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Our latest Fallout 76 update launches today and brings Daily Ops mutations to public events, a new season, accessibility improvements, the ability to re-do challenges, and more in-game. Read on to find out more.

Update the most important information

  • Mutation invasion: At the start of each hour for the next three weeks, Public Events will feature one mutation from our daily edits. Completing these events will give you more rewards and rare blueprint opportunities!
  • Improvements to daily operations: We've added new locations, rewards, enemies and a new mutation to encounter!
  • Start of Season 12:Rip Daring is hunting cryptids! Level up to earn all new rewards, including a new Solid Ally, Cryptid themed decoration, and more!
  • Roll the challenge: Not a fan of the Daily Challenge? Now you can reroll one daily or weekly challenge once a day, and additional challenges can be rerolled in the Season 12 leaderboard.

Update version:

Check below for download sizes for today's patch on your platform of choice:

  • computer (table):14,4 GB
  • Computer (Microsoft Store):23,7 GB
  • Spell Station:24,9 GB
  • Xbox:23,8 GB

New Rotating Event: Mutant Invasion

Appalachia has changed in many ways over the past four years. While many of these changes are caused by you (Project Clean Appalachia, anyone?), some changes are the result of local residents' daily long-term exposure to radiation. Also known as "A Normal Day in the Wasteland".

The mutations you came to know and love in Daily Ops missions now carry over to Public Events! Mutation Invasion increases the difficulty of public events or challenges you to change your playstyle, but not without huge rewards.

  • of the 21 markThe Mutant Public Event takes place every hour at the start of the full hour.**
  • These events are marked with a special icon to indicate that they have been mutated.
    • Public events for the rest of the hour are regular events without change.
  • Completing a Mutant Public Event will earn you a Mutant Bundle in addition to the base rewards!
  • The following public events can now appear as a mutant event during a mutation invasion:
    • Check Your Metal, Moonshine Jamboree, Eviction Notice, Lode Baring, Guided Meditation, Suitor Swarm, One Violent Night, Uranium Rush, Line in the Sand, and Heart of the Swamp.

After the first 3 weeks of Mutant Invasion, this event will return every other week at 1am for a week.

(Video) PATCH NOTES! Mutation Invasion & Fixes - 28 February 2023 - Fallout 76

As a reminder, mutations can be:

  • Volatile:Enemies explode upon death.
  • Active Camouflage:Enemies are cloaked when not attacking.
  • Resistant:Enemies can only be killed with a melee attack.
  • Freezing Touch:Slow down targets while attacking.
  • toxic blood:Enemies leave a small toxic threat when they die.
  • Group regeneration:Enemies heal each other while in range.
  • Quick:Movement and attack speed increased.

New Reward: Mutant Bundle

Completing a mutated public event will earn you the rewards of the base event, in addition to bonus currency andMutated package.

  • Mutated packagesincluding meds, resources, ammo, a 3* legendary item, and a chance at rare blueprints that drop from other missions and events!

Get more rewards with Fallout 1pc!

By participating in a Mutant Public Event with at least 3 Fallout 1st members, everyone earns more rewards! Whether you're a subscriber or not, all event attendees get oneMutant party packwhich is similar to aMutated packagebut with increased rewards and more chances for rare blueprints.

Daily operations

In addition to mutated public events, we've also added new locations, enemies, rewards, and a new mutation to our daily ops rotation.

  • New Mutation:Reflective leather
    • reflective skin:Enemies periodically enter a reflection state that reflects some of the direct damage dealt to them.
    • Reflective Skin will also be on our list of Mutant Public Events.
  • New meeting group:Aliens
  • New locations:
    • Charleston Capitol
    • Mining headquarters in Garrahan
    • Morgantown High School
  • New Rewards:We've added new blueprints to Daily Ops rewards; Floating Tubes (Gnasher, Freezer, and Flamethrower variants), Handmade Hot Rod Skin, Flatwoods Monster Tube, Space Alien Power Armor Skin, and Jetpack.

Season 12: A bold retort and a cryptid hunt

In the world of Big Game Cryptid Hunting, there is only one man brave, strong and clever enough to face these mysterious beasts! This season follows the daring and dangerous adventures of Rip Daring, an unlikely Cryptid hunter, alongside his trusty Mr. Handy, Percival and his loyal nurse Guinevere.

