PF Chang Menu Prices (updated May 2023) (2023)


Imagine a world where high-quality Asian food, unique taste and unforgettable culinary experiences are at your fingertips. Well, look no further!


A powerhouse in the culinary world, PF Chang's is ready to tempt your taste buds without breaking the bank. Thanks to the varied menu, P.F. Chang offers something for everyone, but how do you know if it's worth your hard-earned money?

Our team of seasoned food experts has put together a comprehensive guide to P.F. Chang's menu so you can make the most informed decision about your next meal.

Gone are the days of being overwhelmed by endless choices and hidden costs! We've done the heavy lifting for you and delved into every delicious detail.

Join us on this culinary journey as we discover the perfect balance of value and pleasure. Stay tuned because P.F. Chang's menu secrets and together we navigate the landscape of Asian-inspired cuisine at its best. Let the party begin!

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PF Chang menu prices in 2023

Pasta, Meat And Rice

Thai Basil Noodles Sambal Chicken12,95 $
Sambal noodles with Thai basil Prawns14,95 $
Thai sambal noodles with basil13,95 $
see mine9,95 $
Lo Mein combo11,95 $
Macarons And And10,95 $
pf Chang's Fried Rice8,50 $
Combo P.f. Chang's Fried Rice10,50 $
Singaporean street noodles10,95 $
garlic pasta7,50 $
Crab fried rice13,95 $
Padthai Kip12,95 $
Padthai Garnalen14,95 $
Pad Thai combinations13,95 $


Sea Bass With Tropical Salsa24,95 $
Prawns With Candied Walnuts15,95 $
Prawns With Lobster Sauce13,95 $
Lemon Grass Grilled Norwegian Salmon18,95 $
Oolong Marinated Chilean Sea Bass24,95 $
Crispy Honey Prawns15,95 $
Shanghai prawns with garlic sauce11,95 $
Shrimps in Orange Peel15,95 $
Asian grilled Norwegian salmon18,95 $
Kung Pao prawns15,95 $
Kung Pao scallops17,95 $
Kung Pao combo16,95 $
Szechuan prawns15,50 $
Sichuan scallops17,50 $
Sichuan connection16,50 $
Hunan style spicy fish15,95 $
Norwegian Salmon Steamed With Ginger18,95 $

Pork meat beef meat

Mongolian beef15,95 $
Pepper steak13,95 $
Sweet and sour pork12,95 $
Shaky beef15,95 $
Beef A La Sichaun14,95 $
Beef with broccoli12,95 $
Beef with Orange Peel14,95 $


Chang's Spicy Chicken13,95 $
Kung Pao-kip13,95 $
Amandel & Cashew Kip12,95 $
Ginger Chicken With Broccoli13,95 $
Chicken With Black Bean Sauce12,95 $
Crispy Honey Chicken13,95 $
sesame Chicken13,95 $
Philip's better lemon chicken13,95 $
Dali's statue13,95 $
Tangerine Chicken10,95 $
Sweet-sour chicken12,95 $
Orange Peel Chicken13,95 $
Moo Goo Gai Pan12,95 $


Thai salad with beef and noodles12,95 $
Chicken salad8,95 $
Fried Ahi Salad12,95 $
vietnamese crab salad15,95 $


Egg SoupCup3,50 $
Egg SoupDani5,95 $
Chang's noodle soup7,95 $
Hot and sour soupCup3,50 $
Hot and sour soupDani5,95 $
wonton soupCup3,50 $
wonton soupDani6,95 $

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Vietnamese shrimp rolls9,95 $
krabowe wontony6,95 $
Crispy Green Beans6,95 $
Loempii2 rolls3,95 $
Loempii4 rolls6,95 $
Dynamite Shrimp8,95 $
Edamame4,95 $
Chang's Kipsla Wraps8,95 $
pork dumplings6,50 $
Dumplings with Shrimps7,50 $
Vegetable Dumplings6,50 $
Oh crunchy9,95 $
Calamari with salt and pepper7,95 $
Northern style ribs9,95 $
Vegetarian wraps with Chang lettuce8,95 $
Loempii2 rolls4,95 $
Loempii4 rolls8,95 $
Flaming red wontons6,95 $
we want9,95 $
Chang Ribs9,95 $

Signature desserts

New York style cheesecake5,95 $
Flowerless Chocolate Dome5,95 $
Salted Caramel Cake Sweet Treat2,95 $
Chocolate Cake Sweet Treat2,95 $
Banana spring rolls5,95 $
Coconut Pineapple Cake Sweet Delicacy2,95 $
A sweet treat of tiramisu2,95 $
The Great Wall of Chocolate7,95 $
Sweet Blueberry Cheesecake2,95 $
Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter A sweet snack2,95 $


spicy green beansKlein2,95 $
spicy green beansBig4,95 $
Shanghai CucumbersKlein2,95 $
Shanghai CucumbersBig4,95 $
Fried Spinach With GarlicKlein2,95 $
Fried Spinach With GarlicBig4,95 $
garlic peasKlein2,95 $
garlic peasBig4,95 $
Szechuan style asparagusKlein2,95 $
Szechuan style asparagusBig4,95 $
Asian Salad Of Cucumber TomatoesKlein2,95 $
Asian Salad Of Cucumber TomatoesBig4,95 $

Children's menu

Honey chicken for kids4,95 $
Fried rice with chicken for children2,95 $
Fried rice for kids2,95 $
Sweet and sour chicken for children4,95 $
Little Buddha Festival2,95 $
Lo Mein for children3,95 $
Little Buddha Festival2,95 $

Inspired Articles

Vietnamese shrimp rolls9,95 $
Thai salad with beef and noodles12,95 $
Sea Bass With Tropical Salsa24,95 $
Thai Basil Noodles Sambal Chicken12,95 $
Sambal noodles with Thai basil Prawns14,95 $
Thai sambal noodles with basil13,95 $

Vegetarian plates

Coconut Curry Vegetables8,95 $
Fried Eggplant7,95 $
Buddha Feast7,95 $
Vegetarian Fried Rice7,95 $
Ma Po Tofu8,95 $

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History PF Change

PF Chang Menu Prices (updated May 2023) (1)

In the vibrant world of American-Asian cuisine, few restaurants have made such a lasting impression asPF Changa. Founded in 1993 by Paul Fleming and Philip Chiang in Scottsdale, Arizona, this iconic brand has become a global powerhouse with over 300 locations.

