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Tiles Direct is your one-stop tile shop, which means that not only will we help you find the perfect tile for your interior design project, but we also carry a range of additional tile accessories, including Mapei grout, to ensure that you get a professional. and durable finish.

Once you've laid the tiles, you'll need to choose the right tile grout to help you get the job done and seal the tiles against dirt and moisture, and this is where we can help too.

Our selection of Mapei grout options comes in a wide range of colors with different built-in properties to give you a versatile tile grout perfect for wallcovering, flooring and more. Fast-setting and fast-drying, Mapei grout is ideal for interior or exterior projects, as it prevents the entry of dirt and water and provides a perfect finish.

Mapei is a leading tile grout manufacturer focused on providing high-quality products that are also easy to use, even if you are a novice tile installer. With a wide range of grout options available to purchase online, we have everything you need to complete your tile project and ensure a professional looking finish.

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Why use tile grout?

Fixing the tiles in place is only one part of the tile laying process. They also need a top coat sealer application to provide the best possible protection to ensure they stay in place and look their best for longer.

This is where tile grout comes in, providing a tough, water-repellent barrier against dirt and moisture. Grouting is a key part of the tile installation process. Aesthetically, it provides a beautifully smooth result and adds the finishing touch to your tile work. In practice, this means you can enjoy long-lasting tiles that perform as they should, instead of being damaged over time by dirt, debris and water. If you choose to skip the tile grouting process, you could affect the integrity of the tile adhesive, causing it to loosen and need to be replaced.

When choosing the best grout, Mapei grout offers exceptional flexibility as it can be used to effectively fill the gaps between tiles, helping to seal wall and floor tiles once and for all. This high-quality grout option is also designed to dry quickly, which means that even in busy areas of the home, you won't have to worry about that space being down for long.

Choosing the Best Tile Grout for the Job

All Mapei grouts offer superior performance, but not all are created equal. Some Mapei grouts have different properties, making them more suitable for use in certain environments.

This means that when choosing the best grout for your coating project, you'll need to consider the specific needs of the job. For example, interior decorating projects where you are only concerned with aesthetics will likely lead you to choose something other than convenient outdoor tile installations. If you are installing one of theour resistant outdoor tiles, you'll need a fully equipped grout to handle exposure to increased moisture and dirt, as well as extreme temperature fluctuations between seasons.

For an all-in-one solid grout option, Mapei Ultracolor Plus Grout has excellent water repellent properties and is suitable for tile joints from 2mm to 20mm. It's also polymer-modified, anti-efflorescent and fast-setting, not to mention equipped with anti-mold technology and a drip effect, helping to prevent moisture ingress and erosion over time, wherever you use it.

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Supplied in powder form, Mapei Ultracolor Plus only requires you to add water and can be an economical solution if you are tiling larger areas. So whether it's kitchen backsplashes, shower stalls or expansive garden patios, this premium tile grout offers the ideal solution for areas of the home where water is unavoidable.

In areas that may need additional protection against stains and chemicals, such as countertops or high-traffic areas, we recommend investing in Mapei Kerapoxy or Mapei Kerapoxy CQ mortar. Both tile grouts offer exceptional acid resistance and stress-free easy cleanup, which means you can keep your grout lines clean and colorful with ease.

These two component, 100% solids epoxy grouts provide a strong sealer that becomes very hard once set and come equipped with non-shrink technology. This means that these ready-to-use tile grouts can be applied in gaps of up to 10mm, ensuring that the joints do not show visible cracks.

The colors available in this range are also UV resistant, so there's no need to worry about them fading over time, and Kerapoxy CQ is also quartz-coated, ensuring the grout retains its original color when cleaned. .

Mapei Grout Color Chart

Speaking of grout colors, you'll find our Mapei grouts in a range of vibrant colors, helping you find an option to suit your siding project. Whether you want to color match or contrast the tile grout with your chosen tiles, you'll be spoiled for choice.