New rewards

  • Cryptid Rewards: From floor decorations to power armor paints, this new season offers cryptid-themed merchandise for all cryptozoologists.
  • New ally:Welcome Brother Steven to your C.A.M.P. and may the blessings of the Mothman be with you.
  • New C.A.M.P. articles: Create a cozy Hunter's Hut fit for Rip Daring himself with the Hunter's Throne or display your favorite Steins in the Taxidermy Bear Mug Display.
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Reroll Daily and Weekly Challenges!

This season, we're introducing a new feature to our Seasons:roll again! ** **

(Video) Fallout 76 Are you Ready for Bethesda's Patch on February 28?

  • Re-Roller gives you the option to exchange daily or weekly challenges.
  • Once a day you can repeat one challenge for free.
  • Fallout 1st members will receive an additional free reroll for the day, for a total of 2 free rerolls.
  • Challenge Gears can also be claimed for free on the Season Board or purchased in the Atomic Shop.
  • Re-rolled challenges have a chance to winAn epic challenge, which offers even better rewards for completing it.

Design changes and improvements

In addition to the new content we've added, we've also made design changes to better suit your play style.


  • Institutions:Added "Enable camera shake" setting in the "Display" section. This setting is enabled by default.

Design - general

  • stimulation: When players are resurrected by effects such as Mysterious Savior and the Life Savings Legendary Armor Mod, they are now healed by the revival item.
  • Guns:Rad Rifles now have a better chance of learning mods when demolishing.


  • Storage boxes:Added a stash to the following public events; Radiation Rumble, Scorched Earth, Lode Baring, Guided Meditation, Suitor Swarm, One Violent Night, Uranium Rush, Line in the Sand, Heart of the Swamp, and Huge Trouble
  • enemies:We've made some improvements to enemy spawning and tracking during events.
  • Heart of the Swamp:Various event upgrades and difficulty increase for enemy waves.
  • Line in the sand:Removed some high-frequency alarm sound.
  • Violent Night:The Emergency Broadcast message at the start of One Violent Night is now shorter on repeated playthroughs, and the event now starts when the Jukebox is turned on instead of when you enter the Beer Hall. Also, we've added a target to the jukebox when it's broken or disabled.
  • Efficiency: Various performance improvements during public events.
  • Suitor Swarm:Additional enemy waves have been added and their completion time increased accordingly. Mixed mini-bosses and gave them unique names.
  • Uranium cohorts:Fixed a bug that prevented top tier rewards from dropping and reward tiers from displaying in the target text. In addition, we have added objective markers for Mole Miner overseers.


  • Freezing Touch:Initial slow effect size increased and duration decreased. Stack layers removed. This makes Freezing Touch feel faster (applies instantly and wears off faster once you're out of the line of fire), and also makes it viable for melee enemies. Previously, only ranged enemies would attack fast enough to effectively apply this mutation.
  • Resistant:Throwing weapons and Pain Train can now finish off enemies with Resilient Mutation.
  • Volatile:Destructible objects are now affected by flying explosions.


  • Seller: Some traveling merchants now sell healing ointment recipes based on the region they are in.


  • Challenges: The Daily Gold Star Challenge SCORE has been increased from 500 SCORE to 1000 SCORE.
  • Challenges: The number of completed Daily Challenges required to complete the Gold Star Daily Challenge has been increased from 5 to 6.
  • Challenges: The number of completed Gold Star Daily Challenges required to complete the Gold Star Weekly Challenge has been increased from 1 to 3.
  • RESULT:All Daily and Weekly Challenges have been adjusted to reward SCORE more consistently.


  • Daily Script:Daily script limit increased from 300 to 500
  • Script list:The maximum number of actions that can be stored has been increased from 5000 to 6000.

Bug fixes and improvements

Art and animation

  • Chainsaw:Fixed chainsaw texture when Flamer mod is equipped.


  • shelters:Players will no longer hear unexpected water sound effects in the Neighborhood Square Shelter.

Daily operations

(Video) Mutation Invasion Update is Live - Fallout 76

  • Teams:Fixed an issue where teammates would display as "(in Daily Ops") after completing a Daily Op.
  • Blood Eagles:Dogs removed from Daily Ops Blood Eagle waves.

