving room for something more. To answer the original question: no, Lockwood and Lucy never kiss in the five books of Lockwood & Co.

What are the green lights in Lockwood and Co? ›

Ghost-lamps are extremely bright street lamps installed in heavily-populated areas. They turn on for short intervals of time throughout the night to discourage ghosts.

Why does Lucy leave Lockwood and Co? ›

Lucy has left Lockwood & Co. A freelance operative, she is hiring herself out to other agencies – agencies that might value her ever-improving skills.

Why Netflix originals are leaving? ›

This is usually due to licensing deals ending. While some titles often make their way back onto Netflix at a later date, some end up moving to other platforms. This month will see a large number of movies and TV shows removed from the service, including a selection of Netflix Originals.

How old are they supposed to be in Lockwood and Co? ›

We know that the members of Lockwood & Co. are "young enough" to still have their psychic abilities that fade as you reach adulthood, and yet "old enough" to run the company on their own. My guess would be that they're about 14 or 15 in the first book.

What did the skull see in the bone glass? ›

Whatever it was, the skull confirms that something within the glass has changed since he was alive and that the “eternal” are trapped.

Who is the skull in Lockwood and Co? ›

Michael Clarke plays Skull, a moniker given to a particularly destructive male Type Three ghost whose Source is a skull. The skull is enclosed within a silver-glass jar after being pulled out of the sewers by the Fittes Agency, which George stole and sold to Lockwood & Co.

What happens at the end of The Empty Grave Lockwood and Co? ›

In the final scene of the book, Lucy placed the burnt skull on her window. She and Lockwood had an adorable talk (which resulted in her finding the necklace that his father had given to his mother, and he, in turn, had left for her).

Does Norrie ever wake up? ›

Sadly by the season finale, Norrie was still in a state of unconsciousness, with no suggestion she would wake up. As the tragedy acted as the catalyst for Lucy's move to London, she is likely to remain a minor character in the series.

Who did Lucy fall in love with? ›

Following the defeat of Acnologia, Lucy came to terms with her feelings for Natsu and began to pursue him romantically. It was difficult, as Natsu remained annoyingly ignorant to her feelings, but Lucy soon managed to confess her feelings and begin a relationship with Natsu.

How old is Lockwood? ›

It has been suggested by the author of the books that he was 15 years old, a year older than Lucy Carlyle, when the two first met in the first book in the series. However, his age was never explicitly stated in the books. On the Lockwood & Co. TV series, Lockwood is portrayed by Cameron Chapman.

What is Lockwood's secret? ›

Lockwood & Co Season 2's Door Reveal Is Set For Tragedy

Jessica died soon after their parents when going through their things, something Lockwood refused to help with. She found a relic that released a ghost, which killed her, leaving Lockwood the last member of his family left alive.

What happens to Norrie in Lockwood and Co? ›

At the incident at the Moorgate Mill, she was badly ghost-locked, resulting in her indefinite confinement to a hospital room. Her loss resulted in Lucy Carlyle's quitting the agency and seeking employment elsewhere.

What is a Type 3 in Lockwood and Co? ›

"A Type Three is a visitor who defiantly refuses to move on from the mortal realm. A spirit of extraordinary strength and intelligence. It thinks, feels, and speaks like you or I, but it does that alone and in darkness for all eternity.

What year is Lockwood set in? ›

Lockwood and Co is set in the present day, but it's a parallel reality where the digital revolution never happened. "We leaned back into the '80s where there was that Thatcherite gloom hanging over Britain. A lot of the music reflects romantic gloom."

How close does Lockwood and Co follow the books? ›

Yes, Lockwood & Co. is based on a series of books of the same name by Johnathan Stroud. The books – which came out between 2013 and 2017 – are a young adult supernatural thriller series, which follows pretty much the same plot as the show.

Can adults read Lockwood and Co? ›

If you enjoy a nice rush of adrenalin from fictions, vivid ghosts roaming around, strong characters, funny dialogue and an overall well-built fantasy world in your paranormal young-adult, this is one series you shouldn't miss.

Does lucy kiss tim? ›

ABC's The Rookie Season 5 producers finally gave fans what they have been waiting years for — Tim Bradford and Lucy Chen dating. The former training officer and rookie shared their first kiss during the season 4 finale.

Who kissed Lucy during the show? ›

Also in the midseason premiere, Evan “Buck” Buckley (Oliver Stark) asks his girlfriend Taylor (Megan West) to move in with him … after sharing a kiss with Lucy at a bar. Uh-oh.

Who kissed Lucy in I Love Lucy? ›

Lucy Ricardo may have fainted from her exuberant kiss of William Holden in the last scene; but, Lucille Ball and Holden shared many kisses as foils in the comedy film Miss Grant Takes Richmond (1949), released by Columbia Pictures.

What is a relic man in Lockwood? ›

Relic-men was a term that referred to individuals who collected sources, typically with the intention of selling them on the black market. Such sources were known as relics.

Are there cell phones in Lockwood and Co? ›

“The digital revolution never happened,” Cornish explains, about the Lockwood And Co. world. “There are no mobile phones. There are still newspapers and magazines.

What does Deprac stand for in Lockwood and Co? ›

Lucy sagely pretends to hand over Annabel's source, but actually unleashes her. Annabel's ghost kills Fairfax and the event is covered up by DEPRAC (aka the Department of Psychical Research and Control). Still, Lucy, Lockwood, and George get a glimpse of a mysterious harp symbol DEPRAC is intent on covering up…

Is the skull evil Lockwood? ›

The Skull is so irritating, evil even, but he's also saved her life on several occasions. Lucy wants it back! There is only one person other than the Lockwood crew who knows Lucy has the Skull, and she goes after him.

Will Lockwood and Co get a movie or TV show? ›

Lockwood & Co. is a British detective thriller television series developed by Joe Cornish for Netflix based on Jonathan Stroud's book series of the same name. Consisting of eight episodes, it premiered on 27 January 2023.

Will there be a sequel to A Year in the Life of Gilmore Girl? ›

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life season 2 hasn't been renewed. Netflix has not ordered a second season of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life at this time. Back in November 2016, the four-episode miniseries was intended to be just that: a miniseries.

How old is kipps in Lockwood and Co? ›

He is said to be 22 years old. On the Lockwood & Co. TV series, Kipps is portrayed by Jack Bandeira.


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