So how did this phenomenal journey begin, and what makes P.F. Chang is so special? Let's take a closer look at this. Paul Fleming, a restaurateur with a sense of potential, met Philip Chiang, son of renowned Chinese chef Cecilia Chiang, in the early 1990s.

Together, they envisioned a unique dining experience that would combine the best of American and Asian flavors. Combining a common passion for food and innovation, they undertook a mission to create a restaurant that will stand the test of time.

PF Chang's restaurant quickly gained a loyal following as diners were delighted with the contemporary ambiance and mouth-watering menu created from scratch. With a diverse range of dishes, P.F. Chang's has something for everyone from the pickiest foodie to the most adventurous foodie.

The restaurant prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients, making every meal unforgettable. PF Secret Chang's success lies in his commitment to exceptional service and unwavering commitment to quality.

Each dish is made with precision, craftsmanship and a touch of love, resulting in a symphony of flavors that keep customers coming back for more. The restaurant's innovative approach to American-Asian cuisine has been appreciated by critics and gourmets alike.

Today, P. F. Chang's has grown beyond its humble beginnings in Scottsdale and now operates in many countries around the world. The company's headquarters remains in Scottsdale, Arizona, as a testament to its roots.

Despite its worldwide presence, P.F. Chang's continues to focus on the principles that made it a beloved institution: great food, excellent service, and an unforgettable dining experience.

As we discover the rich history of P.F. Chang, we are starting to appreciate the dedication, creativity and hard work that have shaped this extraordinary brand.

For those of you who haven't given up on P.F. Chang, we encourage you to discover what makes this restaurant a leader in American-Asian cuisine.

And for the fans that P.F. Chang's, we invite you to continue celebrating the innovation and passion that have made it an enduring icon in the world of food.

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Frequently Asked Questions about P.F. Chang's Restaurant

1. How affordable are P.F. Chang's menu prices?

PF Chang's offers a wide variety of dishes to suit all budgets, making it an affordable option for those looking for high-quality American-Asian cuisine. Prices may vary depending on location and selected menu items.

2. Does P.F. are there any special offers or promotions? Chang?

PF Chang's regularly offers limited-time promotions, seasonal promotions and offers to members of its loyalty program. It's worth checking their website or social media channels for the latest deals.

3. Does P.F. Chang has a separate lunch menu with lower prices?

Yes, P. F. Chang's offers a lunch menu with smaller portions and lower prices compared to their lunch menu. The lunch menu includes popular dishes such as Chang's Lettuce Wraps and Kung Pao Chicken.

4. His PF Chang's menu prices are the same for lunch and takeaway orders?

Overall, P.F. Chang's menu prices are the same for lunch orders and takeaways. However, certain promotions or discounts may only be available to eat-in or take-out customers.

5. Does P.F. Chang offers family meals?

Yes, P. F. Chang's offers family-friendly dining options where you can order larger portions of their popular dishes to share with a group, often at a discounted price compared to ordering individual portions.

6. Does P.F. are vegetarian or vegan options available? Chang?

PF Chang's offers a variety of vegetarian dishes, some of which can be adapted to a vegan diet. Remember to inform the waiter about your food preferences when placing your order.

7. Does P.F. Chang's has a gluten free menu?

Yes, P. F. Chang's offers a gluten-free selection, including modified versions of popular menu items. Please inform the server of your gluten-free requirements when ordering.

8. Can I place an order at P.F. Chang?

PF Chang's typically accommodates customers' wishes for customizing their dishes, such as adjusting spice levels or removing certain ingredients. However, customization options may vary by dish and location.

9. Does P.F. Chang offers catering services?

PF Chang's offers catering services for a variety of events and meetings, with options to suit individual needs. Please contact your local P.F. Chang's for more information on their catering options and prices.

10. How to find the nearest P.F. Chang's location and menu prices?

Visit P.F. Visit Chang's official website and use the restaurant locator to find your nearest location. You can also see their menu and prices on the website, but keep in mind that prices may vary slightly depending on your location.

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last words

PF Chang's has successfully carved a niche in American-Asian cuisine, offering a unique dining experience that combines fresh ingredients, innovative flavors and a comfortable, contemporary atmosphere.

In this blog post, we have provided valuable insights into the affordability and variety of P.F. Chang menu prices as well as answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to ensure you make the most informed decision about your meal.

While discovering the world of P.F. At Chang's, you'll discover that it's not just about menu prices, it's about the unwavering commitment to quality and service that sets this iconic brand apart.

With options to suit every taste and budget, P.F. Chang's remains a favorite for foodies looking for unforgettable culinary adventures.

Whether you're a die-hard fan of P.F. Chang or the curious novice, we hope this comprehensive guide has provided you with the essentials you need to explore P.F. Chang's experiences.

Now, armed with the knowledge of our team, it's time to embark on your own culinary journey and enjoy the tantalizing flavors and extraordinary value that P.F. Chang has to offer.

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