CAMP, workshops and shelters

  • Decor:Players can no longer get "Wanted" status with a shooting target.
  • Decor:Kwanzaa Maize no longer floats when placed on itself.
  • Plans:The mounted animal wall decor now saves in the correct position it was placed in when creating the blueprint.
  • Budget:Shelters no longer show that the budget is partially full, even if nothing has been built.
  • Articles:Various repairs to the Slocum Joe Bar Counter Set.
  • Packages:Dropped Mine Pack half-walls now have the same height as other half-walls.
  • shelters:Players can now properly place the Hearth Ring and Antler Chandelier in their Shelters.
  • shelters:Fixed an issue where players could see the world beyond the world when using photo mode in Shelters.
  • Workbenches:Created a new build menu icon for the Pegasus Weapons Workbench.
Lees: Fallout 76: Night of the Moth - Update - December 8, 2021


  • Craft or Scrap:The Jack-O-Lantern helmet now correctly counts in Crafting or Scrap challenges.
  • Consume:Drinking a Nuka-Twist now correctly counts in all Nuka-Cola Consume challenges.


  • Supermutant Behemoth:Various modifications of Behemoth resistors. Behemoths now have the correct cold and fire resistances.


  • Player Level:Fixed a bug that caused XP values ​​to be displayed incorrectly at very high levels. High levels are now correctly displayed to others and the maximum player level is now 32767.


  • Clothes:Junkyard Cultist Helmet now properly prevents airborne diseases.
  • Clothes:The Deathclaw Mascot Helmet now properly grants damage and disease resistance from airborne threats.
  • Clothes:The Brotherhood of Steel scout helmet now glows in the right direction.
  • Consumables:Fixed a bug that could cause a crash after eating Nuka Quantum Candy.
  • Decor:Hot Rod on Blocks now requires steel instead of wood.
  • Mannequins:Power Armor dummies no longer have an Apparel tab in the Transfer menu.
  • Power Armor:Blackbird Elite Power Armor headlights now display correctly.


  • All Speech:Numerous localization solutions.
  • Japan: More than 400 translation sets checked and re-translated.


  • Advantages:Fixed an issue where some Perk cards would sometimes become unusable when loading into the game.
  • Advantages:The Softener perk now properly stacks up to 40%.
  • Advantages:The Butcher's bounty now applies to Tick Blood.
  • Power Armor:Union Power Armor now uses the Sizzle style.
  • Weapons:Bows can no longer benefit from +250 Legendary Perk Reload Damage Resist and can no longer drop with this mod.

Quests and events

  • Events:Fixed an issue that prevented some players from hearing NPC dialogue at the start of the event.
  • Heart of the Swamp:Fixed an issue that resulted in the Strangler's Heart finding target getting stuck.
  • novices:Players can no longer get stuck in the Biometric Scanner.


  • Heart of the Swamp:Various performance improvements.
  • Check your metal:Various performance improvements.


  • Automatic Ax:The Faster Swing Speed ​​legendary mod can no longer be used on Auto-Axes.
  • Energy Weapons:The Ultracite Laser Pistol now deals slightly more base damage.
  • Teutonic pistol:The Cyro and Pyro Receiver mods for the Crusader Pistol now use Cryocell and Fuel respectively.
  • Heavy weapons: Adjustment of the first-person view of the Midnight Watch Power Armor equipped with heavy weapons.


  • Fort resistance:Fixed an issue where turrets could disappear after fast traveling. Gun turrets will always be present in Fort Defiance.

user environment

(Video) FALLOUT 76 | Mutation Invasion Update - New Features.

  • Marching band:Players will no longer receive fanfare and tutorial pop-ups when encountering items such as Treasure Bills, Holiday Gifts, Molehill Buckets, and more.
  • Message:Players will no longer receive the "Pacifist is on" notification during event and party.
  • Menu:Items that cannot be sold to NPC vendors no longer have any value in the inspection menu.

Bron:Original clutch

  • Mutant Invasion Patch Notes - February 28, 2023

    Our latest Fallout 76 update launches today and brings Daily Ops mutations to public events, a new season, accessibility improvements, the ability to re-do challenges, and more in-game. Read on to find out more. Highlights of the Mutant Invasion: every hour for the next three weeks...