From silver grays and whites to blues and yellows, our line of tile grout offers a rainbow of color options. When it comes to choosing the best grout color for you, it's important to understand how different colors can affect the overall aesthetic.

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If you want a finished look that provides a smooth, even aesthetic, choosing a grout color that matches your tiles is essential. This will ensure that the grout lines are not an obvious distraction that can affect the perception of the room, making it appear smaller and busy.

At the other end of the spectrum, using a contrasting tile grout color can elevate your tiles and make them a more prominent feature. For example, pairing a crisp white tile with dark volcanic gray or black grout can enhance their definition, making them a striking focal point in any room. This principle can also work in reverse, combining dark tiles with light grout to create modern walls and floors with a contemporary twist.

Of course, with our Mapei grouts you are not limited to neutral tones, you can also use colorful tones in creative ways to really make your tiles stand out. From the dreamy cool blue and turquoise spaceUK Mapei Grout Distributors - Buy Mapei Tile grout paints (1)If it's sunny yellow and purple, embrace the beauty of bold grout colors to your heart's content.

For those looking for a touch of glamour, we even offer a selection of shimmering tile grout additives in gold, silver, grey, pink and more. Perfect for giving tiled areas a little shimmer to bounce light around the room, this shimmer can be added to the grout mix before applying.

If you don't have a color preference, or didn't realize there were so many options to choose from, Mapei's grout color chart below can help you visualize the different shades before you buy.

UK Mapei Grout Distributors - Buy Mapei Tile grout paints (2)

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how to grout tiles

Sealing the tiles with grout is a fairly simple process. But it's a process that must be done correctly in order for your grout to do its job properly and protect your tiles for years to come. So if you're new to the grouting game, here are some essential tips and things you'll need to get you on the right track.

What do you need to grout tiles?

  • Tile grout (specific to the area you are going to tile)
  • mixing bowl(if mortar powder is used)
  • mortar float
  • sponges orsponge float
  • clean bucket and water

Tile Grout Steps

  1. Prepare area:First make sure the adhesive is completely dry, then carefully remove any excess adhesive, tile spacers, dust and other debris between the tile joints, using a vacuum at the final stage to remove as much as possible.
  2. Mix your grout:if you are using powdered mortar, you will need to mix it with water in a bucket. Shake bag before emptying into bucket and follow mixing directions to ensure even mix of colors and hardener particles.
  3. grout: Load the grout mix into the grout float and apply it liberally into the spaces between the tiles. Using firm, diagonal strokes across the tile joints, be sure to press the grout fully into the grooves so it fills to the top and is evenly distributed. To ensure complete coverage, we suggest applying the grout in small areas, working logically.
  4. Remove excess grout: Using a dry sponge, wipe up excess grout to ensure all spaces are completely filled. Be sure not to scrub too hard with the sponge, as this can pull the grout out of the grooves.
  5. Sponge to area:Using clean water and a damp (not wet) sponge or sponge, wipe down the tiles and grout lines to remove any remaining grout, making sure the grout lines have a smooth, even finish.

Quality Grout When You Need It Most

From interior walls and floors to pools, walkways, patios, and even commercial areas, grout can be what keeps your tiles looking good longer. With DropEffect technology and anti-mold properties thanks to cutting-edge biotechnological technology, Mapei grout is suitable for cladding most areas of the home and beyond, including those that experience a high volume of foot traffic on a daily basis.

The amount of Mapei grout needed will depend on the tiles. You will need to consider the size and thickness, as well as the spacers between each tile. To help you figure this out with a minimum of effort, you can use our grout calculator on any of our individual grout product pages to find out how much grout you need for your individual project.

Alternatively, if you need help or advice, or would like more information on any of our Mapei products, you can contact our friendly team of tile specialists on 0113 253 0005 orSend us an email.

Browse our full range of Mapei grouts online now and why not check out more of their products includingmapi sticker, siliconemimapegrip products? This will ensure that you have all the essential tools and items you need to get your tiling job done right.


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