Top 10 Fallout: New Vegas mods (2023)

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While it's a classic, Fallout: New Vegas hasn't aged gracefully, and here are 10 mods that will greatly enhance your gameplay experience.

Top 10 Fallout: New Vegas mods (1)

Fallout continues to pay dividends to Bethesda, most recently withcontroversial Fallout 76 release. Hardcore fans still fondly remember one part of the series that seems to stand out from the rest:Fallout: New Vegas. Although it premiered over a decade ago, it is still the pinnacle by which other installments are measured.

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The modding community has also shown a lot of love to New Vegas. There are tons of amazing mods that can completely change the game. The best of them can handle everything from in-game textures and sounds to extra gameplay mechanics, fully voiced missions and extra weapons.

A brave new world

Bethesda's Fallout and Elder Scrolls games have a habit of reusing the same voice actors for multiple characters, which has become noticeable in recent years.Skyrim is one of the biggest and most obvious offendersbut New Vegas also suffers from the same problem.A brave new worldhe attempts to remedy this by varying the character's voices.

Professional voice actors were assembled to record replacement dialogue for the various characters in the game, amounting to approximately 7,000 dialogue between the 145 NPCs. It's a gigantic undertaking, but it really helps sell the game by giving each character a distinct voice that is their own.

Connected community sound pack

Top 10 Fallout: New Vegas mods (3)

This is an older mod that is still highly acclaimed for what it adds to Fallout: New Vegas.Connected community sound packdoes exactly what the name suggests; brings onesound effects collagefrom many mod makers in one package to refresh your audio experience.

Weapon sounds, ranged effects, explosions and reload sounds combine to take combat to a new level. This is a big step up from the standard game sounds and can be combined with other environmental and music mods to create a finely tuned audiophile journey.

Project Nevada

Top 10 Fallout: New Vegas mods (4)

The name of this mod may not reveal much, but it is actually one of the most popular New Vegas mods in the entire community.Project Nevadais a module-based modpack that drastically changes your gaming experience depending on how many you choose to install at any given time.

The mod consists of a base module that acts as a base for add-on modules that stack on top. This can be anything from adding bullet time and reticle overlays to your helmet or the game or environmentsurvival mechanismslike sleeping, eating and drinking. It's impossible to list them all here, so players are advised to visit the mods page to browse the entire pack.

Fallout New Vegas Reimagined 3 — open source

Top 10 Fallout: New Vegas mods (5)

According to the author of this particular mod, New Vegas was launched by Obsidian in a very short amount of time, resulting in quite a bit of character oversight.Fallout New Vegas reimagined 3tries to fix this by going back and modifying each of the game's characters to adhere to established tradition.

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Feral and injured characters, for example, now look different depending on the circumstances, and this is just one of the many improvements this mod brings, including animal bites, stab wounds, age-appropriate facial textures and models, bullet wounds, etc. It even includes additional levels of interaction on corpses to determine cause of death. Sick but cool.

NMCS texture pack for New Vegas

Top 10 Fallout: New Vegas mods (6)

Texture packs are one of the most sought after genres in all of modding. After all, what's the use of a powerful computer if it can't enhance existing games? Graphics mods for Bethesda games are practically staples, and New Vegas loves themthis particular texture packwhich helps bring vivacity and clarity to a very old game.

It is a global texture exchange that supports everything related to the environment, buildings, interiors, vehicles and other decorative elements. This makes it easy for novice modders to upgrade their game with a single pack instead of picking from hundreds of texture mods. This is definitely one of the best!

Extended Weapon Mods - WMX

Top 10 Fallout: New Vegas mods (7)

In a rare anomaly, Obsidian took inspiration from the Fallout 3 mod created by Antistar and applied the weapon modification system in Fallout: New Vegas. The author of the mod decided to show his gratitude by expanding his opinion. The result isExtended weapon mod - WMX.

This mod adds different weapons to the game while changing slots for weapon mods. Mods can also be removed from existing weapons if desired. Artisans and weapon makers will love what the mod brings to the game's core formula, which is a step up from what the vanilla game has to offer.

Fallout character review

Top 10 Fallout: New Vegas mods (8)

It's clear that Fallout: New Vegas is showing its age by comparisonother games that have aged gracefully, and modders came to the rescue in an effort to prolong its deliciousness.Fallout character reviewdoes a great job in this department, refreshing the characters in the game in a big way.

In addition to the high-quality new main meshes, this mod also overlays beautiful high-resolution texture maps, eye textures, and so on. Everything from the teeth to the eyelashes has received a huge quality boost, which should go a long way towards making the characters less tiring on the eyes.

A world of pain

Top 10 Fallout: New Vegas mods (9)

While this sounds like a mod to increase the difficulty of the game,A world of painis actually a mod that adds 170 new locations such as subway tunnels, buildings andspectral vaultsinto the New Vegas game world, which greatly helps to expand the level of game content.

Loot can be found everywhere from small gas stations to abandoned factories. There's also a mix of quest lines, NPCs, and bone-crushing enemies to encounter, making the game both challenging and revealing. Mods like this extend the game time and are not to be missed.

Roleplayers Alternative start of Fallout New Vegas

Top 10 Fallout: New Vegas mods (10)

Alternate start mods are nothing new to players experienced in Bethesda games. In fact, they are often highly rated as one of the most popular mods, mainly because they allow players to bypass the early parts of the game and pre-set their own storyline.

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Tofashion does the sameallowing players to select a predefined story and start from a location of their choice. The mod places the player in one of 95 locations on the world map with a range of weapons and items depending on the story they choose. This is great for those who want to recreate New Vegas from a slightly different perspective.

Project Brazil

Top 10 Fallout: New Vegas mods (11)

Not all DLC is paid, and sometimes notthey come from the original developer. In case ofProject Brazil, players get a huge DLC-sized mod that works as a standalone questline. It can be activated from the main menu, using New Vegas as a base to start the story.

This mod features a brand new main quest, high-quality voice acting with original dialogues, and a story centered around the war between the Super Mutants and several other factions, including the Raider Alliance and the New California Republic. It's huge, highly detailed, and no expense has been spared, making it a highly sought after mod.

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