  • Mutant Invasion Patch Notes - February 28, 2023

    Our latest Fallout 76 update launches today and brings Daily Ops mutations to public events, a new season, accessibility improvements, the ability to re-do challenges, and more in-game. Read on to find out more. Highlights of the Mutant Invasion: every hour for the next three weeks...

  • Mutant Invasion Patch Notes - February 28, 2023

    Our latest Fallout 76 update launches today and brings Daily Ops mutations to public events, a new season, accessibility improvements, the ability to re-do challenges, and more in-game. Read on to find out more. Highlights of the Mutant Invasion: every hour for the next three weeks...

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What is the guide to getting mutations Fallout 76? ›

Mutations can be acquired through 2 different ways, either standing in incredibly radiated areas for prolonged periods of time or simply drinking the mutation serum. Obviously one of these ways is far more efficient.

How long will mutation invasion last? ›

A Mutated Event will occur at the top of the hour, every hour, until March 21. The event will have a special icon so you known it is Mutated and the event details will list what mutation is effecting it. After March 21, Mutation Invasion will come back every other week and last for a week.

What is the February 28 update for Fallout 76? ›

28 (Update) Bethesda has released Fallout 76 update 1.75, and this brings the Mutation Invasion content in the game as well as Season 12!: Rip Daring and the Cryptid Hunt!

Does RadAway remove all mutations? ›

Every time you use RadAway, there is a chance that it will remove a mutation. The lower your current rads are when using RadAway, the higher your chance for mutation removal. If you have no rads, there is a 100 percent chance of removal.

Does Brahmin milk cure mutations? ›

Mutations cannot be removed through death. However, a percentage of rads is removed upon death. Nuka-Grape, brahmin milk, or the perk cards Healing Hands, Rad Sponge and What Rads? can also be used to remove rads without risk of curing mutations.

What is the fastest rate of mutation? ›

The highest per base pair per generation mutation rates are found in viruses, which can have either RNA or DNA genomes. DNA viruses have mutation rates between 106 to 108 mutations per base per generation, and RNA viruses have mutation rates between 103 to 105 per base per generation.

How rare is it to get a mutation? ›

Within a population, each individual mutation is extremely rare when it first occurs; often there is just one copy of it in the gene pool of an entire species. But huge numbers of mutations may occur every generation in the species as a whole.

Will all mutations be passed on? ›

Can I inherit genetic mutations? Yes, you can inherit germline genetic mutations, while somatic mutations occur with no previous history of the mutation in your family. There are several patterns that genetic mutations can pass from the parent to a child (hereditary).

How many years does Fallout 76 take? ›

Fallout 76 is a narrative prequel to previous Fallout games. It is set in an alternate history, and takes place in 2102, twenty-five years after a nuclear war that devastated the Earth.

Will Fallout 76 get rid of legacy weapons? ›

In late January, Fallout 76 finally removed Legacy and illegal weapons from the game. Different generations of Legacy weapons have existed in the game despite being periodically removed from the available loot pool, until a recent update that took the community by surprise.

How long will Fallout 76 last? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Fallout 76 is about 32½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 284 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is mutation a necessary evil? ›

Mutation is necessary because it is one of the primal forces which drives animals towards adaptation, speciation and hence, evolution. But it can be considered an evil because not all mutations give favourable advantage to the organism.

How many mutations are good? ›

In humans, it is estimated that there are about 30 mutations per individual per generation, thus three in the functional part of the DNA. This implies that on the average there are about 3/2000 beneficial mutations per individual per generation and about 1.5 harmful mutations.

Does marsupial serum last forever? ›

They are permanet as long as you dont use Radaway. With the perk card starched genes rad away wont remove them anymore. You can have as many mutations as you like.

Who is the smartest super mutant in Fallout? ›

The Lieutenant is both the strongest and the smartest Super Mutant and leads the Master's forces from their headquarters at the Mariposa Military Base. He was voiced by the late Tony Jay, who also played Judge Claude Frollo in Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

What is the strongest mutant in Fallout? ›

7 Super Mutant Behemoths — Fallout 3, 4 And 76

The most powerful variant, the Ancient Behemoths, have 1900 HP with decent energy and poison resistances, as well as terrifying melee attacks and boulder tosses that strike fear into any Vault Dweller. RELATED: Fallout: How Were Super Mutants Created?

