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Laura de Fountain Hills, ArizonaVerified Appraiser

Original review: February 24, 2023

We called Granite Transformations after seeing them on local TV; We have a new spec house where the kitchen island made of quartz needs replacing due to a faulty product, so we thought using your technology to "cover" the island instead of completely replacing it would be great. Shaun (a salesman) visited with us and was very professional and well spoken; he showed samples for the stone island and sink and we talked about a backsplash. We selected a beautiful white vein color for the island and got the offer; we were looking for another contractor so we didn't go back to them right away and they offered a huge discount so we decided to sign with them.

Prior to installation someone came to get the exact measurements of the island and asked if we were told the island would have a seam as due to the design it would be quite visible and would ruin the look of our kitchen. NO! They never told us that. Otherwise, we will not select Granite Transformations and will NEVER select a design that is a grain with a seam down the middle. We called the office and it was an exchange between the regional leader: Thomas, Sean, my husband and myself.

Sean lied and said, “I told you so; I have my sales pitch and I repeat it like a robot so I know I've done it," Thomas said, "the stitching is in your contract; you must read your contract. I always do." Sean: Don't you think if your client has a nice island they would want to know if there's a seam that's going to ruin the look? Don't you think the right thing to do is explain in detail or suggest a different design? Unfortunately , I was on contract and lost it due to the misleading sales process and lack of information, we fell for it... they didn't want to get the island off the ground, we ended up paying too much for the backsplash and sink they wouldn't take it, we have a case of split personality: the courteous, professional salesperson versus the gruff, cynical contractor!

Also, my husband later called to ask if we could return the sink (they charged twice the price of a retailer). A nice lady in the office said yes, so my husband returned it, and the next day he emailed us and said he would accept our return but would NOT refund us! Seriously, you can't make this up; It's crazy to believe you're going to return a $1,000 sink for nothing. We thought they would do something right and this company blew us away! The next morning my husband got the sink.

Sean, you lied and you know it, you shared that you're buying a new house; karma exists so maybe you should take care of your customers and be honest. The only great experience with them was the contractor who installed our backsplash; Chris was very professional and did a great job. We would love to work with him, but we DO NOT recommend Granite Transformations; this was our worst experience with a contractor.

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Randal de Sun City West, AZVerified Appraiser

(Video) Get a brand new kitchen from Granite Transformations

Original Review: Oct 24, 2022

We had issues with Granite Transformation of North Phoenix, right after we signed a contract with them, which was on September 4, 2021, they finally ended on October 1, 2022. We had no communication for months, when we got someone to talk to, They lied, they promised several times over the course of a year to finish our kitchen and bathroom. I was told it would take 6-8 weeks to complete and would be finished by Thanksgiving 2021. I lied about the Thanksgiving date, the parts were not even ordered and the order was lost I was told that it lasted for months. Our kitchen/bathroom was finally completed after calling them every day. It took over 12 months, countless calls and unanswered messages. They lied to us on multiple occasions. We kept going round. I had to keep calling as well as the central. Always an excuse, we were thrilled when we were told there was material. Of course, they delivered the wrong and not complete material.

I would never recommend this company to anyone. After the job was finally completed, I got a call from the North Phoenix office, the first call from them in 8 months. They wanted their money; I still haven't even received the invoice. I asked if I could provide them with a 4+ page document about the issues we had with the company, they didn't care, I wanted to speak to someone in management, they said they would let accounting work with me on this.

3 weeks after they finally finished our work, on Monday, October 24th, I received a call from Collections about needing to make a payment. So I can't even get through to the manager, and when you have a complaint, nobody calls, and three weeks after I'm done, with no bill sent to me, they send me to collection. I have a complaint with the BBB and channel 3 news, this company cannot continue to treat customers like they don't care, no communication and not trying to call anyone, they would not return calls. Please do not use this company, we the customers do not exist in your opinion.

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Top 1,439 Granite Transformation Reviews (3)

Anita from Las Vegas, New MexicoVerified Appraiser

Original review: October 15, 2022

Not satisfied, the benches were badly cut, instead of cutting new ones they used them and had to fit them together. They use waste to fill in areas. They took my backsplash and ripped the entire wall on top, they still haven't textured it and said they don't paint so I'll have to paint it myself. The backsplash behind the sink is coming apart at the seams. I emailed them and they said they would send someone out again for the repairs, I'm still waiting for them to come a third time. Do not sign a contract with Granite Transformations because they only give you 3 days to terminate the contract, you will have no choice but to let them do the job. Even if you are not satisfied with the product or work, you will be obliged to pay the contract in full. I suggest hiring a real contractor.