Are there friendly Super Mutants? ›

While Super Mutants tend to form their own factions or societies and are usually hostile to civilized humans, some have chosen to live peacefully alongside humans in settlements across the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Can there be positive mutations? ›

Some mutations have a positive effect on the organism in which they occur. They are calledbeneficial mutations. They lead to new versions of proteins that help organisms adapt to changes in their environment. Beneficial mutations are essential for evolution to occur.

What happens if you have a mutated mad protein? ›

Mutations in MAD produce a defective protein and failure of the checkpoint. The cell finishes mitosis but produces daughter cells with too many or too few chromosomes, a condition called aneuploidy.

Is scaly skin mutation worth it? ›

Scaly Skin is one of the best Fallout 76 mutations for new players to choose from, especially if you plan on playing the game more like an FPS than an RPG. Scaly Skin grants 50 points to your damage and energy resistance, allowing you to soak up attacks with ease.

Which mutations have the biggest effect? ›

At the short end of the spectrum, indels of one or two base pairs within coding sequences have the greatest effect, because they will inevitably cause a frameshift (only the addition of one or more three-base-pair codons will keep a protein approximately intact).

How many mutations in a lifetime? ›

Together, they reveal that mutations become more common as fetuses develop, and over a lifetime a person may rack up more than 2,000 mutations per cell.

What virus mutates the most? ›

RNA viruses mutate faster than DNA viruses, single-stranded viruses mutate faster than double-strand virus, and genome size appears to correlate negatively with mutation rate.

What is the best way to get mutations you want in Fallout 76? ›

Mutations in Fallout 76 can be acquired a few different ways, from irradiated creatures to background radiation from former nuke sites. If you're intentionally looking to obtain a mutation, however, the best thing to do is visit a location with high toxic waste (usually signposted by a nuclear symbol on the map.)

How do you increase mutation chances in Fallout 76? ›

The Fastest Way to Farm Mutations
  1. Run in and enter the site. ...
  2. Unequip Starched Genes. ...
  3. Rad up to 75% or so.
  4. If you got no mutation, equip Starched Genes. ...
  5. If the mutation is good or neutral, equip Starched Genes. ...
  6. If the mutation was bad, leave Starched Genes unequipped.
Jan 10, 2019

How do I permanently keep mutations in Fallout 76? ›

There is a perk however that allows you to keep your mutations. Starched Genes is unlocked at level 1 in Luck and when upgraded to its second rank, it will ensure that you never mutate from rads and Radaway will never cure mutations.

How do you get and keep mutations in Fallout 76? ›

Fallout 76 Starched Gene Perk - How to Keep a Mutation

The Starched Genes Perk can be applied to keep Mutations. While it is equipped, you won't be able to gain a Mutation through Rads, or lose one using Radaway. If you get any Mutations that you'd like to keep, make sure you have the Starched Genes Perk Card.

Can you have 2 mutations in Fallout 76? ›

You can have more than one mutation at a time. The best and most efficient way to develop mutations is to find a toxic waste zone; these are especially common in the Toxic Valley region to the North, around Grafton.

How do you cure radiation without losing mutations Fallout 76? ›

If you want to cure your radiation but keep a mutation, the only way to do this is by equipping the Starched Genes perk at rank two. This removes the chance of RadAway curing any mutations alongside the radiation.

What factors increase the chances of mutation? ›

Mutations happen spontaneously. The rate of mutation can be increased by environmental factors such as UV radiation , X-rays, gamma rays and certain types of chemicals such as bromine.

Can you trigger a mutation? ›

Anything in the environment that can cause a mutation is known as a replicon. Mutations have many possible causes. Some mutations seem to happen spontaneously without any outside influence. They can occur when mistakes are made during DNA replication or transcription.

What are the best mutations for Rifleman Fallout 76? ›

The most useful mutation for a rifle build is Adrenal Reaction because it increases your weapon damage as long as you're below 90 percent HP. However, you'll also have 50 less HP, so it'll be easier for an enemy to defeat you.


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