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BEVERLY de Hampton, VAVerified Appraiser

Original review: August 23, 2022

Both men were punctual on both days. They cleaned up as they completed each section. If I asked a question, they took their time to answer me. Since the plumber was coming on the second day to install the sink, they cleaned the kitchen and prepared the parts for installation. They also put my pans back in the cupboards and cleaned the area under the sink. They did an amazing job overall. I recommend doing a kitchen remodel.

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Top 1,439 Granite Transformation Reviews (5)

Jennifer from Austin, TXVerified Appraiser

Original review: July 18, 2022

The worst customer service experience we've ever had. The project installation process (from start to finish) was a giant nightmare. We couldn't communicate with anyone, ever. They still haven't finished our cabinets... In fact, they left materials in our house! The terrible part is they keep calling us about the final payout (the payout isn't even exact and is $3000 over what they quoted). Let's take this to the BBB. Go with another company to repair the cabinets. We went with another company to install countertops and I'm so glad we did. Please don't make the same mistake we did.

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Top 1,439 Granite Transformation Reviews (6)

Monica from Lancaster, CAVerified Appraiser

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Original review: June 9, 2022

When I first installed my counters they looked great, but over time the beveled edges of the counter started to peel. I contacted the main office. Someone requested my paperwork and said they would work on it, then bam. No contact after that! It doesn't help. This is not behind the product. Do not do business with this company. They make promises and don't keep them!!!

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Top 1,439 Granite Transformation Reviews (7)

Ernesto from Colorado Springs, COVerified Appraiser

Original review: April 2, 2022

We paid Granite Transformations to do our backsplashes and cabinetry. We should have soft closing doors. We have a door that pops when it closes and other doors that don't line up properly. Backsplashes have sharp edges and we've been cut by them. I went to their office and asked what they would do to fix them. The young lady I spoke to said they weren't going to do anything. If I can guarantee that a person doesn't have the same problems at work, then I have achieved my goal. So don't be fooled by its shoddy finish. I have pictures to prove the work.

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Top 1,439 Granite Transformation Reviews (8)

Margaret of St. Louis, MOVerified Appraiser

Original review: February 27, 2022

I was so happy to come across "Granite Transformations". Dan, you installed our lockers. John and Sam installed our granite countertops and backsplashes. These three men were very friendly, polite, knowledgeable and skilled. They blew us away. Their combined work was fantastic "mind blowing". When we renovate our master bath we will ask Dan, John and Sam to do the job. thanks team

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Top 1,439 Granite Transformation Reviews (9)

Richard of Hawkesbury, OtherVerified Appraiser

Original review: Dec 22, 2021

I found out about Granite Transformation through a Home Show in my city. I had never heard of them before. I was quite impressed with the presentation where they promised complete customer satisfaction and a lifetime guarantee. Well, it was anything but. I am extremely disappointed not only with the product but mainly with the workmanship and most importantly the customer service and warranty. What happened is that the bench was punctured during installation; the size of a dime. Furthermore, the mortar work was incomplete. Instead of replacing the damaged part of the counter they tried to fix the hole which was still very apparent. I never received compensation for the damaged bench. The repair was poorly done and I still have a problem with the hole.

I contacted the company multiple times over several months trying to get someone to come fix the hole in the counter, but the company takes no responsibility and refuses to complete the proper repair. Trying to reach an agreement, they don't even respond to my emails anymore; a useless customer satisfaction guarantee and an even worse lifetime warranty in my opinion. I had a horrible experience with Granite Transformation and I do not recommend this company. I regret that I did not buy the real granite. I spent a considerable amount of money on this product/installation and it turned out to be a bad investment on my part. I warn you to stay away from this company.

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Top 1,439 Granite Transformation Reviews (10)

Mindy de Shelby Twp., MIVerified AppraiserVerified Buyer

Original review: October 12, 2021

We had two showers restored. Stephanie was very professional and informative when she quoted the project. And Jason did a great job on the installation, he was on time and finished within the dates we were told! We love it!

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